Breaking News!! Operation Overlord Developing story

Acp has plans to invade Light troops/Bma. I caught up with mchappy in a little while ago and there is still more interviews to come.

Here is my interview  With Icey/Mchappy

Me: So what do you know or what have you heard about Operation Overlord

Mchappy: Iu heard that we plan to invade Light troops/bma

Me; Why would acp want to do that?

Mchappy: We Don’t like Light troops/Bma we arnt on the best terms with them.we have went to war with them many times.They have stolen are soldiers.they also created There army to take down Acp

Me: Has Acp ever had any huge fight with Light troops/Bma

Mchappy: Yes,they have made really offensive pictures of us

Me: what do you think about the sudden rise of Light troops/Bma

Mchappy: They have always been a pretty good army So i am not worried really.

Me: Is it certain that Operation Overlord will happen

Mchappy: No it is not certain yet it will have to pass through a main leader

Me: I heard that this operations target is to destroy Light troops/Bma

Mchappy: I think that is correct

Interview with Ken and other leaders soon to come!!


2 Responses

  1. Good Post but fix your grammer

  2. Dont be rude, xmen…………… everyone messes up, I have and you did.

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