Army In Focus:Pretzels

The Pretzels are on a rise.Recently,they got into the CPAC Top Ten as 9th.They recently got 20+ vs.IW in a PB.IW got 10+(unexpectedly).Pretzels came out with a victory and hard fought one.The Pretzels might fall a little bit because one of their leader (Braveboy) retired from CP Armies.He was legend to Pretzels.Braveboy was a great factor in the Pretzels rise.I really hope Pretzels reach Major like their old times.The Pretzels have a future if they rise.Time for the pictures!

This ends another post by me.Comment your opinion if you think Pretzels will rise or fall?Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. This is one of my shorter posts because I could not find anyone to interview also it was 120 words long 


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