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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Hall of Fame



Welcome to the CPUN Hall of Fame! The soldiers and individuals you are about to see in this hall were once in the Club Penguin United Nations and did many great doings in the CP Warfare world in the eyes of this community. The individuals listed here inspired this community and have taught us many lessons. Those who are here are a of unique branch of soldiers, praised for a different reason. They aren’t simply praised here for the number of victories they have had through-out their lives. They aren’t simply here because they were great leaders in a major army. They are of a different kind, and have done things of a kind uncommonly done in CP Warfare, and that’s why they are here.



*Inactive/Officially Retired
*Still Around
<><><><><><Fifth Generation 2013-2014><><><><><><><>
Know someone you think should be in the Hall of Fame for being famous in CPUN? Talk to Wyoskyguy!

<><><><><><Fourth Generation 2012-2013><><><><><><><>


-Pungy is the current leader of GD – and has lead with a ingenuity few other leaders have. He gives the troops a vote while still holding an iron fist on the army – while he plans on retiring soon, people believe GD will die without him- though sometimes that’s a risk you must take. The cold truth, sometimes armies need to die to live on.

<><><><><><Third Generation 2010-2011><><><><><><><>


-Wyoskyguy, a very smart and fun small army leader. Joining the CPUN a year or so a go, he was a nice freind to all. He lead his own small army, the Club Penguin Rangers with his good freind Gostt, formerly lead by Fishpop and Ktman, they were a nice army. The CPR were one of the funnest armies you could join. Always having fun, telling jokes, stories, etc. Even though the CPR didn’t go too far, or get that big of numbers they were still one of the best, from the “awesome standpoint”. On November 18, 2011, Wyoskyguy officially retired after his birthday days which was days before. He will always be remembered in the CPUN. Have a nice life Sky.

<><><><><><Second Generation 2008-2009><><><><><><>


-A friend of a friend, is a friend to all. Theyt3 was nominated by his good friend Soccer793 in October of 2010. According to Soccer he was a fellow soldier in the Reinforcing Blue Squad, an army they had both be in together. He was very high up in the RBS and very active. Theyt was also was one of Soccer’s best friends along with Ogo1234, Gjmc784, and Alexcheers. He joined the Defense of Club Penguin along with Soccer later on but was rarely active. Soccer’s message to him is: Don’t you miss the old days? In the eyes of the CPUN, we believe that one with a great many friends, a sense of loyalty to his or her group, and a friend like Soccer793, would not only excel in the virtual world, but also in the real world. We hope you pass by this page one day and see that people honor you here. Goodluck in your life and your future.




Charliem21 first joined the CPUN in June, 28 2009. He joined his army which was then the Club Penguin Warrior Squad into the CPUN and quickly became active with the other leaders in the community. Charliem came in and out of the CPUN from time to time but he always gave us a feeling that he was still present – and he was. Charliem was always ready to do voluntary work for the CPUN. We found that we could always rely on him and that he would be there to help us out whenever we had a problem. His continuous activeness in the Club Penguin United Nations gives him a spot here in the Hall of Fame. Afterall, why would someone keep returning to this community if he did not have any memory of it? We thank him for all the support and service he has done to the community for he was always there to give the CPUN a good boost.




-The CPUN cannot thank Godplayer enough for what he did in the CPUN. Player became the Head of Secretariat of the CPUN once and represented the Ice Warriors. He kept the organization alive with thriving, new ideas and promotion to major armies. Godplayer never failed to give the CPUN recognition whenever there was an opportunity. He was also involved in a CPUN Supreme Court case, the Elites vs the United Troopers, where he decided to join the CPUN after. Godplayer was a strong force in the CPUN and will always be known to be the person with one of the highest statures to have ever been in the Club Penguin United Nations. He slowly became inactive after plans of promoting the CPUN in the world-wide army news site, the CPA Central – an article which was never published.



Iasgae 56

-The great Iasgae 56 was a great friend of the CPUN. He was around during the time of Riotors, Ads354, Unicow, Wiggle Nn, Houndy66, Flipper7706, Miroos, Godplayer123, and many more legends during the summer of 2009. He joined the CPUN along with his army, the Golden Sector of Club Penguin. He went on to become the 15h Leader of the Army of Club Penguin and continued to give advice to the CPUN Community during his leadership. The CPUN thanks him for his time with the community and being a long-time friend.




KingJared also known asKJ or simply Jared, is one of the most active, most loyal, and most longest lasting members in the CPUN. Not only is he a long lasting member in the CPUN, but he has also been in CP Warfare for a very long time and knew most of the legends we speak of today around the CP Warfare world. A lot of whom he knew were the legends of 2007 and of the 1st Generation of the CPUN. He has stayed with the CPUN through thick and thin along with friends such as Soccer and Atm23 who have never left the community behind in it’s hard times. We thank you for your loyalty here. It shall be remembered.




Riotors was first introduced to the Club Penguin United Nations in the summer of 2009. He entered his army, the Club Penguin Secret Service, into the CPUN and became quite popular. Riotors was a favorite in the list of new CPUN Staff members the CPUN had during that year. After a quarter of a year, the CPSS merged with Flipper7706’s army to form the Golden Warriors which is now know as the Golden Troops. Riotors then became less involved with CPUN activities. He is honored here in the CPUN Hall of Fame for being a hero to many people here, and to his soldiers.



Wiggle Nn*

Wig was someone known to be constantly checking in on the CPUN’s activities. He lead the United Ghost Armies with Adawg4 and Token29 and he brought that army into the CPUN on July 6, of 2009. He wasn’t entirely known throughout the CPUN and acted young in experience compared to the other big names in the community during that year. During the final months of the year 2009, Wig was able to participate in the great merging of armies. He now has a high position in the major army, Golden Troops and is known throughout CP Warfare.




-Atm23 was one of the most ambitious people in the CPUN during it’s era in the summer to winter of 2009. Leading his once striving army, the Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force, he became one of the top CPUN leaders and was often mentioned in CPUN posts. He was a generous man and willing to help those in need of help here in the CPUN. His army was one of those who were around at the same time as the Club Penguin Secret Service led by Riotors, which is now the Golden Troopers, and the MA2 and Freedom Warriors led by Miroos/Zamros and Houndy66 – who later formed the Mysterious Freedom Warriors. The downfall of his army in early 2010 eventually brought him and his remaining comrades a trauma which ended the timeline of SPAAF glory. Despite the end of his career, he still continues to advise the CPUN and keeps touch with his friend on the SPAAF website. The fact that he is still with the CPUN and believing in it now makes him a legend.




-Soccer started out in the CPUN as a normal person visiting the site and commenting on the posts from time to time. In the first period of his time here in the CPUN, he insisted to communicate with us through our pages until he was finally invited to join in with the rest of the community and discuss with them in the posts. His loyalty makes him well-known to the leaders of this community. He has always suggested ideas for the CPUN and had even suggested ideas for the Hall of Fame page itself. Soccer is a simple fellow with a lot to offer a friend or friends.




Who knew that the leader of the Noobs of Club Penguin who had once stepped into the CPUN would become the future leader of the Army of Club Penguin? Batintrenche was one of the most generous and cooperative in the CPUN and would always be ready to give ideas. He truly is one to remember for his participation in the CPUN in the summer of 2008.



Gorge 32, Molly & Sky 380*

The soldiers of the Club Penguin Cheese Army. Lead by Gorge 32, this was a medium army that didn’t fall easily. With soldiers like them, the enthusiasm and spirit was what kept their army and their friends alive. They would always be ready to welcome a newcomer to their army and be ready for anything that is to come and never cried when they lost a battle. Long live the Cheesies!



<><><><><><First Generation 2007-2008><><><><><><><>


-The next person closest to the legendary Jarlo777 was no other than General98. We usually just called him G98. After the sad retirement of Jarlo777, no one could have asked for a better replacement than General98. He had similar concepts and helped create Constitutions, flags, and many more! He quit the army he was in to focus on the CPUN and helped create some of the CPUN’s branch sites most notably the CPUN Supreme Court and the CPUN Library and Archives. Without him, almost half of the CPUN’s pages wouldn’t have been created. Most of the pages went in-active but are still left as drafts in the CPUN Dashboard. He faded away slowly towards the middle of 2010. Last we heard of him was that he was working on a Club Penguin Fan Wiki site. We always knew someone like General98 would go on to be a successful person in real life.




-If there should be a list of people who were credited to have been along side the creators of this community from the beginning until the end, Speed would definitely be on top. Speed created the most armies in CPUN history and submitted each of them into the United Nations. He was also known as Sarior once but had hundreds of other names and codenames. Both Speed and Freshzac helped create the CPUN’s first community. Known for his stories, Speed gave CPUN members something else to read. These stories were entertaining, incredibly long, but worth reading in the end. Speed was always there willing to help out friends in need, make people laugh, or simply be there so that the site would be active. He retired in 2008 but recently came back to give us more of his great stories.



~Extreme the Great*

He was one of the first people to be in the CPUN. His first comment was a comment of hate to the CPUN (Me: O_o, it was? Then again, I was mentioned on Nachos site for making an Anta plan during Order 67…) but he eventually started joining in and discussing with the other CPUN members. He was a good adviser to the CPUN and will always be remembered by his batch of CPUN staff.




Benu2 was one of the loyal members of the CPUN. During 2007 to 2008, he led the Union which was a loyal CPUN member. He is a regared as a CPUN Hall of Famer for his loyalty, time in the CPUN, and bravery throughout the years. He helped shape the imagination and creativity of this community in the early days when all was young. He was a good friend to all of the people during his time and his name will be unforgetable in this community, at least, for those who knew him. After a term at leading the Underground Mafias Army, he finally retired from both the UMA and the CPUN.



Red Destoyz*

Red Destoyz was one of the most talked about during the early days of 2008. He was one of the most active soldiers in both the Club Penguin Rangers and the Red Raiders untilhe mysteriously disappeared. His disappearance led to both armies feeling one man short and nothing went as well afterwards. He is up on this Hall of Fame for being an active CPUN Member and one of the most loyal and on-going soldiers in history. Leaders loved him because he was always active in armies and never left them. He treated every army he was in as if it was his main army.  He returned from the dead in late 2010 and is now leading the CPR once more with 321Fishpop – showing the loyalty he has always had.




-As the founder and creator of the legendary Club Penguin Rangers, 321Fishpop has shown his courage and loyalty to his army and friends by never leaving it. 321Fishpop was always around and supervising his army from the beginning and through it’s dark times when at times he was probably the only one left on the site. He acted as a watch to the name of the CPR when it fell in 2009 and continuously kept bringing it back with new leaders. Leadership of the CPR has be given back to its rightful owner, 321Fishpop. The army is at present growing once again with the help of old friends, Ktman, Articsledder, Mr Deedledoo, Color Peng, and Red Destoyz. He is known for his good, appropriate behavior, and great leadership. He is an Order 67 veteran and has been around for 3 years now without ever retiring, thus showing the love for his army that he is known for.




Ktman found and lead the Club Penguin Rangers during 2007 to 2008. He ocassionally returns to the CPR when they are in need of some assistance from him and he helps them get back on their feet. He played a big part during the Order 67 and created a project with Itachi6Dark that was used against the Order. They both called all armies to unite and fight for their rights against the major armies. He was eventually warmly welcomed to the ACP after the Order was removed and started a great career there. He became the second in command in the Army of Club Penguin before being removed. He is now with us again in the CPUN community and continues to hang around the CPR website.




Articsledder was a soldier of the Club Penguin Rangers during 2007 to late 2009, and probably still even now. He has remained a loyal friend of the CPUN and to those who can remember him. He now continues his career in the Major Armies of the Club Penguin Warfare World. He is now the 2nd in Command for the Ice Warriors.




-Jedi was known as Jedimaster, Ankita, or simply, Jedi. She played a huge role in the Club Penguin United Nations. She was also known for her work in the Army of Club Penguin where she did great. She also joined Mr Deedledoo’s army, the Navy back in 2007 and was one of the first to know about the Club Penguin United Nations. She represented the ACP for the CPUN from 2007-2008. She was one of the most finest people ever known in the Warfare world. Smart, clever, and powerful, she did great doing her job.



Jarlo 777 aka the ACP Embassador 1

Jarlo 777

-He was known as the ACP Embassador 1. He had helped many nations grow. He was the master of ideas. He was the idea-man. We will never forget how he helped us in many ways. He founded the Club Penguin United Nations (Once known as the WWANC or World Wide Army Negotiations Center) together with the Royal Penguin Arsenal (known once as “The Navy“), the Marines of Club Penguin, and the Elite Army of Club Penguin. He is probably the greatest person to have ever set foot, in the CP Army World according to several interviews with several of his friends.





-The legendary Itachi6Dark was the former leader of the unstoppable Red Raiders. He was one of the first members of the Club Penguin United Nations. He was our Minister of War. We credit the ‘Royal Rumble Practice War‘ idea to him. He did have a way of making plans in a rush or announcing war with some army he sees but sometimes, they were worth it. He was with the CPUN, during Order 67 and he and the Red Raiders became a well-known army. He proceeded to leading the Underground Mafias Army and left the Red Raiders. After being a great UMA leader, he decided to retire. Itachi, was a great member of the CPUN and we are honored, to have had him by our side. This is what he wanted, to be in the Hall of Fame.

Click here to see Itachi’s retirement post:

Itachi6Dark's signature




Freshzac, was the leader of one of the first nations that joined the CPUN – the Elite Club Penguin Force. He joined back in late 2007 when the CPUN was very, primitive. He had stayed with us for over a year, and, some time after Order 67, he decided to retire. Freshzac was one of the most helpful people in the Club Penguin United Nations. He drops by sometimes, but only sometimes..




Lucario64, used to lead the Non Member Army. He once had an alliance of his own. We met him during Order 67 back in 2008. He was a good friend of ours but one day, he went missing. We didn’t hear much news about him until we found out he was the co-leader of the Watex Warriors. In the middle of the year 2009, he quit the WW. He will be remembered by many, including Dee. He is now a top soldier of the Army of Club Penguin and many more.



The Water Warriors*

-The Water Warriors (TWW), were one of the first armies ever, to join the Club Penguin United Nations. They also became one of the most active and strongest. They were lead by Louistania. They went defunct a few weeks after the Order 67. the CPUN never knew they quit weeks after their last post. This was saddening. The Water Warriors deserve to be here in the Hall of Fame. They were on of the best contributors, ever.



Red Raiders*

-Used to be one of the most popular non-major army out there, the Red Raiders or the RR. Lead, and founded by Itachi6Dark, the Red Raiders reached the top of the CPUN’s list of best armies. They had amazing recruitment numbers per week because of their popularity. They were not just popular, they were strong as well. After Order 67, the Red Raiders were recognized as an independent army and gained respect in the CP Army World. Itachi6Dark left the Red Raiders to lead the Underground Mafias Army. He left new leaders in his place.



Club Penguin Rangers*

-The Club Penguin Rangers (CPR) were also one of the first armies to join the CPUN. It was created and founded by 321fishpop but later gave the leadership to Ktman. They contributed well in the CPUN and participated in our activities. They became a popular army after Order 67 as well. They, along with the Red Raiders and many other armies who had joined the CPUN, became recognized as a strong, independent, and knowned army. They will always be remembered for participating heartily, in the CPUN. Ktman left the CPR to new leaders but continued to work with the CPUN and the ACP. 321fishpop now continues to lead the CPR.



The Marines of Club Penguin*

-This army, does deserve to be in this Hall of Fame. It was the MOCP or the Marines of Club Penguin. There were many Marines of Club Penguin but this version was lead by Wombat 99. The MOCP was the first army to join the CPUN. The army may have been a bit strange but Wombat 99, was a great CPUN member, and a great friend. He may have over exaggerated about his army sometimes but he did quite alot to help the CPUN. Probably not the most powerful army in the CPUN but, surely one of the most active. Months before the year 2009 arrived, the MOCP, including Wombat 99, vanished.



First Official CPUN Board

June 28, 2009


  • Secretary General – Mr Deedledoo
  • Prime Minister Ktman
  • Chief Justice – General98
  • Justice- Flipper
  • Head of Secretariat – Godplayer123
  • Minister of War and Defense – Benu2
  • Advisor of of the Ministry War and Defense – Houndy66,
  • Minister of Internal Affairs – taco858snowbomb
  • Minister of Labour and Penguin Resources – emilylondon
  • Minister of Communications Batintrenche
  • Secretary of the Ministry of Communications – Mustang
  • Advisor of the Ministry of Communications – Articsledder, Hidude45
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Atm23,
  • Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Color Peng
  • Consuls – Swat Bandit, Speed, Ads354,KingJared
  • Senators Soccer793, Iglookid, Markjonny



Order 67

Order 67 was the order the ANTA executed in mid-2008. It was an order to abolish all small armies. The true reason as to why this order was made is still being debated until now. It is either because the ANTA leaders back then thought that small armies were an annoyance, or because they wanted to test if the small armies were able to unite to fight for their rights. Armies from all parts of the Club Penguin Army World joined the Club Penguin United Nations permanently, and some temporarily, to unite against the ANTA. The ANTA targeted the CPUN as their one of their main targets but soon recognized the CPUN as the strongest defense of the smaller armies. Many of those who joined the fight against the ANTA went on to become great leaders. You may find some familiar names around the site.

*Order 67 pokes fun at Order 66 of George LucasStar Wars where Shadow2446 played as Emperor Palpatine and Fort57 as Darth Vader.



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  81. Hello,
    I guess i have a little explaining to do so; now’s the time to explain. I vanished because I needed some time away (dont ask me why) but now I am back. i don’t have an army any more. I broke it up for my time away. I currently do not play club penguin but am up for going back on it!!! it just feels nice to be in touch with you Dee again and everyone else. Once again I am sorry for my disappearance. And thanks for my place on the hall of fame

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  85. I know what you mean…. and it feels like armies will soon be gone. 😦 What will we do after all the armies fail?

  86. >.< i want on the hall of fame!

  87. Molly, i have been here since tht start, and im not in da hall so good luck wit dat

  88. Thanks. 😦

  89. About the activeness.

  90. I know…. I’m new to armies. I will keep working and helping others. I think we will slowly fall…. and the last army will just be kids who chat and remember the good old days.

  91. Order 67? lol Is that suppose to be like Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith?

    Order 66 (Star Wars): The execution and order to get rid of all Jedi in the galaxy.

    Order 67 (CP): Get rid of all small armies.

    That movie is my favorite movie ever!

  92. Didn’t I tell you I was going to be on there? (smirk)

  93. We haven’t updated this in a while. Maybe we should hold nominations every year.

  94. Good idea,Maybe we should do that.

  95. This brings back memories. Jarlo, that guy was brilliant, I wish he hadn’t left as soon as he did. Together he and I could have done amazing things.

    Jedi… I miss her loads… If anyone sees her tell her I say hello or else I’ll be angry at you. 😉

  96. I’m touched. 😥

  97. I’m touched sounds wrong in so many ways, Soccer. xD

  98. lol Chuck. Thx Dee. I changed where it says winter of 2008 to 2009 because it was actually 2009. 😀

  99. Don’t think THAT way! I hate those guys for a reason (they are ok UNLESS you sit next to THEM EVERYDAY)

  100. You still forgot speed and everyone else that wasn’t Atm, Batintrenche, and I.

  101. Ooooo more pengs.

  102. You should add people who done things for the CPUN, not just join and ask to be on there.

  103. No one got on there because they asked, and everyone got on there because they have done thing for CPUN.

  104. Soccer, how are you in the Hall of Fame? Isn’t the HOF for retired people?

  105. No but I think the descriptions are the reasons.

  106. Omg, I hope I get into the H.O.F page for CPUN! 😀


    Revolutionary war award.

    First army to ever not have a site and win all there battles without the site.

    coolest backround award.

  108. hows it goin you guys. I really miss doin this and i hope that people carry on with the armies. Just a quick Q. Who owns saber-tooth? Im really excited. I just came in second place in one the the national youth martial arts championships. I came first in four more contest before i qualified for that. Just got back from band camp and getting ready to leave for Cross country camp. Then a bunch of soccer practice. I want to know what sports or activities you all are in? Ive had a great summer and i hope all of you enjoy it as much as i have.

    Dee: Howdy old friend. 😀 I’m not sure who owns Sabertooth now. I almost forgot how legendary it was here. It’s good to know you do a lot more hanging out than most people around CP Warfare. I appreciate you always checking in. We had a great summer. 2010 is one of the CPUN’s most inactive years but anyways, we’re all growing up. Hope to hear from you again and have fun with your summer camps!

  109. join MBI it is a army 🙂

  110. bye :()

  111. :{

  112. good bye im going to spy on pan fu 🙂

  113. never mind:( 😮

  114. bye aguin:-l

  115. I know you are panfu guy.

  116. But the American club penguin army is the second oldest army in CP!!!!

  117. Well maybe one day I will be up there…Even if im not then I willknow I did something great for clubpenguin armies!My name is Sirlzard22 and I am the current leader of the OACP!We will rise one day to fight our foes and defend CP!

  118. Hey , whoever is editing this, i have a few requests.
    First off, i want to add Red Destoyz to the HOF. He was one of the best, and loyalest soldiers of CPR until he simply disapeared. Also, if you can CPR to the active army.
    I am 321fishpop, the creator and current general of the Club Penguin Rangers. I created the army, ktman led, and when he rietred, i became 1st inc ommand.

  119. Alright Fishpop, got that. 🙂

  120. Wait, you still haven’t gotten speed up there!

  121. Hey dee, no disrespect to ktman or you, but I founded CPR and let Ktman lead until he retired. I just want the facts to be correct

  122. Thanks Dee for the short summary of my CP army life.That really made my day!!!!!!!

  123. You see, one thing I don’t understand about this page is the fact that Dee isn’t on here himself. (Leaving Out The First board)

  124. I wish I was up there *goo* LOL

  125. this page hasnt been updated in a while

  126. Yeah.. It will be soon.

  127. Buritodaily should be up there. =O

  128. Ktman is not rare he is on almost every week.

  129. You realize that speed still isn’t on the hall of fame?

  130. Hey thanks so much for putting me on the Hall Of Fame! You rock Dee XD

  131. I’m pretty sure he was joking.

  132. My name shoild be up there…


  134. BOOYAH FOREVER! That is the motto of the USA (united states of antactica http://clubpenguinfanon.wikia.com/wiki/USA )

  135. Ok i have a army and im the leader of it the army name is horned frogs of cp and we would like to be a army in CPUN but the website is still being fixed up—


  136. I think it is time 😦 ..to put 😦 … a yellow 😦 … star 😥 … next to speed’s name. 😥

  137. I think you should also leave itachi’s yellow cause he keeps popping up.

  138. I used to have a LLama Army I took over Five Servers. With My Llama Mustache And Ghost Costume I Made Cp Peeps Follow My Army.

  139. Wow, if any of you see Soccer, tell him I said thanks. And by the way, I’m a male. 😉

  140. You’re wlecome, glad you’re still here…

  141. @Soccer- Soccer, if your admin in the DCP site, can you admin me? I’m not admin because my account got suspended,

  142. Nice to finally meet you Theyt. Sorry about the gender mis-labelling. 😀

  143. Why aren’t I in first Generation 2007-2008

  144. Oh, my mistake. 😛

  145. I’m extremely disgusted that someone removed me from the First Official Board as Ambassador and that I’m not on the Hall of Fame.


  146. I’d also like to be added back onto the site.

  147. Person: Alex cone
    He is a good person that has lead sky troops and succeeded never dieing always prospering. He is also a Nacho mod and more ranks in other armies. He is hard working and deserves a spot here.

  148. petes gratis

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