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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Goals – Complete by August 18th

Luc Edit – Can I unsticky this? Or at least add a read more. Read the post below!!!!


Dee’s first edit in 8 months: Sad to see you retire from army leading Sky, but I remember making a similar decision back in 08 and the CPUN and other things just went up, up, up. 😉 Anyways, we need to start reporting news – but this time, let’s move it down to news exclusively from our very own members! Now, for those reporters willing to give a hand at a slightly easier yet efficient job for the job, I urge you to try skimming through our Members Page and checking out what’s happening. Then you can report their activity here! 😀 It’s a great way to promote our members, let everyone know of news happening in small armies, and basically keeps all aware of what’s happening in our community! This also calls for a much easier job in contrast to reporting big news. If there’s too many reporters on here, why not some of you try attaching yourselves to one army on the CPUN you like?

Other than the reporting job, I think another important job would be checking on our members and giving them greetings and simply making rounds.

Reporting news for our community and making rounds were things I did all by myself at one point 4 years ago and it did GOOD. 😀 Except for the fact I was starting to lose my mind doing it every now and then, but that’s why we need a staff. 😉 Comment what you think and what job you might want to do voluntarily! 😀

I’ve made this smaller so that you can read down. Read my Army Leading Retirement post below.

Here’s just a quick animated “Army In Need” Banner. http://i41.tinypic.com/2l8dklc.gif
Army In Need Banner
Hello CPUN. This is for the CPUN Authors, Editors, and Admins.
New GFX Complete! Thanks Aan!
Have one or more CPUN Tourney
Get views up to 200k
Hire some truly experienced reporters.
Increase activeness.
Make 30-31 posts a month – 7 posts a week
Atleast 1 post a day
Make more goals.


26 Responses

  1. We’re way past 1 post a day.

  2. 200,000?

    Challenge Accepted.

    P.S. That is 17 days after my birthday!

    • Nice. 200k. Let’s do this.

  3. I call the second one

  4. Same for me.

    Im starting a tradition. On May 24-26, we will have non-stop tourneys (We will call them the Royal Rumbles), And whoever gets the best tactics, size, etc. Will be crowned that day’s winner. Then, the final three winners will face off on the 27th for the Ultimate Showdown.

  5. I will do 1 post a day

  6. I will do my best to higher 3 more reporters who are as experienced as can be.

  7. I am interested in reporting for CPUN.

  8. Sorry I’ve been a little inactive, I have been busy with family so I might not be able to post everyday.

    • not everyone. Just one post a day.

      Guys, just draft your post and we’ll set up a posting system.

      So. DO NOT PRESS PUBLISH. ATM and I will schedule the posts accordingly.

      – Wyoskyguy

  9. Wyo, thanks for keeping this up. 🙂 First, we need more people who have experience in management. Just MANAGEMENT. The CPUN needs people who can manage their members and do the service we normally do, and that’s help people.

    As for the news, who cares about every piece of news out there? The glory days of the CPUN had us reporting EXCLUSIVELY of our own members’ news. EVERYDAY, EACH and EVERY army in our Members page was given a spot on each post with a link to their site.

    We need members and we need reporters who can report on those members. But of course, the occasional global coporate news is good reference.

  10. Hey, do you mind fixing this post up a bit, make it more official? If it’s gonna be a sticky for a few months it should look official and nice! 😉

  11. I don’t think we’ll be stickying it for a month 😛

    Thanks Aan for the wonderful banner! 😀

    Now we just need a more attractive banner. 😐 Something up to the standards of the big sites today. 😀

  12. Well, right now, it only seems like we have one member alive: Yukon Federation. I don’t think we’ll just make our news Yukon Federation oriented so how about we wait a bit to get more members.

  13. I’m sorta outdated. 😐

  14. No one signed up on members page. I refreshed it to get rid of the dead armies. Only 1 army there on the list.


  16. ^
    I meant Deedledoo ha-ha.

  17. Dee, for the record. I made that banner. 😛

    Yeah. I’ll probably make a new post, much more official and all.

    Finally, the weekend!

    – Wyo

  18. Hello CPUN staff members,

    I am not sure if Dee is still around, but if you have time, I would like to meet with you on chat. If not Dee, another one of the high ranks will do. I’ve a proposal which I think will interest you greatly. I should be on quite often this weekend.

    • Yeah. Whenever, Dee is just hanging out.

      Wherever you chose, I’ll be waiting.


  19. Hey guys, post about MFW’s return. Our site is http://http://maofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  20. http://maofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  21. I bet bluesockwa just wants to partner up with CPUN or something, and Sky retired??

  22. Ok someone needs to take RPF of the featured army they’ve been there for like more than a year :S

  23. I’m interested in requiring for the CPUN too. My army it interested in joining the CPUN.I have commented in the Join Your Army page.

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