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    Happy New Year 2020!!
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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Exclusive Information!

Hello guys, today I have some stuff to show you guys that I found in different major armies’s spy agency’s!

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CPUN Royal Rumble June 2012

Yeap. Full out war on Klondike.

Royal Rumble

Server: Klondike

Date: Saturday June 16th 2012

Times: 8:00pm GMT, 12:00pm PST, 1:00pm MST. 2:00pm CST, 3:00pm EST.

I’m looking for some judges to help judge the Final Winner of the Royal Rumble. Comment below if you want. You must be able to come the the event to be able to judge.

Its basicaly all armies hop on Klondike and fight any army they encounter. One army can be victorious, based on tactics, then size. All armies are allowed to come, CPUN or Not. Comment below if your army is coming.

I retire.


PR Situation

Community Service Supervisor – Rex here.

If you haven’t heard, PR are back. As you know, they are smarter. And I think its a good chance for CPUN to get active and become what it was supposed to be. What are they?

  • Site activeness
  • Allied war vs. PR
  • Attention
  • Growth

I was thinking CPUN should declare war on PR. Last time we didn’t do that, and that was a big mistake. But before we do that…

  1. Get more active members
  2. Have more General Assemblies
  3. Have major practice battles with members
  4. Declare war on CPUN.

More soon!



I deleted all the members, comment again to get your army back on the list and be a CPUN member again!

Royal Rumble – POLL! – Part 1

We are planning on a Royal Rumble, but we need a poll for what timezone you from and what is suitable.

Comment poll:


What Timezone you live in?


A letter from Spi.

Here is a interview with Spi I did today. You must read it, even you, Ioio.

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Active Count for CPUN Armies


Comment below saying that your army (That is in the CPUN) is active. This info would be used so that CPUN Reporters can find a army to report and so on.


SOPA – A killer

Sky Edit: As a protest to SOPA and PIPA, I think we should temporarily shut down CPUN (1 week to 3 weeks, so we can 1) Protest PIPA and SOPA, and 2) Remodle the CPUN Site, now that we’ve got Aan and me, CPUN will have some of the best GFX in the books. This will more then likely start next weekend (Starting January 21st). Contributors – Admins: You better get started on your post during these times. Since we won’t have people to look at them every day. Then, to return, I’m thinking a Royal Rumble…

SOPA is a stupid bill made by retarded Republicans in USA to stop online piracy and protect copyrights. Read more…

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Sky Edit: Herp Derp, I’m back. Also, I’m considering to move up in the food chain. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am a Small Army Legend, and a Legend according to CPUN. Dee, if it’s up to you and the rest of CPUN, I would like to become the CPUN head.
From Shab about Eyes site:

Eyes has a new site, a sort of “CP United Nations.” I have no idea what its for or if its real but I do know one thing. By you guys commenting  on it he now has your IP address and your email that your wordpress account is linked to. Due to his background, I suggest using a proxy, such as this one: http://faxxo.org/ whenever you want to comment on his site.


For the people who have already commented. Make sure that your facebook is not on the email your wordpress account is on. Also make sure its not connected to another site (myspace, google+) that displays your personal information. Otherwise, the site is pretty safe, for now.

This site could be Eye’s new venom trap. I won’t post the link to keep you safe and stop the noobs getting doxed.