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Small Armies Dying?

Flipper: Whai did you leave some parts of the interview out, it was too epic. :(

Hi, Thanks to Dee for my new amazing job, Recently a hot topic have come up, people are saying that lots of small armies are dying, and maybe loads are getting made but they are all either merging with better armies or dying, a bit lik MFW, just thinking we are rubbish lets just quit whilst we are at it, does this mean no small armies will became medium major with everything that is happening, but there are still armies for example Crystal Warriors who dont quit, but it must mean small armies do not have any potenial any more if they think they are rubbish, I decided to get a interview on this important topic. Now Some say School is the problem, whith people at school they do not have time for armies meaning nobody joins and they die, but there are other reasons.


Interview with Flipper, ACP legend, former CPUN and former GT leader

Me: Hi Flipper, Do you think more Small Armies are moving on (dying and merging) than 3 months ago?

Flipper: Yeah, the qualities in armies has increased, and it has become really hard to create an army without high contacts, or a high ranked soldier in a different army to help.

Me: Do you think School has had an effect?

Flipper: The Summer holidays always has an effect: Armies get bigger, but it is the professional armies that can keep the activeness going, and not become another army to go down the grave.

Me: Will Small Armies ever die out?

Flipper: People are always trying to create new armies, so no, they will never die out.

Me: Do you think more Armies are becoming major than before?

Flipper: Not really the top 10 always has the same armies in it. Every month or so a new army joins the ranks but they die out and the the oldie’s come back in like UMA, RPF and RFW

Me: Will More armies die or will more armies be made and less die over the next 5 months?

Flipper: Maybe they will die out more as “noobs” recreate more armies that don’t become successful. Eventually every small army dies or merges unless their leader has great determination. But every year the death of small armies to me increases.

Me: Thanks for your time Flipper :mrgreen:

Flipper: No problem


Interview With DoodyGirl, Former Team Red 2G leader, ACP Mod.

Me: Hi Doody, Do you think more Small Armies are moving on (dying and merging) than 3 months ago?

Doody: Well that depends, loads of small armies die mostly ones that are not noticed

Me: Why Is this happening?

Doody: because there are so many armies out there and once person can only average about 5 armies max, saying that I am in 20 armies :p

Me: xD Do you think School has had an effect?

Doody: not really well sure school has some effect but not really because if  the leaders are at school, the troops are most likely at school

Me: Will Small Armies ever die out?

Doody: No

Me: Why

Doody: There are too many, enough said…

Me: Do you think more Armies are becoming major than before?

Doody: Not really

Me: Why

Doody: Thats because the top 10 is usually like this

1. ACP

2. NW

3. IW

4. Nachos

And so on… *wary*

Me: Will More armies die or will more armies be made and less die over the next 5 months?

Doody: So So

Me: Why

Doody: Armies are made and Armies die

Me: Well thanks for your time Doody :mrgreen:

Doody: No problem


So As you can see Both do not really know what is going to happen over the next 5 months, but both think that more armies are dying than before, this is happening throughout the CP World, but lots of people say when the Holidays come, everything will change and armies will become powerful once again

What do you think, comment with your opinions and you have had experience with your own army or an army you were in which died, for the same reasons, or at the same time as now.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed my post 😉



10 Responses

  1. 1st *Wary* nice post it was epicz! But it won’t be better then the one coming up from me 😛

  2. 2 things. One I remember when Nachos were always number 1 it seemed, great times. And 2 Armies will never die out, but I must admit that the old skool Small armies are long gone, because now we depend on allies.

  3. I was actually gonna make a Veterans Day post but oh well.

    Small armies are always dying. They try to survive for a couple months then they give up. Or most recently, small armies are becoming “colonies” of major armies.

  4. my post is done I will post it in 2 days, it is about CPR, it’s not a really good post in my opinion (Could have done better) I mostly copied-paste from the CPR site.

    But it has some stuff of my say..

  5. Its hard to be in a small army now. so far, im just in 1. (Ninja Troops) and it hasnt ben easy for any of us this year. its that armies just cant do anything any more now. but we try to get some People, but then they don’t do any thing and just run away -.- we ben a army for 2 years now and a good army too.

  6. Good post. The interviews by both were accurate and good thing they gave the same explanations.

    First of all, small armies will never die. Each army comes from being small. You can never have a grown-up without a baby first. 😉

    I had an army once. A lot of us did – but our armies were different. I could say they were. Sure, we were more nooby before – but imagine a cruel set of major armies creating the standards of the virtual world we all live in – the CP Army World. You can compare the lifestyle of a bunch of knights to the lifestyle of a couch potato. We struggled to live with very few resources. In fact, we were only dependent on allies. Nowadays, small armies are dependent in promotions, having their banners advertised, the CPUN, the CPAC, etc. While before, no major army or any community big enough even cared about small armies as much as now.

    And armies lived much longer. My army, and the other first armies of the CPUN could live up to 2 years. There was spirit in small armies – the urge to fight, the anger, the rage. Most small armies were isolated within their own circle too. I wanted to open that circle and create a place where all small armies would feel welcome. I tell you guys reading my comment now, back then – something like the CPUN would have been a light in a dark, dark room. It gave us hope, and people we could be with. Like I said, few famous people gave respect to small armies.

    Nowadays, there are too many suicide small armies. Sent straight as a letterbomb to the Top 10. Most just try to get in there. That’s the goal today for small armies. That’s the goal for everyone. But think of this, ‘What is your life in a war-free world different to 70 years ago in the lives of the children back then?’. It was harder. Our goals were to get known and make a statement for all noobs, something never done before.

    It’s just different now..

    BTW, ACPE1 commented in Rex’s last post! 😮

  7. And There is the bomb Dee xD

  8. Small armies are dying because lack of leadship and experience.People who create small armies are people who though they were not getting proper rankings in the big armies.I have heard this tons of times “Please join,we are small now but in a couple months we will grow”.Those couple months go by and no one is active and the leaders make a post with the title “Were is everyone?” or a active count and no one comments.Merging is pretty good, THATS IF the 2 armies discuss on things ilke new name,servers,and website and agree.

  9. Just wondering, how do you apply for CPUN?

  10. Hi there Lental, how you doin’? We’ll be having an application post soon. 😉 Then you can apply!

    I agree with King Jared – lack of experience. Sure, a small army may get into the Top 10, but that’s because it’s too doggone easy today when no one’s stopping you from growing bigger and also, there’s promotional ‘help’ nowadays. Bribes? Dirty-talk? I dunno what’s gotten into the minds of people today.

    Anyways, I think we should put this post up again next week. More people need to talk about this. Please notify your divisions if possible! 😀

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