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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Finally, the November Promotions!

Dee edit: I’ve added a few people mostly as Justices since I first published this post. One of them is Elimz. The Aqua Warriors have been in the CPUN for a long time. Welcome Elimz! :mrgreen:

BTW, posting colors will be given soon to each person on the site. Stay tuned! 😉

Flipper: KJ was initally red, then me, and I like to keep my awesome red color for when I do awesome edits. *SAD*

Pwn: I call red.
November, 2010

Droopy the Dog

Promo Time

Hello all you happy people! It’s Dee here with a new post – and it’s about promotions! 😮 I know you’ve all been waiting for this. I haven’t been able to give official jobs to everyone ever since before the summer! 😆 But now you guys will get it. I’ve brought back the old Ministries and the Senate! If you’ve seen the Hall of Fame page, you might have seen the positions already.

Now straight to the promos! I want to thank you all first for being here until today. To those who never gave up and kept the community up. 😉 I’m actually quite happy that few armies have been joining the CPUN lately – less stress, easier communications, and a smaller community. But that’s because there were few people with the jobs to help the rest of the board to handle it. We’ll now be able to accept more armies! Together we’ll make this community even bigger! Thanks to the staff and to the people who love to report news. 😉

And now...

Here are the official positions. Congratulations to all of you – and for some, welcome to the Club Penguin United Nations! 😀

* = Promoted *=Appointed to position *= Awarded a second position

  • Secretary General – Mr Deedledoo
  • Prime Minister Ktman
  • Head of Secretariat – Atm23*
  • Chief Justice(s) – Soccer793* King Jared*
  • Justice(s) – Color Peng* 321Fishpop* Charizard58* Pwner1* Rex5666* Jd2222* Charliem21* Xcheeto* Joee125* Elimz*
  • Minister of War and Defense – Donut*
  • Advisor of the Ministry War and Defense – Wyoskyguy*
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs CasiusBrutus
  • Minister of Communications – Soccer793*
  • Minister of Internal Affairs and Army News – Jd2222*
  • Army News Staff (Under Jd2222) – Chumpo, Wyoskyguy*, Pwner 1*, Rex5666*, Charizard58*
  • Senators – To be elected

Some positions were added and some were removed so it might look a little different from the originals. Here is the description of each position:

  • Secretary General Leads the organization and is the Head Administrator of all activities. This guy is in charge of pretty much everything.
  • Prime Minister – Is the second in command of the board and is the next person to attend to if the Secretary General is absent. He or she is in control of activities and shares similar powers with the Secretary General.
  • Head of Secretariat – The third most powerful position in the board with the authority of observe and moderate the site and community. This person shares similar capabilities with the Prime Minister and also has the authority to direct and create activities and projects.
  • Chief Justice(s) – These people make the big decisions within the community. They have the authority to make a decision for the whole staff, board, and the CPUN community and may also suggest ideas.
  • Justice(s) – The Justices help the Chief Justices make a decision. There votes on a suggestion given by a higher superior count more than regular members.
  • Minister of War and Defense – Heads the Security Council and creates Practice Battles between armies. He or she can send CPUN armies to defend another army. But first, we need a set of loyal armies who will be willing to do the job.
  • Advisor of the Ministry War and Defense – Helps the Minister to make the battles and plans. Like the Minister of War and Defense, the advisor is also on the look-out for war and disturbance within the community. When the Minister isn’t around, this is the person who can create the practice battles and other war activities.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs In charge of the relations with other armies and organizations. This person keeps us united with people in other parts of the CP Army World and reports any foreign attacks to the CPUN.
  • Minister of Communications – In charge of creating General Assemblies and other meetings. The Minister of Communications has the right to make a General Assembly with armies in the United Nations at any time.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs and Army News – Is in charge of keeping track of the users in the CPUN blog. Aside from that, the bigger part of the position is handling the army news. This person can create schedules for the staff and draft posts when there are too many in a day. The Minister can make themes of news for the News Staff (for example, telling your staff to write Halloween news this week, etc.)
  • Army News Staff (Under Jd2222) – Have the freedom to right whatever they wish unless the Minister wishes them to cooperate for a certain event. They can post Army News of any size (small, medium, large), CP news, CP Political News, and other news.
  • Senators – Senators will have a say in the community and will be given attention. This is the most open position for people not on the site. Senator Elections will be coming soon.

Now there are some Ministries that need re-developing like the Ministry of War and Defense which needs its own set of armies to help make its missions. It would be a lot easier of the Ministers had their own army to help out with the job. To those with a second position, consider it a privilege and not a back ache. 😀 One of the two positions are easier than the other and don’t require the same level of priority – so relax. 😉

I will still make staff members of each ministry (though some already have a staff) so that the Ministers will have people to lead. 🙂 To the newly promoted staff members, if you have any suggestions for the site and everything else, please tell! 🙂

To people like Ioioluk or Buritodaily or anyone who visits the site regularly, comment here if you’d like a position in the CPUN Staff! 😉

Congratulations to everyone! I hope you all do your job well. Since this is the first time in a long time that we made the positions, it might not look like much for now since I’ve put every active member in the board, but soon we’ll start having regular visitors again who are not in the staff and will be willing to listen to you if they are appointed into your Ministry. 😀

If there are any requests, just comment. I might have missed you out. 😉

That’s all for now. And by the way, Ktman’s returned and wants to keep his job. He said he’ll post soon but I’m not sure when. We’ll just wait and see. I know he’s been gone for a long time, but since he won the election against Itachi6Dark and Wombat99 two years ago fair and square and with great campaigning he deserves to keep the position if he wants to come back.

Continue the great job you’ve all been doing. It’s doing great. Maybe one of you will figure out another attraction this month and gain more viewers! Who knows. And all the comments on your posts, all the hits, all the compliments, are to the authors – and not me. If you get over 20 comments or 50 comments on your post for being here, it’s your achievement. 😉 And I’d like to congratulate those people who are on to success because of being here or some other reason. With that said, I’d like to wish you all a great week everybody! 😀


Always move forward, going straight will get you nowhere

Pwn: I have recently been promoted to Nacho 3IC and I am the new Nacho CPUN Representative 😮


30 Responses

  1. First. 😆

  2. Loving it Still not quite sure what Justice is But Loving the Whole Army news thing! Thanks Dee

  3. Basically, you have a big say in decisions. Chief Justices will usually take your vote on any argument and count it for example as 5 people voting whereas regular visitors would only count as 1 of course. You get what I mean. 😉 You have a privilege. 🙂

  4. Could I help Shimmy out with the top ten some time?

  5. Thanks Dee! It it’s like a dream come true 😀

  6. Cool, I have 2 jobs and I get to work with Kingjared. Thanks, but I need a bit more info on being the Minister of Communications.

  7. hey guys just sayin if you need an extra worker ya know who to get!! ME! i know some people here like Charizard58,and jedimaster17 so i just wanna work here SO BAD

  8. I would love a postition! But one thing, I have recently been given a job in SMAC. Would I still be able to join?

  9. nooo not burito! he will always promote AR like he did on smac . he made a post on SMAC cussing blue army .

  10. I didnt cuss And I took it down deciding it didn’t matter.

  11. Wow. I’m Head Of Secretariat? Thats awsome man. Thanks Dee. I’ll do my best. *salute Congratulations to all others who got promoted too. 🙂

  12. *salute back

  13. Thanks Dee! *salutes as well*

  14. Dee My job means I have to be editor because I need to draft posts and stuff

  15. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!! Lol When can I post again…

  16. No problem guys. I’ll make the ‘Applying a Job’ post soon with the Hall of Fame Nominations results.

    Jd, you can post anytime. 😉
    To Charizard – you’ve had a request for your Army in Focus! Someone requested if you could do a Focus on the Club Penguin Rangers. 😀 Here’s the site in case you need it: http://www.cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com

    Anyways, yep Soccer, I gave you a position with Jared since you guys have been together and around here for such a long time. 🙂

  17. Hey dude i met you on ACP chat i might enroll my army in this nation with my army leaders approval,this looks like a very good nation and we will be glad to join in later ; )

  18. when is the next top 10??

  19. I’ll start working on the army in focus for CPR.

    ioioluk- I think it’s in a couple of days or so.

  20. Ioio Next Weekend also Can I please be Editor So I can control news Thanks

  21. Alright Char. Goodluck. 😉
    I’ll make you Editor when I get home from schopl later Cjar.

    And Pwn, congratulations. Thanks for being Representative too. We’ve had few relations with big armies ever since Boomer retired along with Person and Akabob.

  22. Dee, im in SMAC. I would still do Cpun if you would let me.

  23. Hey CPUN, I’m Aqua Warrior’s leader! Thank you for all the support you’re giving us! We won’t fail you 😀 And Dee, I will try to be allies with CPR. 😀

  24. Wow , 2 weeks for a top 10 … That site absolutely needs more workers !

  25. Awesome, Dee, I’m awaiting my orders from the Minster of War and Defence, so can I do some research on an army?


  26. ioio The thing is CPUN’s main thing is not News it is a community, so News comes second so Dee can post important things like Promos

  27. Could I stay the same color I am? Its Dark Red. I mean no one else uses it so..

    Btw, I’m gonna try and make a post after Shimmy’s top 10 post about The Return Of FGR. 😀

  28. Can my edit color be sky blue? I mean, I like to be called ‘Sky’ and I like blue. So I mean, I can’t really edit posts, but could I post in sky blue?


  29. Thanks for the promo!!!!!!!! Though where is my ambassador seat???

  30. Thanks for making me a CPUN justice. I’ll try my hardest :mrgreen:

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