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Bma focus: On a rise?

Hai there everyone, I am your newest reporter hired by Peeko and M!lky.. And here is my first post. Enjoy!

Hello, In my first post I will be talking about the quickly rising army BMA Yes they are back. Ioio had brought them back just after the drastic death of Light troop’s. In this post I will feature alot of thing’s about BMA.


1. Who are Bma?
2. The history of Bma.
3. Who are LT?
4. Interview with riley BMA Mod.
5. Poll.
Who are “BMA“. Bma are also known as Blue miners army. They have had plenty of generation’s, some successful some not. There most known leader’s or former leader’s are Ioio, and Stepup. Ioio’s generations have been ALOT more fulfilling then anyone else’s. BMA are a former medium, and legendary army, even if they ended for good they would never be forgotten. That’s why so many people have attempted to Re-make BMA 😉 
BMA have had alot of history in there time of being an army, Including wars, award’s and Size. One of there achievements was they had gotten one of there former leader’s (RMSTitanic94) to be a Cpae legend. Ioio also made it into the Page of the cpae Legends. They won a smac tourney, I think in there first generation. They also won another tourney hosted By smac. And Ioio also made it as a SMAC legend all because of this small force. Just prove’s how Un-small they are. They have also had other award’s, but I wont go into detail 😉
LT are an army Ioio made after the death of bma, being formed off bma they were a sure hit. In there first week already 32 people had joined half being active. They hit it off pretty fast, and they never gave up. Want to just cut to how LT died? Thought so. Well you see Ioio hired another leader Roberto, he was like the center, and recruiter for the army. But Rob decided it was too much being a LT leader and it was much more fun to play Roblox. So rob made a post explaining how he had retired all army’s for roblox. Ioio straight away thought LT would die.. They survived a week or two then shortly died. Alot of people were upset because of this, but also happy that the legendary BMa were back in action.
Here is an interview with riley3 Bma mod.
Me: Do you take pride in being Bma mod?
riley3: Of course I do, It’s great 😀
Me: Have Bma risen, or have they got a way to go?
riley3: We have risen, but I think there is room for improvement 
Me: Lastly what do you think Bma has to come for them in the future?
riley3: We will be Worldpower, then we will take on any army in our way.
So do you think Bma have risen, or are they just a noob army? Well  share your thought’s in a comment, or with this poll
Sorry for the shortness it was 515 word’s but it took me 10 miniuites, 

2 Responses

  1. World Power? I don’t think they are ever going to be that impressive.

    • Lmao there major number 5..

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