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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Army BullyingIIICP Warfare AdvancedIII

♣Army Bullying♣

Hi Guys sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. My first topic for today is Army Bullying.

What is Army Bullying?

Army Bullying is when a leader of a small army is a leader of a large/medium army, Army A declares war on Army B but Army B’s leader is a leader of a Medium/Large army. Army B’s leader gets the M/L Army to invade Army A’s entire nation. Basically even though Army B is hopeless the M/L Army basically defends it. This happens a lot!!!


It can also be when a Medium army targets a small army. Whenever the small army gets a server the Medium army invades it.

How can a Army protect itself from this?

Small armies can protect themselves from this by checking who the leader(s) of the army that you are invading/declaring war on is. Small armies can go to Large armies for help in this situation e.g ACP or other generally nice armies. Don’t be cocky when declaring war on someone, it is not a nice way to get acquainted with other armies, and just in case you lose the battle.

♦Advanced CP Warfare♦

As Club Penguin Warfare has evolved, the tactics have……changed. It used to be whoever the biggest army was won. Now it is Advanced with claiming rooms and joke bombs etc.


Now armies are getting soldiers to log on to enemy chats and spam the chats, pc the enemy army leaders and ask them stupid questions etc. Is that fair?

Much ruthless tactics can be imposed by leaders to hack the enemy sites therefore eliminating the competition. Is this fair?

What is the point of being the best if your better than no one, and no one is better than you?

I suggest to all the armies out there that do this that you stop. Remember this is A GAME. It is meant to be F-U-N!!! Have a good time with your friends and armies!!!

◊The Team Red Saga◊

It was a night like no other. Rex5556 had been back to CP warfare for a number of weeks. He was on ACP chat when a member ranked soldier called “Shimmy222” said “Would you like to join Team Red 2G?” Rex replied with “Ummm….errr..Okay” Shimmy gave the link to the join page, he commented, he was ranked as a 2ic.


As Rex looked at the site he relised this army was like no other. IT HAD A GAME PAGE. No seriously he liked Team Red. He then met Ladtom2, they talked on skype for hours on end. Ladtom2 kept cursing in the background.

“Why are you swearing?” Rex asked,

“Because there is this stupid guy that called my mum a dirty russian!!!”replied Ladtom2, Rex thought this was horrible so he asked who said it. Rex found out that it was Shimmy222 who had insulted Ladtom2.

“He even hacked into my computer and took all my xats.” This made Rex FURIOUS!!! Later that week Rex was promoted to 1ic. Ladtom2 told Rex of the horrible things Shimmmy did, and that he hacked CPAE. This made Rex again, FURIOUS!!!!


Ladtom had a plan…. a mean bad plan.






14 Responses

  1. Im going to comment on the “Advanced CP Warfare”.

    Rex ,back in the days (late 07′ early 08′) it was mostly snowball warfare.Now modern times you hardly see people throwing snowballs .Joke bombs need to be taken off of the battle field.It makes lag that for my comuputer it closes out the internet and logs out.As I always say “The things that happen on chat effects the total outcome of the battle”.In other words,if you dont have control of your troops on the chat then its lots of confusin on CP.If you have a million noobs saying “JOKE BOMB ON 3” or “MOD ME PLEASE IM ACTIVE” nothing gets across.Then that leads to the leader gagging the chat and then the noobs say this “Why did you gag me?” or “I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WHY DID YOU GAG ME”?

  2. Team Red Saga is slightly wrong because Ladtom never said any of those things to you he only said the bit about Hacking CPAE and hating me, I will not spoil the story, although you realise nothing offensive 😉
    Rex5556 Edit: And how the hell would you know what he said to me?

  3. Hello, I am Timmy0000. As you may know, CPF Died. I am Currently bring them back. Ek and I plan to make this generation the best there has ever been. http://www.clubepenguinflyers.wordpress.com . Thanks, I just wanted to tell everyone that =D

  4. What kind of post is this? Shimmy never said those things.
    Rex5556 Edit: 1. Yes he did. 2. How would you even know?

  5. You could have at least put Team Red Saga in your title. Lol. But yeah okay, post about your army if you wish. What’s your next plan Rex?

  6. Lol No I didnt rex I never said Anything bad to Ladtom except the CPAE thing which he deserved cause he was treating me like dirt, and I actually only started cussing Ladtom out about 1 month ago maybe

  7. Well heres What i gotta say. On Army bullying dont go to advice and saying get acp they ruin EVERYTHING! And two, Armies tactics are always gay now. What ever happened to snowballs?

  8. CP is getting worse and worse for the non-members. Maybe people are resorting to this because CP would be pointless otherwise.

  9. Well, anyway since y’all are still in CP, I have an idea that might help y’all.

    Create government ministries/departments. Some real governments (like Israel, and India) refer to specific policy areas as ministries, while others call them departments (like US and Philippines). These enforce laws and deal with issues in certain areas
    Suggested ministries/departments: Complaints Ministry, Ranking Ministry (maybe not for CPUN but for each individual army since I remember ranking was a big deal), Justice and/or Discipline Ministry (enforce punishments, maybe represent army government in court cases), War Ministry, Practice Wars Ministry, Anti-Perversion Ministry (the CP wiki had an issue with porn spammers, if you have that problem you might want an Anti-Perversion Ministry to fight it) and perhaps a Party Ministry (to have fun).

  10. @Dee ooops sorry. I scraped the last piece of my post for the TR Saga

  11. I can’t believe it. That’s ACPE1. How the heck have you been Jarlo? You’ve been looked upon as a holy totem around here. So happy to see you! Dude is that really you? I sounds like you. How’ve you been? 😀

    And no prob Rex. 😉

  12. The totem pole speaks! Jk
    LIke I mentioned on DNJ’s site, life’s been turbuelent. Some good things have happened, some bad. Weather’s weird. What do folks think of me nowadays?
    Anyway, the Ministry comment is just a suggestion. I think Jedi already brought it up before. You already have a Minister of War and Defense. If you don’t think you need some of these, don’t make them. If you think there are ones you need that aren’t there, you can make them. I notice the Constitution doesn’t have a process for creating and deleting Ministries.
    I propose this amendment: General Assembly creates and deletes Ministries by passing Ministry-Creation and Ministry-Deletion Bills. If a Ministry’s no longer needed, it can be deleted, and if a New Ministry’s needed, it can be created.
    I’ll give some ideas now and then, but really, I think the best thing for me to do is step back and let you make your own decisions. I’m busy with life, so I can’t go on CP much.
    Also, real life is more important. I remember people complaining that Dr Nono Jr. shouldn’t let his real life get in the way of CP. I thought that was ridiculous; Nono has a right to his real life, and real life is in fact more important than CP. Also this one RPF leader got grief when folks complained he let his real life get in the way of CP. It’s ridiculous; he has a right to his real life, you shouldn’t let CP totally take over your life. I think I kind of did that at one point when I was really into the CP Armies, but that’s over.
    I’ve been trying to figure out what really matters in life, but I don’t think online games are it. I want to make a real-world difference. I do know that I need to focus on education and doing well. If you want to go to college, it might be a good idea to take advanced classes, although don’t overload yourself.

    • 😀

      Jarlo, your suggestions made the base of the whole CPUN! Without your knowledge, this community would never have been so complex. We are different from other alliances. Order 67 was already reported several times in the CPA Central. Anyways, I’ll have a talk with you at the No Vids Soon post. 😉 See you there.

  13. Ok cool. Make sure that the advanced classes you pick are in subjects you’re good at.

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