The Official Congratulations!

I know I already did this post, but I noticed the hits and noticed it was about 1,000 more than last time I checked. I decided to check our hits:

We have gotten 195 hits yesterday (today in EST)! That is the best for quite awhile!!! Our average is somewhere around 70 hits. And guess what is in second and third? April 6th and 7th (155 and 99 respectively). Coming in 8th would be April 8th with 76 hits. Coming in 11th would be the first 8 hours of today with 66 hits!!! That means we should get 198 hits by the end of today, stealing the number one position! See, we are already making a difference! Ironically, April 4th, only 5/6 days ago, was our third to worst day with only 39 hits. Our week totals up to 710, which is almost double the past week of 422 hits! We definettely are making a difference. Keep up the posting! 🙂

P.S. Loving the new posts. They are very interactive now with the polls, nice thinking! I love the banners too.


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  1. YES! Yesterday we reached 3rd with 158 hits!

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