Look Who’s Here To Stay =D

As many of you know I started my own site to post my army philosophy, and a few other things called Army News Network (I bet almost none of you knew that)

But anyway, after thinking about it for a while I decided, hey why not help CPUN get back on it’s feet again instead? So I will now be posting my awesome content on the CPUN site.

And don’t worry I won’t be reporting on specific battles, I’ll leave the reporting to the reporters job, I’m thinking of posting a combination of philosophy and realism. Just wait for my first post 😉

I’ll have a new post every saturday night so look forward to that!

P.S. Welcome the new Non Member Army to the CPUN!

P.S.S. I’m thinking of holding another General Assembly this saturday but Idk at that time so comment on your opinions.

-Lucario564 CPUN Chairman


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