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    Happy New Year 2020!!
    - CPUN Staff

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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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If you are in the Club Penguin United Nations, you may submit the URL to your flag right here – as a comment. If you are not a united nation – please click here – here.

You may also click the flag to go directly to that army’s blog!

Please wait for the page to finish loading to watch the flags wave smoothly together.

Place your flag alongside the other nations so that you know that you are truly, in the United Nations!




Club Penguin United Nations

Club Penguin United Nations 

Club Penguin Rangers

Club Penguin Rangers

Army of Club Penguin

Army of Club Penguin

Club Penguin Secret Service

Club Penguin Secret Service

Ice Warriors

Ice Warriors 

Club Penguin Black Hawks 

Scouts Of Club Penguin 

Club Penguin Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)

Silver Soldiers Of Club Penguin

The Global Defenders of Club Penguin

Click here to go to the CPUN’s Community Page!

Fill Out This Form for a Flag!



Credit to Atm23, of the Separatist Penguin Association for posting their animated flag on their blog. If I hadn’t seen his flag, I wouldn’t have thought of making this page.

78 Responses

  1. Cool flags.

  2. Hey Dee used the website I used. Not that I’m mad but they look so cool!

  3. Thanks to you we made ourselves look like the real United Nations! Thanks Atm!

  4. nice flags and Dee how do you run for elections to be in the CPUN Board cause im intrested in that.

  5. You have to be active for 40 days in the CPUN. The next election is in January of Next Year

  6. They look great! Good work Dee. 😉

  7. Dee you rock for doing this. Also can you give me the code to add the animated version as our flag to our nations page.

  8. hey Dee… this is Happy Sith, Leader of the GPA. I was wondering how to make flags

  9. hey we don’t have paint but we know how we want our flag. we made it on some website, but we can’t copy and paste
    -Copyright 09

  10. /Users/markfox/Desktop/Picture 1.png

  11. we have our flag on the History page

  12. how do i get the URL?

  13. Here’s how you do it Anti General 😉

    Open Mozilla Fireforx or any of your browsers.
    Click File which is on the top left hand corner of your screen.
    Click open.
    Open the document just like how you would normally open any document.
    Then the flag should appear.
    Copy the address of that, and paste the URL here as a comment.

    Tell me if your having a hard time. 😉



  14. Hey Dee where is our flag

  15. Hey animate TAFA’s flag on Godplaya123 comment

  16. mybanner4a675708d51fe.jpg

  17. /Users/markfox/Desktop/GPA flag.pages

    GPA flag

  18. http://globalpenguinarmy.wordpress.com/history-of-the-gpa/

    the GPA’s flag is on that page

  19. how do u make a flag

  20. Here is the haho warriors flag:

    (html code)

  21. nvm heres the link (its the top flag)

  22. hey is this page going inactive?

  23. how do you make a banner,an army,and a flag im wondering i want an army PLZ.

  24. join TATJ.i will tell u and support u.

  25. I’m one of the leaders of Universal, and this is our flag! I hope you post it up there soon!

  26. That was the Sun Squad of Club Penguin flag btw

  27. K I officially joined, so can the SSCP flag be put up please? The URL’s 2 comments up xD

  28. I edited the flags page to put the CPUN flag first because SPAAF is dead and this is the CPUN site. But if you were thinking about it. Plz don’t delete the SPAAF flag. It makes me happy to see it still up there.

  29. Dang it the edit didn’t update! Oh well, cya later.

  30. http://cpkingdomarmy.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/ukaflag.jpg This is the UKA flag. Please put it up. 😀

  31. I’ll update this page once I have a mouse. If we can’t keep a permanent record of the each member who joined the CPUN in the Nations page (because we erase the inactive ones), we can show how many people joined us by keeping their flags here in this page. 😀


  32. The DCP FLAG

  33. The CBF Flag

    – Gistha2

  34. For some reason, the website we use to generate the flags is not generating it. Hopefully we can get your flags up there.

    We’ll leave the flags to show our past, and present members and in honor of those who aren’t even around anymore.

  35. The Screaming swords flga:

    P.S what thing did u use?

  36. For some reason, the generator isn’t working. Does it work for anyone else? 😐

  37. Can the CPUN do a post about me? nobody knows about my army except a guy named rem who said “SIR YES SIR” and a evil guy named Pongo Finsterling(AKA Walter) so could you PLEASE say something about me and my army?! 🙂

  38. Can the CPUN do a post about me? nobody knows about my army except a guy named rem who said “SIR YES SIR” and a evil guy named Pongo Finsterling(AKA Walter) so could you PLEASE say something about me and my army?! 🙂 please!

  39. Oops sorry! I did a duplicate comment.

  40. Awesome page. the ACP flag is my favorite because it has oagalthorp (ACP creator) on it!!!! and it has ACP’s full name called DRACP (Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin), thanks!

  41. Add the scouts of cp flag please 🙂
    Here is the URL:

    Thank you and kind regards,

  42. NOTE_03/04/11:

    Scouts Of CP – Flag Added
    CP Black Hawks – Flag Added
    CP FBI – Flag Added

  43. Thanks for te update AT. I had forgotten the link to the website and fr some time, it stopped working. I’ll get back to this page.

    BTW, I don’t think we should remove the inactve flags. If our original Members age cannot hold the history of this website, then at least the flags can. 😉


  45. Hey guys, I have a flag now! Can you put it on here?


    Look on the Republic page.

  46. Please put our flag there.

  47. We changed our flag. Heres our new one:

  48. When’s our flag gonna be up?

  49. When’s our flag gonna be up? I posted it a few days ago…

  50. When will the flag generator be up?

  51. Club Penguin Night Army’s flag is @:

  52. hey Dee guess what!!!! you are now a contributor of cp night army so you can edit the site and if you do amazing work i will make you higher!!!

  53. Mr. Deedledoo, can I use the animated version of the flag?

  54. you said the flags page was re-opening how come my flag has not been posted

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