How to – for the new reporters!

Hey CPUN. For the old reporters, you don’t need to read this. But, for the new ones, I recommend reading it.

First- Bold/Strong. To make your text Bold, you click the “B” above the text area, type what you want, then press the “/B”. This is good for things like, lists, etc.

Second- Italics. To make your text Italicized, you click the “i” next to the “B”, type what you want, then press the “/i” again to stop. This is good for making a point.

Third- Link. To make your text go to a link, click the “link” and select the website you want. The title is optional. This is good for going to a website.

Fourth- Blockquote. To get a block quote, click the “b-quote” and insert the text you want. To finish a blockquote, just press “/b-quote” again and it’s finished. This is good for quoting websites.

Fifth- Image. (I’m skipping ins & del. You won’t need to use those). Img is good for putting images into text, next to ins. You click that and fill in the first one to the link of the image you want to put into your post. The second box is optional.

Sixth- more. I’m skipping a lot here, I know, but a lot of this you don’t need. More is my personal favorite. I recommend adding more towards the beginning. You get more by clicking “more”, next to “code” and “lookup”.

Remember, grammar is important.

– Wyoskyguy
CPUN Secretary General


3 Responses

  1. Nice post. This should turn out to be very helpful to our new reporters and probably some of our old reporters.

  2. I already knew this, but it was helpful to refresh my memory. Hey Sky, could I meet you on chat?

    • Yep, I’m sure you did. It’s just for the people who don’t usually post on wordpress.
      Sure. I’m usually on or .

      CPUN Secretary General

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