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I think I’ve gotten you curious by the title, so go ahead and click that read more button 😉

So, the title says dancers,

Over the years of CP warfare, It’s gotten more and more advanced, so advanced that we dance? Yes, I’m talking about CP battles. It seems like the snowball icon has dissapeared so that we can’t ever use it, It’s still there but we dont use it, although we should… Anyways,

The main question is, ‘why don’t we ever throw snowballs?’ I don’t quite understand why we seem to ignore it. Nobody obviously uses it because they obviously enjoy dancing in lines and shouting stuff at the same time, thats where the fun dies out.. You can’t have fun and annoy your opponent, because your leader will simply shout at you on xat, ”HEY GET IN LINE OR YOU WILL BE A GUEST”

If you look in the real world of warfare I don’t think you would see the Taliban or the US Forces dancing in a line and shouting ”WE CLAIM THIS ROOM” would you? So why do we? Armies are supposed to fight and have fun, Im sure that was the purpose the so called creator of armies had in mind 😉

So let’s dive back through history and see how this whole thing has changed, shall we?




Nowadays… a battle means staying in seperate rooms as your opponent and make a line, dance then do an emote when you’re told to. A today battle:


I just dont get it, I mean seriously it sounds stupid if you think about, but its true! Why would you dance and make flower emotes? Here is what leaders should post today: ”At the begginning of the battle, we danced with the Nachos for about 10 minutes, we then moved to the Snowforts and made a line and made toot noises, we also danced with the Nachos when they came in once again” I know there is like nothing you can do about it as times change, but what do you prefer?

Dancing in lines with emotes…


Throwing snowballs and having fun 😀

You may agree or not agree, but still COMMENT!



2 Responses

  1. I agree, and I noticed this a long time ago. Most stupid thing ever. That’s one of the reasons I’m not part of any army.

  2. They even judge who wins battles by whoever has the most “tactics”.

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