I have been inactive lately but I am starting the News Department up.  I have been recently given Head of Ministry of Communications which I will call that position for short: HMC, to save less typing.  I am still Head of News Department (HND).  Anyway…….We have a new News Team!

Our first new reporter is:


Our Second new reporter is:


Our third reporter is:


That is the new News team, oh wait what about all you reporters that are inactive but are now thinking, WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?!?!?, I have a spot for you guys too.  Please fill out this application below if you are a CPUN reporter or want to be one:

  1. Name
  2. Activeness in CPUN
  3. Are you biased?
  4. One of your posts

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  1. 1.Chewbacca

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