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ACP-GT War; Reasons Why GT Shall Not Prevail

Wyoskyguy: Excuse my edit, Sorry. I’m still here, watching from a distance. I don’t have any plans on quitting on everyone yet.
It all began with a few words and pictures.

The ACP and GT have recently escelated into rising tensions, after GT lost the #1 spot, heading to the #3 place in CPAC’s top ten, they released a post saying they were to invade an unknown server which was to be announced which hinted it at many armies, and insulted the Army of Club Penguin.

ACP retaliated posting about this, posting a defense of their server saying that it was a high possibilty GT would invade them.

GT has been in a rough times before this.

They had been getting numbers from 30+ to 40, which toppled the ‘collapsing’ ACP which had been getting 25+ and was doing rarely any events, and posting few pictures about them, which was the opposite of GT, a shocking top ten put GT in the #1 spot over ACP, which fell to the #2 spot of the top ten, which was a major morale boost for GT leaders.

But when it all seemed well, it all crashed;

GT started getting lower numbers, 10+ and 20+, in a session not even logging on nor posting about it because their were such few troops in the chat. It was shocking, but many GT leaders ignored these poor events. And thus the ‘mystery invasion’ which it hinted many possible armies for the invasion such ar AR, ACP, and a few others.

But ACP claimed this invasion was to them; which it was.

GT declared war; ACP retaliated launching a post with an official decleration of war; http://armyofcp.com/2011/08/31/si-vis-pacem-para-bellum/

It [the post] stated that GT had broken the anti-hacking bill which was largely ignored after it was passed by most of the armies and greatly forgotten, it was also because a GT mod said this; not GT as a whole;

Later ACP claimed they were threatened to be hacked by a person by the name of Infinity, no evidence of such claim; this war is war of pointing fingers, much of the pre-war GT was acused of using bots/penguin lime, of course their is no solid proof, GT also claimed ACP uses bots; again, no proof.

And so, GT revealed their unknown invasion; Breeze; the capital of ACP. The two large nations went to war; ACP moved quickly by starting an immediate invasion of GT’s capital Half Pipe with a leigit 24 hour notice. The results; were a somewhat of a baffle.

ACP numbered more than 30 troops; maxing around 35 or so; a decent ammount of soldiers; but GT’s results were the complete opposite; not even 10; not even 5; but 4 troops, a complete emberassment to the Golden Troops; a devestating defeat; but I ask you; why did GT have such few numbers?

One; 1/3 of al Golden Troops soldiers; are in fact; ACP soldiers; who are infact more loyal to the Army of Club Penguin than the Golden Troops, most of them are high ranking which make a decent amount of GT’s expirienced soldiers; which is a heavy blow for GT due to them losing many of these soldiers.

Two; the short-time notice didn’t exactly help GT in the battle; GT is was more un-prepared than prepared for such a battle, but the ACP was vigilant throughout the day; as ACP is also known for their quick short-time notices .

Three; GT is a major UK army, much of the UK soldiers did not have to be notified about this battle; contrary to the ACP UK forces which are informed by various people.

Yet, after the battle, ACP posted a new post; one posted by a well-known person; Mchappy also known as Icey Cold 27; the person said to rivaled the Boomer Era, the person who achieved great goals through his leader; the person who left ACP in the midst of a dangerous war -the ACP-NW War which ACP nearly lost- and the one who retired but came back a month later or so.

The post was a deadly post; which inflicted catastrophic damage for the Golden Troops; the post can be seen here; http://armyofcp.com/2011/09/02/uncovering-riotors/

This post claimed GT leader, Rioters, was hacker and a doxer, although this provided little proof, it took a major effect on GT and ACP alike; many loyal GT soldiers changed side, Rioters said he was to retire, which let GT virtually leaderless, although small rumors say Rioters may not retire.

GT lies in peril, Rioters released his retirement post; with three average leader. The ‘old bred’ of GT was gone.

GT has no chance against the green giant that is ACP, but who knows? Let us see and observe.

~Char “Unity to Prevail”

Next Post: CPUN Army Rally

Post After That: The Charizard Theory -Collapse of ACP-



13 Responses

  1. A shocking and disheartening reitrment by Rioters can be found here; http://gtarmy.com/2011/09/03/retirement-of-riotors-i-am-innocent/#comment-22693

    The Club Penguin United Nations shall recognize Rioters as a great man, innocent of all charges pressed against him by ACP.

    Also, in my PERSONAL opinion, the ACP post by Mchappy is a major propoganda post.

  2. Sad how hard GT tries…. Their just… Unstable.

  3. Also about the whole thing with him being a hacker/doxer, it seems unlikely and it seems as if Mchappy, a person I also respect has fallen down to a level below the GT’s. Whether it’s true or not, Riotors has done a lot.

  4. I know this may sound untrue, But i was nearly doxed by a GT high rank. I believe its Rio.

  5. So GT supports hacking?

  6. Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t seem like he would do that, But I don’t know.

  7. Agent, it sure wasn’t me. I don’t hack ot dox

  8. It must have been someone else as a GT highrank.

  9. GT has made up quite a few lies tho, but I don’t believe that Rioters is a hacker/doxer. That one comment left the GT in jeopardy. But still, you don’t mess with the Acp war machine. They will rip through your defenses like a mutant gorilla. That is what Acp was born to do.

  10. ACP might be a powerful army, but they have fatal weaknesses that can be exploited against them

  11. ^^^^^

  12. ^^^^^

  13. To all the idiots who believe Rio is a hacker, Go to Hell. Rio is the nicest person I’ve ever met. He’s probably one of the best leaders to add onto that. GT is not a hacking or botting army. THE ROCK is not active and probably was made moderator by some owner who he was friends with. He is not even a GT soldier as far as I can tell. ACP is overreacting and then punishing our leader who they ,as far as I can tell, have next to no proof of if he doxed anybody.


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