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Puffle Warriors on a Fall

Well,when PW was recreated in less than a week they got sizes of 20+ and got 9th in the CPAC Top Ten.The next week PW rose to 8th in the CPAC Top Ten,which signaled a rise in some peoples opinions.Well,few weeks later PW fell drastically and went from 8th to 13th.PW is really falling.Here are some Pictures when PW was 8th,and some Pictures of PW today.



I caught up with Kingfunks (PW Leader) for an interview

Me:May I interview you for CPUN?

Kingfunks: Of course

Me:PW has been on a fall,how do you feel about it

Kingfunks: We have been on a small fall,not a massive fall,and I feel we need more unscheduled events during the UK times.I am disappointed that we didn’t hold a top ten spot for a month which was our main aim.

Me:Will PW rise?

Kingfunks: Yes,a few of our 2ic’s are stepping up to the leadership role and they have made a few armies rise before.I’m sure we can rise back into the top ten.

Me:Thank you for your time!

Kingfunks: np

This wraps up another post by me


4 Responses

  1. umm i cant get the link to the pics

  2. I wish they’d rejoin us again. We had a pretty good list of members a while back.

  3. can i join ur army?
    im not a member but i love fun stuff! im Stariso on cp!!!!!!!

  4. Just a tip, next time when posting copy the pictures and put them in the posts. Don’t just give us the links. I’m pretty lazy, but I copied and pasted them anyway.

    It’s sad to see PW fall seeing I’m one of their ex-best advisers (haha!) Anyways they are a pretty good army and the people whom run the army are great people. It’s one of those stupid things where a good army doesn’t get in the top ten so bad armies fill the spot, ugh.

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