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Armies… Changing

This is mainly some… What you could call Philosophy, that I thought I should share with you guys.

Armies… Changing.

Well obviously we went from throwing snowballs in giant piles, to getting on forums, to making piles in a certain uniform using a website to guide, to making lines, saying stuff, and charging with emotes on chat. But… This isn’t targeting how warfare tactics have changed, its targeting how armies themselves… All armies have changed.

Even in the 5 months I was gone… The difference has gotten worse.

Yes, to me this change isn’t great. Sure, it looks like since I was gone armies are averaging sizes just a little bigger than before… A small step out of a decline, possibly. But we can never reach our true potential. Why?

There will always be a few armies fighting for the top spot.. And tons of armies fighting for everything below.

Armies are divided. The top 5 major, the bottom 5 major @ medium top 5 armies, and everything below that; in my opinion. Why would I say this? Well, it seems like people that are high ranked in the top 5 major are too snotty and interested in themselves in the army… They won’t join anything. Either that, or they’re a member or moderator so into they’re army they won’t join anything. This causes problems. Small and some medium armies can never grow. The problem occurs in lower major armies, and medium armies too, yet not as severe. I wouldn’t say it’s just major armies though, it’s small armies too. Tons of people in small armies aren’t very involved in major armies, yet are usually only involved in a small army or two. So, small armies are spread out full of people and armies that don’t achieve much. This can cause people to leave armies due to lack of success.

Yet, this isn’t always the case. There’s always people that just don’t join most armies and are mean to people to be, and people that bring armies down by being in them and achieving high ranks for experience, and being inactive, or being inactive no matter what the rank. Also, there are people mixed in both major, medium, and small armies, which is something we need.

The problem?

Due to these 3 communities (the 1st two are sort of mixed, you could say) CP armies are way too divided. We’ve gone from one fun community to a divided hate zone. No one can grow, because everyone has too many enemies or isn’t willing to join anything.

The solution?

I think people need to wake up, stop giving so much attention to these larger armies, and shed some light on other armies, thus considering  joining more armies, and benefiting them. It could help more armies grow if we did this. If you ask me, people should try to be in a major, medium, and small army with whatever other armies mixed in, or at least major and small armies. If everyone just gave out more helping hands, the community itself could thrive.

People not working as hard…

I don’t just mean coming to events. I mean being active to help an army. Most people don’t do this anymore.

But we have one big problem… We’re not expanding our community.

Recruiting- It seems no one has the time, effort, or skill, like we used to, to get this community this big in the first place. CP recruiting barely works, but there’s a chance of it. But if I work hard to get recruits I can get 2-3 for my army in under an hour. No one recruits, so it’s just the same people being reused, army after army.

I would say this is our second biggest issue, that no one has thought about much, so as much as it is enforced, it doesn’t really happen. If we can’t recruit, it’s pointless. Through my army alone, I have brought in 5+ people that were never in armies beforehand. Tons of good chats like Monchocho (sort of), Riffy888, @ TrackCP all work great. I think one thing we need to teach our soldier is… Recruiting techniques. I might even make a whole post just about that.

So… Think on these words.

How can you help armies?

~Keith09 :mrgreen:


5 Responses

  1. good post Keith9 and first :mrgreen:

  2. I have nobody in my army

  3. Please join at http:stariso.wordpress.com and there’s one thing my name on cp is Stariso

  4. Nice post.

  5. I like this post.

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