CPUN – Tournament

Heylo CPUN!

In order for me to get “Goals – Complete by August 18th” on top, I un-stickied every post. I just happened to pull an all nighter, so, I had like, 7 hours to get a ton of stuff done with no distractions. Hooray! Well… Mostly…. not gonna say what Ive been watching *Wary*.


Anyways. Here’s our tourney.

Comment if your army wants to be in it!

  • Army Name:
  • Active:


CPUN Secretary General


3 Responses

  1. Army Name: CPR [Rangers]
    Active: 5-6

  2. Army Name:Fort Ghost Recon

  3. Something tells me this isn’t going to work out, yeah you have your goals but don’t rush things or they’ll be crap, I know from experience, if you want a tourney wait until Cpun gains more publicity for now we should focus on getting new members

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