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    Happy New Year 2020!!
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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Hi. I am Mr Deedledoo. Call me Dee. I  founded the Club Penguin United Nations. Let me tell you our history

Dee in History

Dee in History

It was nearly winter last year (2007). I had been playing Club Penguin for a few day. I looked into my inventory and found my good ol’ construction helmet. I decided to make an army with my little brother, Color Peng. We were actually quite good with recruiting. All we did was shout, “Join the Navy!”, and everyone started joining. We only had a construction helmet for our head gear, and navy blue for our color. I had recently found the ACP website and made a website of my own. I advertised quite alot and got 1,000 views in 1 month or less. We were a nonmember army back then, but we were successful and respected.

The first person I met was Wombat 99. He had an army of his own and was willing to become allies with the Navy. We joined each others armies and became allies. The next person was this guy called Top Secret whom I had seen advertising in many websites saying that, that army would help them if they became allies. No one seemed to be replying to him so when he commented on my site, I let him become a friend. That friend soon walked out of his secrecy and revealed his true name. Freshzac. We had great fun. Soon, Speed 015 and his crew allied with us. He used to name himself ACP Embassador 2. I also met this guy called the Jarlo777 who took the codename: ACP Embassador 1 for some reasons that I never found out. Jedimaster17 found out about our site soon enough. We had alot of views in that ‘noob’ army of ours but since many people kept denying that we were their Navy (ex. ACP’s Navy/ RPF’s navy), we decided to change name and site.

The Club Penguin United Nations

Together with my newly made army – the RPA, I wanted to make something new. Something for smaller armies and armies in need. A place where armies could come and talk and ask for each other’s help. I created the WWANC or the World Wide Army Negotiation Center. I spent some time on it but it seemed weird. It was ok but I was thinking of another thing. People nowadays join groups with catchy or cool names. So I chose the name that was very familiar to me. The United Nations. The Club Penguin United Nations. This was it. It sounded good and the real UN’s mission was good. So the MOCP (Wombat 99) and the ECPA (Freshzac) joined in. We created the parliament with ACP Embassador and made the system. It was very simple. The Water Warriors (Louistania) joined in next. They were friendly and contributed alot to us. Then came in the Club Penguin Rangers (Ktman/Ktman2). This was a familiar name. I just don’t remember. It was and old time when Oagalthorp had just handed the Army of Club Penguin or ACP over to Fort57. ACP Embassador suggested that we should invite the Sleet Empire (Andrew575). During that time, the Nachos were taking over Sleet so we decided to put Sleet under our care. Sleet – our first nation. Andrew575 was a very neat and sensible type of person. Jarlo777 made Sleet what it is today, and what it will be tomorow. More armies and groups joined in such as the Imperial Penguin Army led by Hollister765, The Bounty Hunters (defunct – led by Speed 015 (active in the UGT), the People’s Republic Army (PRA – defunct – led by Connorjudge), the Free Republic (FR – led by Seanehawk) and the International Penguin Defense Corp (Gtracer). These armies registered quite fast that we didn’t have time to even talk and get to know each other untill more came in like the Red Raiders led by the one and only Itach6Dark. Our community grew larger everyday. We made new additions to the CPUN’s content. We made practice wars and contests. I knew that this would be a successful community. Everyone was having fun. I had made people closer to each other. If I hadn’t, everyone would still be in their own blogs by now or they would have joined another alliance. The United Penguins Army (Articsledder), and the Union (Benu2) joined us. They gave more ideas and activities for us to enjoy in. We had great fun during wars and in different crisis and major issues. After a while, somebody reported to us that there was an alliance called the CPUT or the Club Penguin United Troopers. The CPUT denied that they copied us and we setteled the arguement. Soon afterwards, the United Troopers which was actually an army, joined the CPUN. The Club Penguin Flyers Special Forces (Nodear) joined in with us. We were getting quite populated and that was good. It felt good. As someone who created something from the roots, it is a great feeling to see that thing grow. Like everyone else, I wanted to be well-knowned in the history of Club PEnguin Armies. I got my chance. Months passed by and the CPUN was better than ever. Ktman of the CPR was elected Vice President of the CPUN board. His greatest competitor – Itachi6Dark of the Red Raiders, was appointed Minister of War – one who organises the Practice Wars and everything related to war against other armies. Well, my name did go up in different places, but it was different. Order 67 was executed by the Big 5 of the ANTA. it had started with the Nachos. Shadow2446 had started it. We thought it was only the Nachos untill we did find out it that the whole of ANTA had executed the plan as well. Some of us panicked, but some of us wanted to fight. This was good for most members of the CPUN because most of them were against bigger armies. I, was very depressed. My dream of being well-known came true. But not so true. I was well-knowned – as a leader of the enemy. ‘They have decided that Mr Deedledoo leads the CPUN’. I was simply crushed. I wanted to make a good relationship between the big world, and the small world. I wanted to point out that the weak, could make a difference. “You still fight for the weak. That is why you lose!“, said Megatron in the 2007 movie called the Transformers. But no. It wasn’t true. We can truimph on our own. USe the right words and common sense. If you do something good from the start, it will always be good“. My purpose was to do good. There’s nothing wrong with that. But then it seemed like the CPUN wasn’t the real enemy. It was some of us. That some became most as other armies and super alliances allied with the CPUN to create a SUPER alliance. The CPUN was divided in two. The ones who wanted war, and the one who wanted to settle things – peace. I hadn’t even decided yet which group I should join when suddenly, the war had ended. No one won really. For me, we did win some things. Respect and honor. The ANTA invited anyone from the CPUN to join them. To stay under their protection. Several armies such as the Red Raiders, who were the biggest haters of larger armies I had ever known, went in with them. They didn’t leave the CPUN though. We were given more oppurtunities. Itach6Dark got high ranks in the UMA and the respect he earned. Everything was calm again and I was happy. I was happy that I had made everyone fight for something. I was happy because I opened the eyes of those soldiers who didn’t want to, or just couldn’t. I was happy because, if I had not made the CPUN, Itach6Dark wouldn’t have a high amount of respect, untill now. I was happy because I was able to make every leader’s dream come true. That was to become involved in a gigantic war that would involve their own little army. They would fight for their independance. This was great.

The CPUN soon made closer relationships with other armies and bigger alliances. ACP Embassador 1 had to leave. This was sad for all of us. He was the content of the CPUN. He gave everything. He and Jedimaster17 did great things together. They were a good team. Jarlo777, myself, the CPUN, and everyone else, made a good team. It was hard to let him go, but you can’t catch a butterfly that wants to fly away. You can’t stop yourself from growing. You can’t stop a great man fulfill his dream to become something he wants to be. You can’t stop him from wanting to change the world. Jarlo777 dropped in several times. More armies joined in as well. The Penguin Force Army (Tyrranidking or General98) cooperated well. The Defenders of Club Penguin (Hidude45), the popular Metal United Army (MUA Platinumx and Monkek Man), and the Club Penguin Republic Army (Crazyboy86 or Lacrosseboii) joined in as well. Jedimaster17 started out the givernment and did excellent work. After that, we started the creation of the CPUN Supreme Court and the CPUN Government. With the ideas of everyone in the CPUN, we were doing great! I’m sure more good will come to us soon.


Now ever since I announced that we would be making a new site and army and planned out everything, I was waiting for my membership. Color Peng was also waiting for his. I called my army the Royal Penguin Arsenal or RPA. Anyway, we did get it and we did make the site. The first uniform we tried on was a hockey helmet, a scuba diving suit, a green tabard, green boots, and a hockey stick. It looked cool.

Everything was cool. We went on for months and got more friends. Lsund, Zehroy, Sambabeat96, ~Extreme the Great, and many more. It was great. Nodear (leader of the CPFlyers) joined in as well. But this was already during the CPUN and not before it’s creation. So here’s the inside story about how I made it.

CPUN Forces and The Supreme Court as told by G98

General98 was soon an editor andcreated the The Supreme Court of CPUN, not many cases were held, some were cancelled. One of the most biggest cases was the case of the Elites vs the United Troopers. The Elites The first five justices were Ktman, as jury, Dee, Jedi, Col.P and G98. Then G98 made a militia for CPUN, It is called the CPUN Forces. Jedi joined too.

Early 2010 – The Hiatus

Towards the end of 2009, on the start of the Christmas vacation, people started to become inactive in the CPUN. Their head, Dee, moved to another country and was unable to supervise them during the whole month. Inactiveness grew and grew until few were left and most of the CPUN’s nations and members had died. It was a hard time to rise from the scraps and scratch that was left in the CPUN. Several people offered help. Godplayer123 offered a promotion in the CPA Central which was then turned down after a week. Flipper7706 and Chuckisthe1 did their best to get the CPUN working again but failed. The most successful so far was Osprey, a former CPUN member, RPF Legend, and all around veteran. He gave speeches and tried to strengthen the ties of the CPUN and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Osprey retired from all armies only within a month of being back with the CPUN. Ever since then, there have been no sign of any former CPUN members making a comeback during this dark time.


That doesn’t make any sense. I see now that you’re just an ignorant, sad little man and there should truly be no effort wasted into explaining things to you. By now, you would’ve tried looking at just a few songs and wonder why we like this ‘gay music’. Hopef

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  1. The one and only Itachi6dark XD. I don’t get what you mean by biggest big army-haters. Does it mean a lot of people hated RR or RR hated them?

  2. Sweet!

  3. Awesome!!

  4. cool

  5. Neat

  6. Cool, but I wish I was meantioned in it XD

  7. lol. I’ll be updating it anyway xD.

    P.S. thanks for the cool comments!

  8. Thats a great page! You are 1 of my top 3 inspiationla people on CP

  9. I think Dee means that you were always righting that ACP was evil.

  10. that book is kool dee

  11. put new history in a few things have happened

  12. Ill update this thing soon. I was here since late December too, so I know a lot of what’s missing.

  13. There should be how every head became a head.

  14. We should make this a bigger page and update this every few months.

  15. Or else it will be forgotten like the hall of fame used to be 2 weeks ago.

  16. Actually, we should update this after every generation.

  17. Until me?

  18. You should finish the rest of 2010, and leading to our 100,000 hits.

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