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Powers effect on xat’s//army’s.

Hai there, I’m puckerman making my second post. This is not a reporting post. This is a Philosophy a post. I noticed no one ever post’s any so I thought it might make a change to have a nice big philosophy post..

gag.png                                       purple.png                                        diamond.png

 My post is about how powers take effect on xat’s itself and club penguin army’s. Let me just take you though a brief talk on what power’s are and how they work.

Power’s are virtual materials or toy’s you use of xat. They have free smiles, buy you can buy unique one’s with xat’s. How do I get xats?? Buy them with real money, there’s a lot of ways how to. Credit card, phone, or even a ugc card bought from places like walmart. 10£- 1,200 xats and 60 days. Days are the things that let you use your powers, once your days run out you have no more days to use your power(s), but no sweat your friends can give you them or you can buy more ;). Also you can trade, like one power for another or a power for 1k xats or 55 days, like that.


Do power’s make stress. hexagon.png

Power’s can cause alot of stress, as if you have 4 powers and you don’t know which ones to put in your name you get mad and frustrated, you don’t need powers to be happy on xats. All you need are your friend’s :D. Powers also sometime keep people from going on cp at events time because they think they are superior. Some army leaders give out power’s if people go on clubpenguin, or even join.


Here is a list of the most stressful powers that I have owned.

nameglow.pngsins.pnganimal.pngmanga.png angry.pngI got rid of them now I have these ( these one’s may not be as good but they are less stressful.

anime.pngnum.pnghairf.pngttth.pngshow.png[7]heart.pngred.png[2] And I have 4020 xat’s left over :d.

I urge you don’t get power’s people kill them selves over it, you could get scammed and it hurt’s, I Was once scammed of angry.png angry power, military.png military and 1k. Which ads up to about 3.5

Note to paco and milky my philosophy post’s aren’t as big as reporting one’s, or good…

360 word’s 😀



2 Responses

  1. I don’t see the point of anything virtual.

    Nice post!

  2. @Soccer

    Says the person in Club Penguin armies, and commenting on a CP Army news site.

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