UMA is back!

One of the most legendary armies in CP Warfare,UMA,is back.With Tal,Np,Lidstorm(Harv),and Zak as Leaders.I am recapping so history.Pink Mafias was UMA’s Creator.I tthink UMA will rise with great leadership.All of these Leaders have led multiple armies into the Top Ten.Tal led ST to the Top Ten.Np led UMA,Tacos,and many other armies to the top ten.Harv has led UMA to the top ten with Np.Zak has led WV to the Top Ten.

I caught up with Np(UMA Leader) for an interview

Me:Do you think UMA will rise with this leadership?

Np:Hell Yes

Me:How will your retirement affect UMA?

Np: Last time it completely collapsed but this time I will make sure they will be able to survive even after I leave.

Me:Will their be anyone replacing your spot after you retire?

Np:Yes based on the elections

Me:Thank you for your time!

Np:Bye ty

Well,guys this wraps up another post.I will be posting sometime today or tommarow.Bye!


4 Responses

  1. From here on out, only post about our members.

    Good post, just be sure to add spaces after commas.

  2. There is only one army as a member. -_-

  3. What do you mean UMA is back? They havent fallen, they stayed in the exact same position: In the top ten

  4. ^
    Unless I’m mistaken UMA hasn’t been in the top ten (major) for a while.

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