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What Makes a Legend: The Inevitable Controversy

This topic was bound to come back some time because lets all be honest, CPAC’s list of legends isn’t perfect.

But will any list ever be perfect?………

Let’s dig deeper shall we?

In a way yes they’re just popular. But we have to remember being a legend is all just a perspective of how people in the army community view someone. However, in my opinion, In order to be considered a legend, the MAJORITY of people have to view that person as a legend, not just a few.

Why you may ask? Because these are the Army community Legends, not the sole Acp or Nachos legends. If not, then anyone from a major army such as the ACP or Nachos can just tell everyone from the army to vote for them to automatically make them a legend, but if this happens, should they truly be considered an ARMY legend? Of course not.

Now here’s another point I’d like to make, when should we actually add legends and declare them legends? We should only induct legends AFTER they have retired. Just like in all the other hall of fames in the world, not while they’re in armies, again this makes it seem like we’re desperate to add new people who haven’t earned it yet just because there’s nothing better to post about.

We shouldn’t be forcing ourselves to declare people legends if we don’t believe they are, to be honest no one from this list deserves it with the exception of Ziehen, Batista, and Supperz. Why should current army leaders be in the running for legend status when there are people like Spaceybirdy, Fort, and Dream Golds who actually had a major impact on armies and who DESERVE to be legends. And I’m not just talking about people who did something revolutionary in armies, I’m talking about people who had an impact on the army community in a way that everyone looked up to them or respected them like Ias. Sure Ganger and the others do have the potential to become legends, but we shouldn’t make them legends until they’ve done what they’ve needed to do to make their mark on history. Until they retire.

Now to address the problem here. How should we actually decide legends? ONE of the things we should be doing is deciding who’s running for legends. Exactly how are we deciding who the candidates are going to be as of now? Is funks deciding, or is the CPAC staff deciding? The people who SHOULD be deciding are the people of the army community. There should be a post in which people can write people in and the people with the top 5 or top 10 write in’s should be allowed to run. Hey it might not be a perfect system but at least it’s better than a few people deciding.

After there are set nominees, There should be a post with an in depth analysis of their career, what they did, how long they did, their accomplishments, history ect. and even a few interviews to help people decide when voting. Not just a two sentence summary of what they did.

AND… we have to keep in mind when deciding that only people who are retired can run for legend, so if someone is nominated who is not retired they shouldn’t be allowed to run.Because if not, it would just end up being a popularity contest between current leaders.

AND YES, we should make this process a big deal because CP Army Legend is the most prestigious title you can achieve here in this virtually army world.

Again, this post is in no way insulting CPAC, I actually applaud their efforts at creating an accurate legends page.

All in all, CPAC can have their list of Legends, but CPUN will also have their own since our purpose is not to provide army news but to increase, better, and document Warfare.

-Lucario564 CPUN Chairman


3 Responses

  1. I wish I was one but I don’t no when bad guys are online to report
    Oh well I’ll do my best!!

  2. I’m on there. Grateful but I’ve never really been on good terms with a lot of CPAC players. Godplaya was a good friend before he worked full-time on there earlier on.

  3. In all honesty, neither Ziehen or Supperz deserve to be up there. Most of the people on there don’t.

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