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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Updated Constitution 04.05.12

So I’ve revised the constitution and rewritten a lot since it’s over 3 years old. It was originally written by G98 who did a very good job, but a lot of it was outdated and unnecessary in today’s age. I mainly got rid of the Senate, House of Commons, senators, governors, etc. I replaced that with the General Assembly and Represenatives.

For now, I am now going to work on going around all of the pages and making them beautiful and up to date. Not only will I fix the pages but I will fix the sidebars, and pretty much everything on the site to make it beautiful.



Chapters of the Constitution:

  1. Preamable
  2. The Nation and Flag
  3. Amendments
  4. Rights of Members
  5. Electoral Decisions
  6. Executive Branch
  7. Legislative Branch
  8. State Government
  9. Judicial Branch
  10. Military and Defense
  11. Political Parties
  12. Foreign Relations
  13. Communications
  14. Territories and Mandates



  • Preamble

We the people of the Club Penguin United Nations, respect the laws and amendments of the Constitution of the Club Penguin United Nations. We allow free speech of every penguin. The government is divided into three sections, The Executive branch, The Legislative branch and The Judicial branch. We allow freedom and liberty to the penguins of Club Penguin.



  • The Nation and Flag

Our nation is officially called The Club Penguin United Nations. Our flag represents us the people, the land we own, the armies that join to make up the CPUN as a whole, and the power we hold.

  • Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Club Penguin United Nations. Red for the armies, yellow for strength and blue for loyalty and respect. I will not disrespect anything on the flag or the alliance.



  • Amendments

Main Amendments

  • The act of cheating on wars, on regular patrol or any other things (multi-log-in, bots) is not accepted
  • All have the right to express free speech
  • Armies are allowed to withdraw and join the Club Penguin United Nations
  • Petitions are allowed to created against government acts
  • Do not testify falsely in court or in government meetings
  • Do not lie
  • To become a editor or author you must be active for 15 days straight or recieve special permission from one of the two Secretary Generals, ATM 23 or Wyoskyguy

Government Amendments

  • Governors of CPUN territory are allowed to resign
  • Representatives can vote on decisions only presented in General Assembly’s
  • Representatives represent each army, and vote on anything presented in the General Assembly
  • Bills can be signed by GA Representatives and CPUN Officials
  • Representativs of the CPUN can ask for military help for their server with good cause
  • Representatives of the CPUN can patrol any server
  • No government member can bribe a leader to doing something grotesque
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs represents the CPUN in all foreign meetings in anyway
  • Justices can replace and help the Chief Justices in court
  • Justices are selected by the Prime Minister
  • The Chief Justices are the head of the entire Supreme Court
  • The Chief Justices are to decide any court punishment with the rest of the Justices
  • The Chief Justice rules every case, unless absent
  • The Prime Minister can replace the Secretary General, if he resigns
  • The Prime Minister can reject a new law, or action
  • The Prime Minister can take control of all servers
  • The Secretary General is the head of state of The CPUN
  • The Secretary General is allowed to deploy any armies
  • The Secretary General is able to fire anybody in the government

These amendments should be in effect immediately and should be followed by every member of government and army.



  • Rights of Member Nations in the CPUN:

1. Nations can make their own decisions
2. Nations can participate in all CPUN events
3. Nations can send a representative to the GA to vote on decisions, judges, and non-permanent SC members.
4. Nations can appeal to the CPUN Supreme Court in the case of international law being broken, or when they need allies in a case of war.

Everytime a GA (General Assembly) is held, a representative from each participating army should attend (if they can).



In the CPUN we have rules to keep everything organized and well. Here are the rules to all those who are taking part in our community:

  • Electoral Decisions

The CPUN has a democratic republic. We are a democracy, where we elect our leaders and we are a republic.

  • All have to be a registered citizen of a CPUN army to vote.
  • Several polls are held at armies and or affiliates’ sites.
  • Ten people can be nominated for the primaries
  • One round death match
  • Whoever recieves the most votes wins
  • The winner is a new Secretary General
  • All nominated people need another CPUN member to nominate them



  • Executive Branch

The Executive branch is the cabinet. The cabinet is one of the most important branches in the government.

Secretary General – ATM 23, Wyoskyguy

Prime Minister – Lucster

Chief Justice – ATM 23, Wyoskyguy, Lucster

Justices and Speakers – CPUN Upper Administration

Head of Secretariat – N/A

Minister of Foreign Affairs – King John

  • Ambassadors and Diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Under King John):
  1. Ambassador: N/A
  2. Minister and Consul General: N/A
  3. Consuls: N/A

Minister of War and Defense – Pungy 1234

  • Assistant of the Ministry of War and Defense – Orcaman4

Minister of Communications – ATM 23 (Temp)

  • MinCom Staff (Under ATM 23 [Temp]):
  1. Sir Peeko –  Head Reporter for the CPUN news team and is responsible for it’s well-being.
  2. Lkjgg – Reporter of all sorts of news in Club Penguin Warfare.
  3. ATM 23 Page Updater
  4. ATM 23, Wyoskyguy, Rex – Helps update the Nations page

Community Service

  • Chief Supervisor – Antman, Agentrds (Kiwi/Rex)
  • Head(s) of News Department (Minister Of Communications)- Sir Peeko
  • —-Reporters and Spokespersons – Lkjgg
  • GFX Handlers: Wyoskyguy, Aan10
  • Health Department: N/A
  • Agents: N/A

Advisor/CPUN Guardian: Mr Deedledoo

Supervisor: Casiusbrutus



  • Legislative Branch
  • State Government

The CPUN has 1 territorial base, which is on Klondike, all Club Penguin meetings are held here. No army is allowed to invade the CPUN territory or that army will be banned or downgraded by the CPUN. The territory is governed by the Ministry of Defense. All armies can open embassies to the CPUN in Klondike, but must first have written consent from the CPUN Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • The General Assembly

Each army has one representative to the GA , with one person from the Upper Administration leading every meeting. Emergency meetings are considered mandatory and all representatives must attend.

During a General Assembly (GA), representatives vote on laws introduced by CPUN members. The GA must win at least 51% of the vote to pass the bill by federal law. If the vote is below 51%, the bill cannot be passed.If both sides are at 50% of the vote, there is a deadlock, and the bill will remain on hiatus till a verdict is decided.

Not only do representatives vote on laws introduced by CPUN members, but anything can be spoken about. It is encouraged that representatives talk about the state of their army, any concerns they have, any help they might need, or any suggestions they have. General Assembly’s are also a time to meet and chat about anything.

GA Representatives:



The Judicial Branch

  • The Judicial Branch is also known as the Supreme Court.
  • The court will handle social cases and political cases as well.
  • The Supreme Court is led by the Chief Justice(s) – ATM 23, Wyoskyguy, Lucster.
  • The Justices are the CPUN Upper Administration.
  • The Judicial branch is the  highest court of all courts in the Club Penguin Army World



Military and Defense

  • The Ministry of Military and Defense is led by Pungy1234.
  • In case the government goes through a state of Anarchy, the military can lead the CPUN, and if the system of government right now is deadlocked.
  • The military needs to do some patrols in CPUN servers and members’ servers only if there is trouble there.
  • The Military can reinforce, member or non-member nations of The CPUN (depending on if the army is struggling or not) in war or patrol.
  • The peacekeeping force (International Penguins Peacekeeping Force), which is led by CPUN, has not been launched yet, but is going to be led by (no one at the moment)
  • The peacekeeping force can also reinforce members and non-members of the CPUN



Foreign Relations

  • Relations to non-members of the CPUN are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry is led by King John.
  • The non-members (that are not part of CPUN) are not allowed to use CPUN courts or interfere with government.
  • The non-members (that are not part of  CPUN) can launch foreign relations with the CPUN.
  • Permanent relations start if they join CPUN itself.



Territories and Mandates

  • The CPUN never owns a server
  • Servers are donated by members so that the CPUN can do it’s work on that server
  • Some advantages of letting the CPUN use a server are, extra protection, more attention, and respect
  • The real owner of the server has the right to stop the CPUN from working on it
  • The CPUN can make headquarters on a server if the owner allows them to
  • The CPUN would never, ever, take over a server and claim it as theres for it is not possible




The CPUN’s communications systems are maintained by the Ministry of Communications. The CPUN operates chat systems out of xat.com, and blogging systems out of WordPress. It is the ministry’s job to maintain the safety of chat and blog systems of the CPUN. They area also responsible for advertisements out of the CPUN site, in which strictly, and only CPUN affiliated sites area allowed to be advertised. The ministry is also responsible for moderators, editors, authors or administrators on the blogging systems and moderators on chat systems.



Political Parties

  • The political parties are:
  1. Republican Party led by: _________________
  2. Democratic Party led by: ___ _____________
  3. Independent People’s Party led by: ___________________

The political parties are represented everywhere in government.




All the rules in the constitution must be followed in anyway. If the government is deadlocked, the constitution has to be revised immediately.


Secretary General: _____ATM23____

Prime Minister: _______________

Written by:

Chief Justice: ___General98____

Revised by:

Secretary General: ____ATM 23____


5 Responses

  1. I agree with all of this. I’d apply to be a member of CPUN fully but I wouldn’t have the time to fulfil my duties.

  2. The flag looks like Dee designed it when he was 9

  3. @Rawkinman Yes, I know it sucks. We’re gonna have to get a new one.

  4. Ooooo, typo. There are two Secretary General Atm 23s after Signed.

  5. Okay, why am I not on the executive branch anymore? I’m more active than half of the people on it. 👿

    P.S. I’d be happy to lead the republican party.

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