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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Introducing Me, soccer793, The New Prime Minister! And Other Stuff…

Hello there CPUN! I was told to make an introdctory post, so here it is!

I am soccer793, or clubers on certain websites. I have been part of the CPUN for a good amount of years now, 4 actually, and I have seen CPUN go through so much. In fact, I recall a time very similar to this where there was a period of inactivity for I believe around 3 months. This happened quite a few times actually, especially in the last 2 years. I remember another instance where almost every single person in the CPUN was taken out, similar to now. Within a few days most if not all of those members were restored. However, today I feel the members were taken out for good reason, last time it was a surprise.

Anyways, my role in the CPUN has mainly been to pitch ideas and to keep our relation with the first two letters of CPUN in tact. I remember we used to be centraled only on news, and we were trying to shift our views back to the armies and CP in general, I played a part in that.

Recently, I, along with the others, were among the people who were taken out. We weren’t able to even see the CPUN. Almost as soon as CPUN came back online, I started being active again. It’s a trait of mine to never just give up on something. Sometimes even now, I check on blogs that I used to comment on frequently to see if maybe someone came back. I was very fearful that CPUN would be among those blogs, but now I am happy to say it’s back!

Here’s a picture showing views each month since July 2010:


Unfortunately, you can see how much has changed since 2010. 2012 was a terrible year for us. It looked like we were finally having some improvement and then July came. However, you can see improvement! January has been our best month since the site was re-opened to the public! Let’s hope we can get this up further.

How can we do this? I’ll tell you the same thing that I told CPUN before:

1. Post as much as you can. If we can get to at least 1 post a day it would be fantastic for us.

2. Don’t be scared to post news about other armies. This is CPUN, not all of us are up-to-date with what’s going on with CP-armies. Posting some news would do us a lot of good.

3. If it seems relevant enough, I would recommend some real world news. Not tiny things, but disasters do deserve to get some attention here.

Also, I would recommend some of you read my last post on a better controlled members page. This would not only make CPUN more organised but also make it more popular and lead us to access more people to “work” for us. Read it here!

 So that’s it! Apparently I’m the new Prime Minister. Not sure what I can do with that title… but alright! Seeya later.

A Better Controlled Members Page

For the first time ever, I have updated the members page. It wasn’t as time-consuming as I thought it would. It took a minute and I noticed something has got to change.

Who is the one responsible for the members page? Well, we need some more people for that because I’m the first one to update since a few weeks. Also, we need to get more into our alliance half of the website. We are a mix of an alliance and a news site. In the past month, we have been gearing towards the news part, but we need to get more into the alliance part. This means we need a better controlled members page…

What we need is 2-3 people dedicated to updating the members page. Or even, anyone who is not a reporter has a responsibility to update the members page. Maybe we can do one of those things where, “If you update the members page 50 times you get promoted to admin” or something. That was just an example. Remember when we split the members page into sections for people to update and remind the armies to be active? We need to reinstate that. How about we give sections to the reporters and non-reporters? There should be two Reporters per section and two Reminders per section (reminders would be people who remind the armies to stay active to the CPUN). How about each time a reminder reminds an armythey put a tally. Maybe once per month. The point of having two reminders is because that more often than not we get lazy. Here would be an example:

Reminders (month 7):

Section 1 (_______, _______): ||||| ||

Section 2 (_______, _______): ||||| |

Section 3 (_______, _______): ||||| |

In this case, the armies of section 2 and 3 need reminding so either of the 2 reminders would have to remind them. We can also color-code the armies: Grey would be dead armies, Black would be armies who are alive but inactive to the CPUN, and Blue would be armies who are active and alive. The reminders would only have to update the black armies because the grey armies basically don’t exist and the blue armies don’t need reminding. To become a blue army a high-up member of the army would have to comment about once per week. This would be the responsibility of the 2-3 people who add armies. Let’s call them Army Masters.

So let’s sum it up:

The members page is divided into section where there are 2 Reporters and 2 Reminders per section.

Army Masters: There are 2-3 army masters. They are responsible for adding armies to the members page. These people also keep track of the activeness of an army so that in the case where a high-up member of an army comments about once per week for at least a month, their army becomes a Blue army and no longer needs reminding to be active by the reminders. Army masters also have to remind reminders if their tallies aren’t high enough.

Reporters: Reporters are responsible for telling the news of the armies of their section. They are also responsible for telling whether an army is dead, where it will be turned Grey so that the reminders no longer have to remind those armies.

Reminders: Reminders are responsible for reminding CPUN members to stay active once per month. Once they have updated once they may add a tally. If they are to update more than once in a month they do not have to add a tally after the first. They are also responsible for telling whether an army is dead, where it will be turned Grey so that the reminders no longer have to remind those armies.

So tell me what you think! If anyone sees Dee, tell him to check this out!

P.S. Congratulations on the hits lately!

A couple of weeks ago we had the most amount of hits we have ever had in over a half of a year! 899 in a week! Congrats!


The Official Congratulations!

I know I already did this post, but I noticed the hits and noticed it was about 1,000 more than last time I checked. I decided to check our hits:

We have gotten 195 hits yesterday (today in EST)! That is the best for quite awhile!!! Our average is somewhere around 70 hits. And guess what is in second and third? April 6th and 7th (155 and 99 respectively). Coming in 8th would be April 8th with 76 hits. Coming in 11th would be the first 8 hours of today with 66 hits!!! That means we should get 198 hits by the end of today, stealing the number one position! See, we are already making a difference! Ironically, April 4th, only 5/6 days ago, was our third to worst day with only 39 hits. Our week totals up to 710, which is almost double the past week of 422 hits! We definettely are making a difference. Keep up the posting! 🙂

P.S. Loving the new posts. They are very interactive now with the polls, nice thinking! I love the banners too.

I’m Resorting to the Old Fashioned Way

I don’t know. Maybe the weather or something, but I feel like posting! So I noticed we now have a new set of goals. Now THAT should be the top sticky. But I noticed M!LKY set the bar quite high, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t! I was thinking of how CPUN was in the dumps. Unlike sites that are new, the CPUN actually is going strong, and has dedicated members. But, there are some similarities. There is no one but us hanging on the site…

So I’ve decided to resort to the old fashioned way of advertising. YES, the:






Or something along those lines. We’ll just go on club penguin and shout it or make some banners and post it around. Trust me, it does work (to an extent). Of course certain days are better than others such as during battles (ESPECIALLY thosse of small armies, that would be the time to target, NEWS TEAM THIS IS FOR YOU!). It is important to know that we can’t get too dedicated in this if we decide to do this because it might get annoying. But in the meantime this is probably some of the best we can do (or at least me…). So even if you us won’t do this, I WILL. It’s bound to get some members.

Always keep posting news team!


Sky Edit:Yes, I agree, I am proud too. I’ll make a post about goals soon. I hate posting too 😛
Now, first off, I HATE to make posts. I can’t write for my life (as in the good interesting writing) and I never have anything to write about. When I do write, it is usually about the cheats page or something important, so you know if you there is a soccer793 post, you should read it (Am I right? 😉 ). BUT, something happened Thursday through today that astounded me. We had 13 (14 including this one) posts! THAT IS AMAZING! I don’t care if they’re pointless but trust me, they matter. I recall a time a year or two ago where for about a month or two there was almost nonstop posting. I think our hits had risen by 30,000 – 50,000 within those one or two months. Since then, our hits have been rising only very slowly. We’ve risen about 20,000 – 30,000 since then. We should’ve accomplished more than this!!! So I applaud you on these posts. Keep up the good work! I especially like how almost all of them are news oriented or CPUN oriented. NICE!!! We can start a reincarnation of the glory days! I wasn’t expecting this…

P.S. Make sure to check out my cheats page! https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/cheats/ I UPDATE IT!

The Value of Mammoth

Dee edit: Here’s Soccer’s post as promised. 😉 Red Destoyz’s post is scheduled to be automatically published by WordPress in a couple of days. Happy reading!

I noticed ever since Club Penguin alphabetized their servers, Mammoth has been slowly been gowing down in population. Until recently, I have noticed not only that Mammoth isn’t full (this was before the party just so you know), IT ONLY HAS 1 BAR!:

1 BAR! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the town, etc. proving the unpopularity of the server. Now is this good or bad? Lets look:


Nonmembers can log on at all times

Everyone can show up during a war, including ACP and Nachos combined.


It seems that Blizzard has become the most popular server (atleast for nonmembers).

It seems I ran out of bad reasons, but is this new unpopularity good or bad? Is it less valuable now, or more valuable now that wars can actually take place? Could it lose its neutral status? Is this our chance to take Mammoth as a CPUN server? Will Blizzard be the new Mammoth? You guys help me answer these quetions.

P.S. Check out my Cheats page!


Shimmy Edit: Dee I have just made a post but there are two stickied posts so I cant post, so when everythings gone can you post my post, I think its very good, well I hope, Thanks 😀


Okay, I got that out, I was just angry that only one other person commented on my other post, I honestly don’t care if it doesn’t work out but the fact that I only got one other person makes me sad, it was a big plan 😦 : https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/project-dsars/#comments.

Now onto the 100,000 HITS BAMBOOZLE!!! If you guys haven’t noticed, we have finally reached 100,000 hits! Now, although I have been in club penguin for awhile, I wasn’t that into CP warfare except for the RBS, which was a small army but one of the most active, it only ended because the owners canceled it. So when these guys reached a certain number of hits, they would throw a party, I loved them, we played find four (I actually beat the supposed “champion”) and sled runs and mancala and we buddied up 🙂 ! Those were the times… so now, there is an oppurtunity to throw a party cause we got 100,000 hits so I want you all to meat me here:

Snow Cone

12:00 Penguin Standard Time

Ski Village

Saturday, 1/15/2011

Project DSARS

First, Happy New Years!

So DSARS or Demote Small Armies or Rise for Strength might be a little against the rules but this is to create  new category of armies – Intermediate, I know this means medium but this is for the more active small armies. I beleive that EVERY small army must join. The plan is to get at least one large army to fight every small army (which can be found here:) in a battle that will promote them to intermediate if they bother to show up with more than 4 penguins and bother to fight. If they fail to meet these qualities then they will stay a small army, but if they do get up to these qualities they will become intermediate armies, although if they somehow manage to squeeze 15< from their army and they bother to fight then they can become medium armies, thereby promoting them and hopefully giving them more confidence for being better than the new meaning of small armies and also make them more active. I hope to get this started by February 1st but first we need a large army and some agreements 😉 . It seems to me that this is one of the only ways to make armies get a peak of activeness, from what I know, the tourneys aren’t helping.

EPF Updates along with 2 secrets.

The PF has updated their catalog! They now have a tactical section including:

Alpha Headset x 1

Delta Headset x 1

H2O pack x 3

Range finder x 2

Tactical gear x 4

Tactical boots x 2

Unfortunateley for a non-member like me, they haven’t gotten any non-member new stuff. If I was a member this would probably be my favorite. Now onto the 2 secrets, the first one is a secret silent movie that starts showig when all penguins are seated in each seat. The movie is showing new locations to enter the EPF including the Lighthouse, the phoning facility (not new), and the cove. The second secret is when you are clicking the channels on the EPF TV, go to the 2 talking penguins and wait about 5 seconds. There will be a message saying:

This coneversation would probably be a lot more interesting with sound…huh?

So that is it for today.

An idea: The CP Awards!

ATM 23: Hey everyone! Come check out the CPUN Twitter! I will give the highest ranking CPUN members the password. So Dee I will message you the password on Youtube.

CPUN Twitter: https://twitter.com/cpunofficial

Pwn: It’s a good idea Soccer, but CPA Central has already has pretty much the same thing.

I couldn’t find a site for this other than that party on CP but I was thinking of making a whole page called “CP Awards.” It will be up all year so that penguins can get nominated with categories like best army, best army leader, best soldier, best army news site, best CP blogger, best CP cheats blogger and more. Once December comes, the polls will go up for one week and it is narrowed down the next. Then on New Years Eve, the to be decided awards (maybe just a cool graphic with help  😉  ) get awarded to the winner of each category.

P.S. Remember my cheats post!