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CP civil war?

This is my first post :D!

Anyway, since CPUN helps small armies a lot, I am going to post about a recent rebellion that is against certain things CP has done.

The self proclaimed leader of this is actually unkown, his chat name is Anymouse (He spelled Anymous wrong). I had a short interveiw with him.

Xcheeto: Anony, what are some reasons you started this rebellion?

Anonymous- There are many reasons. One is being unfair to Non-members. The servers that have 5 bars are full to them, and the free items kinda suck. Another is the recent changes in CP. Other reasons are them selling old items, making CP unfun and unfair, and CP babies are stupid.

X- Does this have anything to do with “Old CP”, before disney?

A- No. It was fun 2006-2008, CP was actually fun with disney, but things got to strict.

X-You seem to have a lot of organized supporters. How’d you get so many?

A- Well, since I own a small army myself and we have a lot of allies, all of our allies agreed. The others are citizens joining us, and we tell them what servers to go on and spread the word.

X-Thanks for you time.

A- Your welcome. Join our movement!

So…….. could it happen? Could Disney change CP to make it “fun” again? Could a crowd of penguins yelling “MAKE CP BETTER” make a difference?


P.S: ATM, meet me on chat sometime, I have to talk to you.



One Response

  1. Interesting. I’m wondering if this “Anonymous” guy will actually be successful.

    Nice interview by the way, xcheeto. If you need to talk to me, I’m usually on RPF chat, so you can hit me up there. 😀

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