CPUN General Assembly (MUST READ)

We really need to have a CPUN General assembly, and I was thinking we could go back to the old system Dee had back in 2008 which was to have a General Assembly on the first saturday of every month, as well as the 3rd saturday but that’s still open for debate. For now I want to have a General Assembly this upcoming Saturday/Sunday to talk about a lot of things including posts, our purpose, tournaments, wars, recruiting, and the future of the CPUN.

I don’t know what time you guys will be able to make the meeting so I’ll have a poll and you guys can decide when you want the meeting, the official meeting time will be posted on Wednesday night.

If you have a different time then please leave it in a comment. Any other questions leave in a comment and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

-Luc CPUN Chairman


7 Responses

  1. CST for me.

  2. See new post: https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/rebirth/

  3. I’m CST as well (but the times seem fine), if I’m allowed to go anyway.

    • Everyone is allowed to come.

  4. I’m GMT. If it’s on Saturday I may make it but definitely not on Sunday.


  6. @Rex I’ll be the Eric Liddell of this. I might not be able to come on Sunday.

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