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Well, another post by me 😀 😀

After a very long discussion with ATM, we have concluded the following:

  • The old (2008-2009 through maybe 2010-2011) are what are current (2014) major armies are.
  • People actually freaking track the September Drop (I wasn’t even aware of it before this year xD)
  • CPUN has no use because of previous reason.
  • We really freaking miss the PSA.
  • We really don’t like the new EPF (The EPF when it was like the special forces of the PSA was beast though!)
  • Hunting for Rockhopper & Aunt Artic & Cadence in the night dance club

RIP MAY 2006 – NOVEMBER 14TH, 2013

  • That whenever Dee comes back, everybody be like “DEE WE WANNA HELP U BRING CPUN BCK” but when Dee goes MIA again, everybody ditches. (Gosh Dee, you’re such a bandwagon :P)
  • CP has too many freaking rooms.
  • We used to cry when the servers were too full and we couldn’t play Card Jitsu (cmon who else remembers this)
  • We spent DAYS getting our blackbelt
  • “if this guy needs one more water, then ill use ice – no wait thats too obvious, ill use ice because he’ll use water to take out my fire, but then that’s too obvious so i’ll use fire because he’s gonna use ice.” We had it down to a mother freaking art, I’m telling you.
  • The new element Jitsus are way too complicated and we miss old Card Jitsu.
  • Back when the Ninja Hideout was actually worth something (now you can come and go freely in the ninja hideout ~ wait, do they even have one anymore?)
  • back when club penguin was actually fun
  • going “wtf” when a party went away cus we thought CP was always like that

CPUN in 2014

Howdy people!

I decided I might as well make a post as well, since Dee did.

CPUN could potentially come back, however, I wish to speak to Dee before we make any decisions. And even if we did, we wouldn’t be opening for awhile or accepting any new people into CPUN for quite some time.

Dee- Follow the one with the name Marcus, with the unicorn picture.  Thanks.

Mr Deedledoo

Some years ago, without a word I disappeared from the face of the CPA World. I left everyone who I was working with at the site stranded and lost. I must have hinted at those people however, that I was open to new leadership. So I was happy to see life go on in the site, led by those lucky enough to have been entrusted the power to do so before my disappearance, but I dreaded coming back here. I knew I left without notice and left many people, friends, confused and deserted. Things were just going really fast in my personal life and I couldn’t slow anything down – when days since I left turned to months, I just knew there was no turning back. Things were going bad for me at that time and I was spending time chasing things, yet all the while I lost hold of things. I’m sorry if I deserted you. I really loved all the good people here, but all I could do was hope that they did not feel abandoned.

Some time ago, I formulated an plan – that will remain undisclosed – with Wyoskyguy to bring back the CPUN, trying to make use of what was left from its ruins. I told him that I would support him and we would follow the plan closely together. But this plan too was never carried out. I promise you that I will make it up to you one day Sky. I will. And I’m sorry to those people I initiated with during those times – before I disappeared again.

Now I have returned with this short letter. Time and motivation is in my hands and I am happy to have written this much. In the back of my head, I know I will be writing a much longer one in the future to explain things clearer and to apologize to those I have hurt due to my absence. Until that time however, I will probably not have done enough to earn forgiveness from you, and from myself. All I can say is, there are new developments. Old plans going into motion again, testing itself and feeling itself around. It is a rather simple one, yet it holds the very solution to the long-term existence of the CPUN and all that it has and should ever stand for. With or without my consistent support, due the nature of the plan itself it will take some time to get done, and maybe a little luck.

There is my post. Most of what has been in my head for the past years is in it – things I’ve wanted to say, especially that I’m sorry. Of course, things will only be forgiven if I could carry out the plan that I can only hope will liberate us all.



Updated Version of the Board

Howdy CPUN.

Upper Administration

Listed below are the names of the positions in order of authority level in the CPUN’s administration:

  • Secretary General: Wyoskyguy
  • Prime Minister: Pungy1234
  • Minister of Defense: Dan
    • Undersecretary to the Minister of Defense: Orange
    • CPUN Army High Command: Ninjadude800
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Donut
    • Ambassadors and Diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Under Donut)
      • Ambassador: Fido
      • Consulate General: TBD
      • Consuls: TBD
  • Minister of Communcations: TBD
    • Ambassadors and Diplomats of the Ministry of Communications (Under TBD)
      • Ambassador: TBD
      • CPAF Representative: TBD
      • SMAC Representative: TBD
      • CPAC Representative: TBD
  • Consultants: CassiusBrutus, Mr Deedledoo


This is an ongoing post and is not complete.

This post includes how tournaments will be graded, defining what the CPUN will be, and what General Assemblies are. However, this post is no where near completion and all articles discussed are available for discussion.

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The Rebuilding Era

Curious how to join the Club Penguin United Nations? Click here!

Hello CPUN! It has been a long time, but I think that it’s time – It’s time for the Club Penguin United Nations to return. This time, I want to model the CPUN after the real United Nations. There was a couple tough questions ACP Embassador 1 (I’m unsure of his, for lack of a better word, “normal” name is).

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2013 in review

As part of the United Nations tradition, I will post this.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,300 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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