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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Acknowledged by Know Your Meme

Greetings to all!

Dee here. It has come to my attention that Know Your Meme has an entry on it’s website called “Club Penguin Armies”. It mentions the Club Penguin United Nations a great deal and has been viewed over 10,000 times. I’ll share a link to the article below.

The article basically covers the history of Club Penguin armies – from the Color Wars to the aftermath of Order 67. Note that even though Order 67 marked just the beginning of our organization’s history, the events that transpired were probably some of the most important of all Club Penguin Army History. Here is a snippet of the article detailing the CPUN response to the ANTA decision:

On July 9, 2008, the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW issued Order 67. Order 67 was a declaration of war on small armies by the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW.

The small armies were outraged by their order. Quickly, many small armies began to join the CPUN to unite against the ANTA.

Members of CPUN began discussing what they should do. At first, many members including Mr. Deedledoo wanted to negotiate with them to try to sort everything out peacefully. However, many soon realized that they would have to fight to save the CPUN and their small army, but still some wanted to end this conflict peacefully including Jedimaster17 and Mr. Deedledoo.

A few small unscheduled battles began to occur between some CPUN armies and the ANTA armies. Members such as Ktman, Itachi6dark, Lucario, and Troopx began to unite a CPUN army to fight the ANTA as one big army of about 31 smaller armies.

They launched Operation: Revolution which was a preparation plan for an ANTA scheduled invasion. Each army fighting for CPUN was assigned a room to fight in on the server. Many rooms were assigned two armies. Mr. Deedledoo still supported peace, but also supported what his alliance wanted.

Revisiting this particular moment in time was certainly gratifying. They were scary but exciting times. It could have all gone wrong for us, but it didn’t. What came after were many great years of service and fellowship. I hope you enjoy the read just as much as I did.

Thank you to TheNintendoDude for posting writing this article on Know Your Meme. Thank you for acknowledging our contribution to the community.


Full Post:  https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/club-penguin-armies

CPUN Testimonial Post (Preview)

READ: I wanted future generations to see this Testimonial Post when they would come to this site that is pretty much a ruin, but the higher-ups of the corporate establishment that is Disney decided that our race ends here. In fear of losing an audience, I will be publishing the first part of it now. Join me now as I look back at the adventures of the last decade. Enjoy reading, and be sure to savor the last few moments of your life as a penguin.

Greetings. I am Mr Deedledoo. After many years, I have made the decision to publicly retract my position as Head of the Club Penguin United Nations, as with my busy life I can no longer fulfill my duties as a key figure of this establishment. I also am writing this because I want to honor its rich and wonderful history. It was an amazing journey for me and it pleases me to see that Club Penguin Armies are alive and well. Equally pleasing is the  praise this establishment has received from others; to have been a part of an experience so significant to a community is an honor for anybody. Join me now as I reminisce about the good times and the bad times…



Early Beginnings

The Navy

2008. That year seemed like such a long one now that I look back on it. My fondest memories of Club Penguin occurred during this time. I was leading a small army called The Navy when I first founded the Club Penguin United Nations. The Navy was born after I and this other non-member – we were both navy blue penguins who wore construction hats – got into a little fight with some mean sombrero-wearing penguins up in the Dojo (back when it was still the old Dojo). Out of nowhere, the room filled up with dozens of green penguins and they were all throwing snowballs at those poor fellows. I got my first taste of CP warfare on that day and soon after discovered the Army of Club Penguin website through a quick Google Search.

Leading a non-member army was a hopeless case back then. If being a non-member on Club Penguin was hard enough because you wouldn’t be accepted in social circles or you only possessed the lamest of things, you can imagine how hard it was to lead a non-member army. Fortunately for us non-member penguins, WordPress allowed anyone to make a website for free! After I created The Navy’s website I slowly recruited soldiers by advertising on the ACP’s website. Where else? You had to work really hard back then to get people to join your army, especially when it was a non-member one. Most of the soldiers I recruited were leaders of small armies themselves and this is basically how the CPUN started…

A little on the nature of small-armies circa 2008.  The only ways you could get your army known back then was by advertising hours for a day on Club Penguin itself, sneaking an advertisement in on a popular page or post in a major army’s website, or chatting with people in private. Of course, you could get kicked out off your major army if they found out what you were doing and to many, this was the equivalent off being disowned by your parents or losing a job. (Everyone was in a major army before they went and formed their own smaller armies and during that time, there were six major ones to choose from: the Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, Ice Warriors, Underground Mafia Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and the People’s Republic Army). Back then, the major armies weren’t as open to and tolerant of others as they are now. Often times, they would meet new forces to the scene with violence and disgust.

It is crazy to think how much has changed since then… (to be continued)

Mr Deedledoo

Some years ago, without a word I disappeared from the face of the CPA World. I left everyone who I was working with at the site stranded and lost. I must have hinted at those people however, that I was open to new leadership. So I was happy to see life go on in the site, led by those lucky enough to have been entrusted the power to do so before my disappearance, but I dreaded coming back here. I knew I left without notice and left many people, friends, confused and deserted. Things were just going really fast in my personal life and I couldn’t slow anything down – when days since I left turned to months, I just knew there was no turning back. Things were going bad for me at that time and I was spending time chasing things, yet all the while I lost hold of things. I’m sorry if I deserted you. I really loved all the good people here, but all I could do was hope that they did not feel abandoned.

Some time ago, I formulated an plan – that will remain undisclosed – with Wyoskyguy to bring back the CPUN, trying to make use of what was left from its ruins. I told him that I would support him and we would follow the plan closely together. But this plan too was never carried out. I promise you that I will make it up to you one day Sky. I will. And I’m sorry to those people I initiated with during those times – before I disappeared again.

Now I have returned with this short letter. Time and motivation is in my hands and I am happy to have written this much. In the back of my head, I know I will be writing a much longer one in the future to explain things clearer and to apologize to those I have hurt due to my absence. Until that time however, I will probably not have done enough to earn forgiveness from you, and from myself. All I can say is, there are new developments. Old plans going into motion again, testing itself and feeling itself around. It is a rather simple one, yet it holds the very solution to the long-term existence of the CPUN and all that it has and should ever stand for. With or without my consistent support, due the nature of the plan itself it will take some time to get done, and maybe a little luck.

There is my post. Most of what has been in my head for the past years is in it – things I’ve wanted to say, especially that I’m sorry. Of course, things will only be forgiven if I could carry out the plan that I can only hope will liberate us all.



Reconstrucing our Philosophy

DEE EDIT: I call green 😆 . Everyone please welcome the United Revolution to the CPUN. It is lead by soraxfirework or you can all call her Sora. Welcome! 😀

Sky Edit: I call Red-Edit Color. I will be redesigning CPUN, so stay tuned.

Pungy is good with orange

Soccer793 edit: I call navy blue!

Greetings everyone, Dee here.

Yes. I have considered a reshuffling of the CPUN Board. Actually, I want to recruit new people into the board we already have. Those who are still around – Soccer, Sky, state your names – will stay if they want to. As of right now I’m guessing we still have a few news reporters around. If you are a news reporter of this website please raise your hand.

So yes, I don’t think this will be a traditional reconstructing of the board. There might not be any elections and there will be no registering/applying for a job yet. Feel free to comment if you think you have any ideas or suggestions. For the meantime, I will scout the CP Army World for potential candidates of certain positions. There is no particular requirement regarding ranks and reputations in the board that I want to build here. Recruitment of big names to the board is something we have ventured into doing in the past and of which we experienced great days but has proved to be difficult. Commitment is an issue. Big names have played a part in the CPUN board in the past but, understandably, they had a hard time dedicating their time to the CPUN obviously because of their larger duties in the army side of their world. This has resulted in inactivity and inconsistency in the management of the CPUN. In the past, big name army leaders have come to take up roles in the CPUN admirably and have shown great dedication in their contributions to our community. The CPUN Board understood their restrictions in becoming leaders here and we will always commend them for the great things they did for us in their little time.

As Soccer stated a while back, 2010 was one of our greatest years. After Order 67, were went under a period of confusion, and then later we experienced an era of great success. The events that occured during Order 67 was great commercially for the CPUN and for the CP World as well. The newfound appreciation for all things non-powerhungry and new brought forward advances in other departments of the CP Army world. News websites, alliances benefited a lot and most of all – small armies. More space was given for coverage of small army activity and finally, an audience began to gather in this part of the news section of CP news sites around the world. A new generation of CPUN leaders came about to replace the old: Jedimaster17, Ktman2, Itachi6Dark, Benu2 who lead the CPUN with me all went on to become RPF, ACP, and UMA legends. This new generation consisted of more established people however thanks to the CP World that was now becoming more open than ever to things they would’ve once upon a time deemed inferior. However, most of these people – established or not – are now nowhere to be seen.

I would like to change that.

We have been in decline for the past couple of years and it is only thanks to Sky, Soccer, and those of you reading this that the CPUN is still up and has not been shattered to pieces. They have done well in preserving the vision of this community. I am promoting our Prime Minister – Soccer793 to Secretary General. I will also take up the position alongside him and the current Secretary General and Global Defenders leader Wyoskyguy. I have set new goals for us a community and I believe the vision I have in my head right now will bring forth better days. I will explain this further in a while.

We hope you stick around. Stay tuned.


If you guys haven’t already, please read Keith’s post on armies changing. It gets you thinking.

A Boost

Greetings everyone. It’s Dee here. I know I’ve been coming in and out – I have yet to make a post of what has happened to me in the past two years but that will come later. Let’s say a part of the reason I disappeared and have struggled to return is realizing my value in the CP Community. For years, I worked with countless numbers of people to bring back the great days of the CPUN to no avail. Great friends and fellow workers – Wyoskyguy, Soccer, and all those who are still here today keeping the site up – they have succeeded in keeping the true CPUN spirit alive. Thank you for being the UN’s faithful guardians. Relevancy is what I have struggled to attain in the CP World. It is what the CPUN has struggled to attain. But like I said, all will be explained when I finally have the strength to make a full post again. But why am I here now? I will tell you, that my dear friend Bluesockwa2 of the CPA Central has offered me a chance to become an author at the CPAC. As of now, I don’t know exactly what it is I’m going to be writing about but it has given me a great boost. What I have been hinted to write about is something that brings me so much joy. They want me to write something inspirational. I think this chance might help me get back on track with everything I’ve been missing and the many things I have left go. We shall soon see. The world may need us afterall. Anyone can contact me via Twitter or e-mail. I will be online regularly now. Sky, anyone, try to find me! 😉


Reposted as an edit from Sky’s post.

It’s really Mr Deedledoo.

EDIT: Weird. 😐 It’s been 2 days and no one’s commented yet.


October 7, 2012

I believe I’ve made my first major appearance in the whole world here since 2 years ago. It was a long time. I’m trying to get into talks with people about giving away the management of the CPUN here. Thanks to good friends ATM, Sky, and others – things here are getting maintained. A lot of shit is going on in my life right now and I still haven’t found the time to talk about it. I will, slowly. And one day I may even write a long post. I think I might stick around longer now though. 🙂
To the people who saw me on Xat and didn’t believe it was me – this is coming from Dee himself, IT WAS ME. 😐 Rawkinman, thanks for the warm welcome. I felt very special. 😐 Uh, yeah.


P.S. Can anyone give me a lowdown of what exactly is going to be modded on the site? Thanks. 😉

Season’s Greetings, Dee, and the CPUN

January 5, 2012

I honestly didn’t think I’d be here any sooner. But here I am. First, let me take this opportunity to greet you all a belated Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I have to say, we all started out with a pretty food year. Much better than the beginning of 2010 – dawn of the news sites and monster corporations.

HOW ARE YOU ALL? How have things been? It’s been a while.
I stopped coming on here about 5 months ago. Time flies. After a few weeks of not coming on here, my life changed. I got along with a ton of people in my school and got along with people I didn’t get along with in the prior years but still maintained my friendship with all my friends. In simpler words, I became pretty popular. I had more time for other things and more time think about other things. I decided to take a little leave from internet ‘life’.

The year was great for me. I had been missing this for the past 2 years and have always felt like I was using up my youth. Was it a coincidence that I suddenly became more open when I stopped coming on here? I don’t know. But I needed the time to feel the warmth of the outside life after all this time. When I created the CPUN, I already had a great life. I never really put all my life into CP Warfare unlike other people, but the problem was when I moved country a few years back and it seemed like it was harder to get a hold of friends there. 😐

I’ve recently moved country again and I’m very depressed. Color Peng, my brother whom you might remember showed me the site again and I was surprised to see that there are still quite a lot of people and some regular posts. No one has yet taken full control of the place though.

We’ve all aged a lot through the years. It’s good to see King Jared here, and King John, Wyosky, Charizard, Rex, Keith, and ATM and the others. 🙂

There I was, on a joyride of a life I had been missing all that time and was overwhelmed to finally feel it. I’m sure all of you would understand as well. It’s 2012, and I believe this alliance has a chance. It always has.

Yes. We WILL continue running this alliance. I don’t know if I have the guts to come back and get into things again like read the news and do the old routines but many of you are young. Many of you have also been with me all this time and I’d like to say we’ve done good. Now,


Anything concerning the change of authority here and the change of ways, anything that we need to hear, anything that we need to do, anything concerning you about the CPUN right now, comment here.

It is good to see you all again! 😀 Thank you for staying all this time though I myself didn’t. I hope you all understand. I’m also a little rusty.



P.S. This 250th post goes out to all of you.

Community Gatherings Post [September 9, 2011]

Sky: When I’m not editing Char’s posts, I’m editing Dee’s posts. 😆 I think we should have a community active check, so Keith and the rest of the community knows whose active and all…
September 10, 2011

Hey there everyone. It’s Dee with a new post. 😛 It’s the Community Gatherings Post (I really need a better name for this) time where our members update the CPUN and everyone else about their latest activities! Here are some guidelines you guys can follow to make a good report:

  • Update the CPUN about any important on-going activities and wars
  • If there is anything to suggest to the CPUN, they may comment it on this post
  • Tell us there concerns
  • Tell us of anything they want us to know whether it be their upcoming plans or how their army is doing

Note: When commenting on this post, it is not necessary to follow the list above in bullet form. Simply take ideas from it and have your own way of letting us know how you’re doing.

Advice to small/medium army leaders:

  • You may use this as a log. A log that everyone can see, monitor, and record. For example: You are about to wage war on a certain army. Telling this to us will let us know the whereabouts of your army before you go out on that long journey to war. Tell someone where you’re going before you go up any mountains or go into any trips. 😉
  • Take time to read the log entries of your fellow army leaders as it may be helpful for your information.
  • Use this to the benefit of you and your army. If it does not help, then do not participate.

Please be reminded that your comments will be taken account for, that’s for sure. I’ll be looking out for any distress calls and the likes. 😉

I wish everyone reading this a great week! We are missing the absence of a lot of our top administrators but we hope to see them again after things in school have settled down and their minds allow them to think about penguins again. :mrgreen:



P.S. ATM, maybe you can make a sidebar about yourself? I’d like to have that here. I’ll make mine too. 😛

Some new additions to the staff!

Dee edit:  If you haven’t already, see the new CPUN Board here!

August 2011

Hey there, I’m here to update the staff with the latest applications of those who commented to join in the last post declaring the new CPUN Board. Click here if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now that we have a new team for this year onwards, two leaders (ATM23 and I), and a sense of authority and know-how, our community will only continue to grow stronger and healthier. This is up to the new board and if they will really want to do their jobs faithfully. My advice to the new board is to relax and never fear to ask for help or for some days off. Work in the CPUN is hard but worth it in the end.

Here are the three jobs most applied for:

  • GFX Handlers: Wyoskyguy, Pwner1
  • Health Department: Lincoln31543
  • Agents: Orcaman4, Lincoln31543, Agentrds, Charizard58, uraveragehwhwk

Some people who’s applications as to what job is unknown:

  • Lentalsoup
  • Alex Cone

I would recommend Alex Cone very much. The Sky Troops have been a long friend of the CPUN’s and their army is quite a tough one. 😛 Maybe I can get a job for him in the UTR? We may still need a defense system.

Now, for the Health Deparment! Your job is to watch out for any cries for help from the committee. Sometimes, there will be people commenting on our posts telling us they’ve recently been hacked and don’t know what to do. The Health Department simply has to check on them and assure them that they are safe under the CPUN’s hands and that we have heard their call. Then, report back to us with a report of how badly damaged the army is and action will be taken! A full post briefing will be made for the Health Department soon.

Agents need to help the CPUN watch out for lies and for conspiracies. We don’t want our readers and members to believe the wrong things. Mind you all that even the great CPA Central may have it’s on hoaxes. There are some things that only SOME people know about because they read the newspaper – but why do people who don’t read the newspapers not know about these things when they are right in the middle of the matter? As an observation, and not as an accusation, I wouldn’t have known about the notorious Purple Republic if I had not been reading CPA Central. That may mean there’s something going on around there. Just keep a good eye open for rumors and even facts and help us know the true sides of stories. Don’t be fooled! Also, another job for the Agents is to make sure that the CPUN’s name is used well by other people. We can’t have people say lies about us. I’m not saying that Agents should silence them the way the mafia does though. 😆 Just report any feedback to the CPUN to us. If you happen to pass by posts that seem to go far about giving the CPUN a bad name, tell us!

And to the GFX people.. I am a man who does not have much. But it is up to you if you want to help the CPUN and our humble members. 🙂

Remember to look up to your Chief Supervisor – Soccer793 – who will be watching and making sure your jobs are carried out nicely. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to come to this long-time friend of ours. 😉

A good week to you all. Continue the good job. I’m glad to see Charizard58 and Shimmy back. 😀


Always move forward. Going straight will get you nowhere.

P.S. ATM! We need to talk sometime. 😉


The New CPUN Board – August 2011

Dee edit: No problem Sky. Eh, I forgot. 😛 UPDATED COLORS. Shimmy to Yellow Green and Gostt to Navy Blue. Pungy, what color would you like?

Wyoskyguy: Thanks for red Dee, how did you know? XD. Also, Im un-vacating the GFX Spot :3

Pungy Edit: I got orange 😛

August 17, 2011

And finally, the revealing of the new and updated..


August 2011 onwards..

Yes, it is I, Dee, speaking to all of you on this fateful day. We are finally going to clear up the level of authority here in the CPUN. I will be presenting to you the new CPUN Board and the first of it’s kind since about a year ago. 😛

I am grateful to those who have been with me ever since. The most recent of people have never had written papers stating their positions here in the CPUN yet they continued to work for the service of our community. A big hand should awarded to them. 😆

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