Ah – A Slight Return

Hey CPUN – Sky here. Wow. What a month – I’ve been busy with Global Defenders and Assault Force, haven’t had time to post on CPUN. Sad, I know. Let’s see – recent updates… Molly and Eco have returned- Welcome Back. It would appear that we need a General Assembly – And I’m terribly sorry for the short notice, but hopefully we’ll still have a good turnout.

Sunday, 2/17/13

8 AM AUS, 12 AM GMT, 6 EST, 5 CST, 4 MST, 3 PST

Where: CPUN Chat [http://xat.com/TheCPUnitedNations]

Comment if you can come! Everyone is welcome – we will be discussing a bit about the future of CPUN.

What we will be discussing about-


Armies [And the lack in Members]

(For those who can’t come – I’ll have a detailed report of everything we talk about!)

– Wyoskyguy


2 Responses

  1. I’m there right now.

  2. And no one’s here… on time.

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