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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Vote on the General Assembly time and day here!: https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/cpun-general-assembly-must-read/

Hello There. This is no one other than your most favorite Automated Teller Machine in the world, ATM 23. I haven’t posted here in quite a while. But as Sky reminded me, I still owed CPUN a new post since I had promised it a couple months ago. Let me just tell you what’s been going on.

Well, I quit RPF. I’m still RPF supervisor and site maintenance, but I’m not leader or a high rank anymore, so I’ll have  A LOT more time on my hands. I’m also currently in no armies. The only thing besides RPF Supervisor that I’m apart of is CPUN. CPUN is now my main priority.

Well, the firist order of business which must be done is the Board. Or rankings, as some of you migth refer to them as. Obviously, I’m Secretary General with Dee, but he is inactive. Out of respect, I kept him on the board but listed him as MIA (Missing In Action).

Upper Administration:

Listed below are the names written next to the positions in order of authority level in the CPUN’s administration along with their editing colors:

  • Secretary General Mr Deedledoo (MIA) with ATM 23
  • Prime Minister WyoskyGuy
  • Head of Secretariat
  • Minister(s) of War and Defense

Community Service:

Community Service authorities levels vary. The list below is not listed in any particular order.

  • Chief Supervisor
  • Head(s) of News Department-
  • Reporters and Spokespersons –
  • GFX Handlers: Wyoskyguy, Aan10
  • Health Department:
  • Agents:

Now you’re probably thinking: “Wth ATM, why do you get Secretary General while all the other rankings are wiped out. Well, Dee left me as Secretary General, and there is no one to take me down from it unless you all ban together and overthrow me.

Since Dee is inactive, we will need a second Secretary General. Rather than appointing someone myself, I thought it would be best to have elections. I’ll probably set those up within this week or the beginning of next week. The qualifications for Secretary General is as follows:

  • Must be a loyal CPUN Member
  • Must have been in and active in CPUN for at least 2 Months
  • Must be trustworthy
  • Must have experience in leading an army
  • Must not be biased ore prejudiced towards anyone, opinions are allowed of course

So if you are interested for running for Secretary General, please comment here.

As for the rest of the upper administration, I definitely think Sky, Luc, Pungy, and Kingjared should be in it and probably will be.

For the definitions an duties of all of the positions, see here below. It is written by Dee.

Upper Administration:

  • Secretary General(s) – Lead the alliance and has control over the biggest decisions. Mostly takes time to advise, observe, and keep things in order while also approving ideas and suggestions given by the board members and the CPUN community. The Secretary Generals have the responsibility to fulfill the expectations of the people about the duty of the CPUN and to be able to continue campaigning for the CPUN’s cry of freedom and justice for all.
  • Prime Minister – Is pretty much the CPUN’s second in command. Has the right to speak on behalf of the CPUN and approve decisions he believe may be of convenience to the community’s on-going strive for prosperity. The Prime Minister has the same responsibilty as the Secretary General which is to fulfill the expectations of the people about the duty of the CPUN and to be able to continue campaigning for the CPUN’s cry of freedom and justice for all.
  • Head of Secretariat – As third in command, the Head of Secretariat handles the General Affairs of the CPUN. Whether it be about handling non-practice battle wars (wars between the CPUN and other alliances, wars between two members of the CPUN) or reacting to feedback on the CPUN, the Head of Secretariat is to be notified before any action is done. This position has a say in the media about CPUN plans and is allowed to direct the Community Service in what they have to do. Shares the same responsibility as the Secretary General and Prime Minister.
  • Minister(s) of War and Defense – They don’t exactly have the job to have to keep creating practice battles or monitor every single war each and every one of our members make. They have the power to create anything related to war. They have the power to lay out defense and attack plans. They are the best people to approach when anything related to war is needed to be acquired. An example would be requesting a Practice Battle or Tournament which the Ministry will then consider. They share the same responsibility as the Secretary General and Prime Minister.

The members of the Upper Administration have the legibility to speak in behalf on the CPUN (depending on their area of work; Ministry of War and Defense may speak about the CPUN’s war department plans but have a smaller say in much deeper things compared to the Secretary General). Because of their higher position in the board, they have the privilege to take time to simply observe and supervise things around the alliance and may assign literal work to the necessary people available in the staff. Everyone in the Upper Administration also has the power to schedule General Assemblies (a common and necessary event in the CPUN).

Community Service:

  • Chief Supervisor – The chiefs supervise the work done by the Community Service staff. They supply the needs of the staff and have a say in what may be right and what may be wrong. But of course, they need permission from the Upper Administration if they are unsure of big decisions. They may report the performance of the staff to the Upper Administration, have potential staff members recognized, or nominate them for removal. The Supervisor may hold General Assemblies with the permission of the Upper Administration.
  • Head(s) of News Department- These guys make sure the papers keep printing! They may hire reporters for the department and assign them what news to report about. The Heads will keep the publishing of news in order and assure that the news they produce is not overly biased or offensive to the public.
  • Reporters and Spokespersons – Reporters have the job of reporting CPUN-related news, CP Army news, or news about Club Penguin in general depending on their specialties. Spokespersons usually like to give out their opinions on matters in CP Warfare, a practice more commonly known as ranting. The freedom of speech is still given to both the writer’s side and the reader’s side. Spokespersons will NOT speak on behalf of the CPUN without permission from the Upper Administration or the vote of the community. Reporters and Spokespersons are allowed to make polls.
  • GFX Handlers: Create the graphics and media for the CPUN
  • Health Department: The members of the Health Dep. that may be called ‘aids’ in the future will be the ones to check on armies in need of help. On the website, they mainly observe the flow of discussion and see if there seems to be any armies facing trouble. Their job is to attend to these armies and report back to the CPUN with details of the situation. Training will be needed here and official applications will be held later on.
  • Agents: Their job is to assure that all the info the community receives is real and genuine information. We do not want our members believing lies. They will also be the ones to keep our reputation up and defend our alliance if ever we are verbally or physically attacked. Agents will be under the upcoming Intelligence Agency branch which will act as a research lab and work to assure the CPUN’s safety from hackers and foreign attacks, and crude and incorrect information that the CPUN may unintentionally suck up to.

Also, if you have a specific position you want to be, comment here too, so we know. CPUN obviously needs to find it’s purpose to get things going again. We will need to post LOTS of more news, even though many old timers are against it. We are evolving, Club Penguin Warfare is changing. Don’t worry, we will not lose our old purpose, we will never forget that. Think of this as Rebirth.

-ATM 23 CPUN Secretary General, RPF Supervisor

“Some people wish it would happen, some people want it to happen, then some people make it happen”


16 Responses

  1. I’d like to resume my post as Minister of Defence. I have some great new ideas for CPUN that I want to make happen.

  2. Awe-some.

  3. I’m CPUN staff

    PS: Why does Puggie think that we’re having a civil war?

  4. I’d like to be GFX Designer & CPUN Secretariat General (PS, yay, I have easy edit)

    I am a loyal CPUN member, been closer to a year of CPUN, trustworthy, I lead CPEM into medium and CPR into small and medium, I’m opinionated towards my armies (wary), but I’m still willing to not being opinionated.

    – Wyoskyguy

  5. I’m glad to have you as my leader again in ATM. I am a CPUN reporter just for the record. I look forward to the General Assembly, and also orca LOL at the PS, Puggie D:<.

  6. TBH Agent is a bullshit and risky job, when I tell the truth, I always get a hacking threat. I want a editor job to keep the site up to dates.

  7. Hmm, I can’t remember my rank…

  8. Hmm… I can’t remember my rank

  9. Glad to see you back, ATM. I would like to be the Minister of War and Defense. 🙂

  10. I’d like to be the Head of Secretariat, and cool ATM is back.

  11. Hack Threat? :/

  12. I am interested in Secetary General.

  13. Hmmm, Prime Minister….

  14. Well, I will say it is…refreshing, to see ATM on the site. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been here in around…a month? Maybe a week or two? Eh. Now would I hope to have and Upper Administrator Position? Eh.

  15. Sky: Welcome
    K, well, I’m supposed to comment here to join.
    I’m applying for teh “speshul” agent position, as ATM put it.



  16. This is great! Maybe I should set myself aside as an advisor?

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