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The ACP Propaganda Against GT

Charizard: Stop editing my posts!

Sky: Its that guy again… I’m just gonna say everyone won, cuz I dont believe in losers. Great post though.
This post may include bias result due to personal opinions and heavy researching.


information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
In the recent ACP-GT War, to my conclusion, GT has had no chance against the mobilized green giant called the Army of Club Penguin. The ACP launched a major campaign against the super power called Golden Troops, who had been recently in a somewhat of a fall and rise.
Many wonder; how is it GT; an army that had been getting 30-40 in Club Penguin, have been achieving 30+ and how is it, when faced against the #1 army in Club Penguin, their massive force suddenly melts away in front of the major army who threatened to steamroll over the Golden Troops Nation?
I have the answer.
It is known proof that 1/3 of Golden Troops soldiers are in fact, soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, who have been supporting this army. Although, the majority have more loyalty to ACP, and not the other way around as many GT owners would have liked. So when ACP declared war, it was obvious various GT mods, members, and even an owner switched to ACP.
GT had been accused of using Penguin Lime, and the declaration of war brought ACP Leader Kenneth to post this; http://armyofcp.com/2011/08/31/si-vis-pacem-para-bellum/
The post claimed GT has threatened ACP with hacking, and they received a large hacking threat; although there is little proof that GT did such a threat; and the GT soldier saying this is a mod rank, not GT as a whole. Shab and other ACP owners also claimed that this was violation of the anti-hacking bill (Which was highly ignored.) and all the armies should attack GT.
The post has a major effect on ACP lower rankings; making them think GT was evil even though there was no proof whatsoever.
A few hours after this post was made, GT made a post claiming with a picture that an ACP mod had made a threat to hack GT. Now this is amusing? Well ACP claimed the picture was most likely faked. Hilarious.  And ACP lower ranks claimed GT was more evil.
And of course the invasion of GT’s Capital;
The invasion result of GT’s capital was due to time issues, I checked comments, and talked with multiple owners and members and mods, some said they couldn’t make it due to time issues. GT leaders also claimed ACP made an pro-ACP times for the battle.
And now the other part.
The Accusation of GT Leader Rioters
ACP former leader, and current ACP 2ic, Mchappy also known as Icey Cold27, did a post that would devistate GT. The post claimed GT leaders Rioters was a hacker and a doxer who had been doxing small armies and girls and would make them pay a fee. Mchappy also discovered Rioters had been using another WordPress account, known as anarchist4life, which had dox’d which had appeared a few weeks after PR but was largely ignored.
Now this is truly amusing. The Anarchist account was Rioters dark side so I call it. And the word dox is thrown around these days alot.
When somebody dox you, you’ll probably think they got your IP Adress; to which I say; so what? Is he going to come to your house and kill you? The worst a dox can do, is give real pictures of yourself and your full name, which rarely happens anymore, the last time it happened it was in the 2nd or 3rd Doritos of Club Penguin hack.
The 3rd or 2nd DCP hacked hacked DCP completely, doxing all mods and owner ranks; it was highly embarrassing. It was probably the worst and only real dox there has ever been! The dox Mchappy claims Rio does are harmless and useless! And again, ACP claims Rioters doxes girls; and I ask you, proof?
Where is the proof? ACP offers this small piece of proof and enlarge it to make it look like it’s all the proof you need. ACP people reading this post, is that right?
Is it right ACP claims that GT is full of hackers and doxers yet they have no proof at all? And when a GT mod says he’s going to hack ACP, all of ACP is enraged, ACP with little proof claim GT is full of hackers because of this; but when a ACP mod claims  he’ll hack GT, ACP says it’s a lie, but that is exactly what ACP did before, claiming without proof?
The post here; http://armyofcp.com/2011/09/02/uncovering-riotors/ is propaganda and lies; think about it; think carefully….
ACP owners are invited to deny this.
Anyone else is as well.
But ACP owners would be more amusing.
Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets. -Napoleon Bonaparte

12 Responses

  1. 1st! In other news; many old GT owners such as Rioters and Jerry, are returning to GT for a month or so, to see GT bee rebuild.

    Also, this was my 911 post…..9/11…..9-1-1…….dibs on 9/11 anniversary post!

  2. ACP is just stupid. I don’t understand what they stand for or believe in. They’re scared. It’l like when a dog chasing cars… but it catches the car, it doesn’t know what to do.

  3. Char, I did a 9/11 Anniversary Post like in the middle of August.
    We all know ACP is biased and the whole CP Army World Revolves around it. Not worth feeding attention to them

  4. @Kingjared

    Sure, but I’m still doing a 9/11 Anniversary post, because I’m awesome.

    People are blind are pathetic sometimes, they believe propoganda easily, this post is to prove something, many GT and ACP lower ranks are easily fooled, even some smart people are somtimes fooled sadly.


    Apperantly, they stand to ‘defend freedom’ or something idiotic similair to that, but, they know what to do unlike how you claim, ACP owners are sometimes devious….very devious.

    • Defend Freedom? Are you claiming they actually do what they say, Defend Freedom? You can’t possibly think that.

  5. ACP has been lead by several idiots in recent times. It just gets idiotic all the time. I still pledge my good allegiance to them though. If in any way it may seem more right than it is wrong, I’d like to say I’m with the people who wish to make the ACP well again.

    There’s just a big lack of maturity in the ACP right now.

    I think that GT has a bigger influence from the ACP than it does on the Nachos side. There’s only ever two influences, in my opinion.

    GT should just do it’s best and continue what they’re doing and not take time to debate on who’s been hacking and doxing. The whole accusation of it is just another stalling thing. If they want to keep this up, ignore making smaller flame fights.


  6. GT’s recent fall is now fading away. I believe that GT just wants to forget the ACP event. I’ve been in every generation of GT and am happy to say I look forward to the day when GT challenges ACP for the Top Spot again. GT has already gone from a dead chat all day to a full chat for 1/2 the day and is quickly progressing upwards. That is all that truly matters right now.

    But… I did enjoy reading a some-what Anti-ACP post. ^.^


  7. @Char I had 2 9/11 Rescue workers and Firemen in my family so I think I should do it.
    Though who cares, we will both do one

    • Anyone who wants to make a 9/11 post is allowed to post whatever they wish.

  8. Well, I live within 45 minutes of NYC and watched 9/11 happen on TV live. So oooooooobviously I should do it. 😆

    I’m not good posting. 😆

  9. *Good at posting. I like making comments better. So who is doing it? Not me. 😉

  10. The worst thing that’s happened with doxing in cp armies?

    When 50 cent doxed ads, called his parents, And signe him up for inappropriate sites.

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