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 Today, I’m going to talk about how “Noobs” can effect cp armies

1. Intro

2. Good ways noobs can effect cp armies

3. Bad ways noobs can effect cp armies

4. How it’s hard to be a noob

5. Interview

6. Poll

People sometimes use the word “noob” wrong. Most people think it means like, dumb, stupid, doesn’t know anything. Well, NEWS FLASH! Noob is short for newbie which is someone new at something. So if you do a tactic wrong or something, they call you a noob. It doesn’t make any sence now, right? Well, now that you know the meaning of a noob, you can continue through this post.

Good Ways Noobs Can Effect CP Armies

Noobs can effect cp armies in many ways. There are a few ways actually they can be helpful! Noobs are a great contribution to an army because it makes their chat look, bigger! There really isn’t much to go further that making there chat look bigger, but it could also make their army look bigger. I’d say about 10-20 noobs join cp armies a day. So, if all those noobs joined the same army, they could make the army look 1/4 bigger if it’s major! Also, noobs can effect the size of your bootcamp. If they start to get when to go on chat and stuff, they could make the bc a lot bigger. Such as ACP for example. They have many noobs in their BC, most of them achieve high ranks later in their cp army carrer and make the army look better then ever!

Bad Ways Noobs Can Effect CP Armies

Noobs are always great to have around, they can be funny, smart, and a great contribute to the army, but they can also be a horrible one. Noobs don’t know right from wrong in armies. Sometimes they don’t want to talk because they think they’ll do something bad and get banned, or some just have HUGE mouths. When I was a noob, I was in the middle of that. So, noobs can also ruin battles. They sometimes don’t know tactics and things and they dont know the purpose of them. Noobs don’t get what’s right and wrong yet. They think it might be OK to swear and stuff. Also, noobs can make your army look bad. They are all over the place in battle and not where they’re supposed to be. Then people start making fun of your army and everything, then the leaders and soldiers take it all on the noob and blame them.

Hows It’s Hard To Be A Noob

It’s hard to be a noob. I remember the day I was recruited into CP armies back in 07. I was on CP one day and then I saw two NW troops shouting, “LOOK UP NIGHT WARRIORS OF CP.” So, I did. I joined and went to chat. I was welcomed by most, but of course, a few were mean. I didnt know the meaning of noob and stuff. So people kept saying noob and I was like, What? Also, they were using the word like stupid because I didn’t understand tactics, or to go on chat. Stuff like that. Noobs sometimes take it as a offence and start they start quiting armies and leaving. I did that in late 07 after someone that was REALLY mean. Of course, I was attracted back like most people are.


I will now have an interview with CPUN Head (And a legend to me) Wyoskyguy!

Me: Blue

Wyoskyguy: Orange

Me: Can I interview you

Wyo: Sure

Me: How do you think noobs are a good contribute to an army?

Wyo: Noobs contribute to an army because they’re our future. Without our noobs, armies would be full of expirienced veterens that would retire one day.

Me: How do you tihnk noobs are a bad contribute to an army?

Wyo: Noobs can be bad to an army because they can be boogers that never shut up. Yet they are so smart. Yet they are noobs – newbies.

Me: Was it hard when you were a noob?

Wyo: Yes

Me: How so?

Wyo: Well, when I joined cp armies there were no “mentors”. We all gathered on CP and the miniclip forums, so we couldn’t learn. We learned everything from trial and error.

Me: Thank you for your time

Wyo: No problem

Well, what do you think? Tell us in this poll, or in a comment!

Word Count: 738


4 Responses

  1. Great post Ant. Bravo.

  2. I remember those days… I wasn’t too much of a noob here. I actually came here because I was advertising the United Nations of Club Penguin. I actually think I made it before the CPUN was founded. I got jealous and wanted to combine the things. I realized I failed and I kind of liked it here, so I stayed. I kind of fit in and of course there were those holding me down. I’m pretty sure it was Sanchosnachos or G98. It was only one person. But since then I’ve been quite dedicated. I don’t care that it’s not all that fun and that I’m not a little kid anymore, but I just hate it when someone gets too old and falls off the face of the Earth and I vowed not to do that.

  3. Oh, Sanchonachos is G98 (general98)

  4. Good post. I like noobs, but only if they’re the kind that respects and follows you.

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