History- “Bad” CP alliances

I know, when “bad” CP alliances come to mind you think of PR, but there are many more.

PS: Notice bad has floating commas around it, stating it is a OPINION to most these alliances were “no good”. REPEAT- MOST PEOPLE’S OPINIONS, NOT MINE.

  • ANTA/Order 67- ANTA was an operation to basiclly destroy small armies. It consisted of many major armies, such as ACP and Nachos. ANTA, however, was prevented by all small armies banding together COUGH CPUN COUGH and stopping the order. Recently ANTA was almost restored, but the operation was quickly called off.
  • Black Alliance- The BA were Large/Medium armies making a alliance to destroy ACP and (as some state) the Nachos. However, with the help of IW and DCP, ACP and Nachos stopped the BA. Also recently, the BA was almost reconstructed but was stated as a fake.
  • PR- PR has the most members of a “army” I have ever seen. They nearly acheived sucess of destroying CP armies, but were stopped. They are now up and running again. Another scary thing about PR is if you go on MW3 and online every game you join 1 or 2 people have “PR” in their name. PR has been accused of serveral war crimes, such as bots, although it is not confirmed they have been using them.
  • Civil War rebels- Depending on your veiw, the people who are in the civil war could be good or bad. Most of them like “Old CP”, and many penguins have banded together, although I have only encountered one movement that has been organized on a site. However, there is little chance the movement will work, after all, I highly doubt that Disney will just say, “Lets bring old CP back these 5 penguins are protesting”, after all CP has given them lots of money. However, if a “civil war” does somehow have an impact, that would be truly amazing.

2 Responses

  1. Sorry about posting about PR…………. forgot. Dont delete the post, though. I think it is one of my best ones. Besides, this isn’t TOATALLY made to give information about PR. Sorry sky. Please dont delete.

  2. All cool. I don’t delete posts. I just edit the crap outta them *wary*.

    Pretty good post, it makes me sick when they just mention only PR *cough* Rex’s post *cough*.

    – Sky

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