I suppose CPUN is R.I.P.. Dee came back for awhile, and we did some stuff. Though, we’ll never be the same without so many of the good people. It is simply the wrong time for CPUN, and I hate to admit it. But, we all gotta move on. So here officially ends the reign of CPUN.


5 Responses

  1. 😦

  2. Guess I got here just a little too late to help out 😦 maybe next holiday, like Christmas or Halloween, we can start something up.

  3. I think we still have a possibility… just saying.

    • Yeah we do, but we aren’t exactly super active. I’m busy with Team Blue, Dee is who knows where. I’m all for bringing CPUN back.

  4. agh man this sucks. im kinda back into the whole CP army scene again after a long break kind of thing. Christmas is near which means holidays are coming so..

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