SWAT vs Nachos War

This may be one of the biggest war in CP Warfare History Nachos vs SWAT.These 2 armies are huge.The war started when Nachos declared war on SWAT.The Nachos wanted to the true size of SWAT because they were #1 ranked in CPAC.SWAT will be invading Fjord and Sleet.Nachos are invading Big Snow,Ice Box,Ice Palace,and Sled

I caught up with SWAT 2ic (Blizzard) for an interview

Me: How did you feel when Nachos declared war on SWAT

Blizzard:Screw that I felt pretty okay after because me and leaders didn’t want SWAT to be cowards.So we’ll fight anyone who underestimate us.

Me:Who will win?

Blizzard:I think SWAT will even though got hacked by Shad and we’re still restoring,we still have the power in us to win the war.

Me:Thank you for your time!


This wraps up one of my many posts.Hope you enjoyed!


One Response

  1. I wouldn’t say biggest, but I suppose it would end up being quite big.

    Nachos is #1 in CPAC? Wow, I thought ACP had that (which I much prefer, even though I don’t like both of the armies).

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