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A letter from Spi.

Here is a interview with Spi I did today. You must read it, even you, Ioio.

Me: Red

Spi: Green



How did you react when LT posted on their site about you and bullied you on the site?

I really felt alot angry and sad at the moment when I saw their post, It had INVALID information, and they had posted PICTURES FROM 2010 which is INVALID to their arguement. Basically, I just want to say to LT that they aren’t doing good job as an successful CP army, because they are a trolling group, and I have many suppoting reasons for that.

Were you shocked when the post came out?

Yes, I was. Due to Light Troops invalid information, and due to their name-calling, it really hurt my feelings alot. If you look below, LT posted a picture that says “Forver Alone”, and it’s not true at all, I AM NOT ALONE.

Mmm… Do you have anything else to say?

Yes, and that is of course, LT are cyberbullies, and for troops who are planning to join LT, think beofre you make the decision.

Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome.

What do you think? Comment below!


18 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. I hate LT.

    • The person commenting here agrees too.

  3. LT can eat some of their own crap.
    But then again, most of them are bipolar freaks.
    We had this same problem with BMA, and now LT.

    I’m sorry, I’m former LT and BMA, and it’s always been this way. Even in BMA, Shift and I tried our hardest to get him normal, but nothing. Nothing at all. Makes me sad, to be honest.

  4. LT will lose this war. I’m telling you.

  5. Shutup you noobs

    • Shut up you bully.

  6. Lol. Perhaps you should be nicer to noobs. A friend of mine, Daleboxtel, wrote a post about noobs, and how they are our future.

    If anything, were not the noobs. Most of us are quite the opposite.

    So, I will quote Rex, “Shut up you bully.”

    • Trololo.

  7. I’m not trying to be mean, but this is the internet. You can’t control what people do, what they say, what they post. You can’t expect not to be called or even see something offensive while surfing the internet. Plus, we’re all kids, people just need to ignore what people say, or fire back at them.

  8. Great post! I’m glad to see that somepenguin put effort into getting Spi’s story out there. I really do love this website– always fun to read and see the amazing articles.

    • Thx (:

  9. Blizzard, you’re not doing a great job at trolling are you? Bulling Spi isn’t the best idea as I am friends with him, you are just more or less a faggot, a sheep and a little asshole. you follow Rob, all the time, umad bro?

    >Blizzard made Blizzard Warriors to get IP addresses so he could dox people and give information to ioiofag4.

    >Blizzard is a little fag indian. you need to get a life and stop following Rob all the time, and stop bothering CPUN // ACP noobs. it’s not nice to mess with ACP, even thought I don’t like ACP, I have respect for the owners down at ACP, Mch, Flip, Ken etc.

    >Blizzard is a no life 10 year old

    • Agreed.

      • ^^^

    • Suprisingly, I agree with that.

  10. That’s true Eyes, the second LT implodes (as it inevitably will) Blizzard will be asking, no, BEGGING for his rank back in ACP.

  11. Eyes, I think you’ve just made a good point.

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