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Alliance vs the ACP: Possibly a World War?

Hey CPUN viewers 😀

As you all know the Light Troops ar at war with the ACP, now this war has been raging for AGEEEESSS now, and heres when the inresting part comes in. The DCP (Doritos) have sided with the ACP in the war against the LT, but the Nachos have declared war once again on the ACP and the Doritos, they say they did this because they have some ‘Unfinished Buissness’ with both ACP, and the DCP. Team Gold and the Dark Warriors also have joined the war, It seems they are mostly targeting DCP. Also, the Global Defenders have joined the war against the ACP and DCP too!

So could this be another World War? Maybe. The Nachos and the GD have launched a full-scale operation on ACP’s prized server, Mammoth. They’ll both be Invading the server.

I interviewed Beeky, a Nacho third in command.


Me: Blue

Beeky: Orange


Me: Hi

Beeky: Hello

Me: What are your opinions on the whole alliance vs the ACP and DCP?

Beeky: I think, that it will be intresting to see how this plays out, whatever happens happens.

Me: Which side do you think will win?

Beeky: I’d hate to be biased, I do belive in a strength of numbers, so I’d say us.

Me: Would you like anything to happen to make this war better?

Beeky: Since a battle hasn’t happend yet, no.

Me: Ty for your time (:

Beeky: Your welcome


So guys, what are your views on this upcoming war? Who do you think will win and take victory? Comment on your thoughts here!



13 Responses

  1. My views: If LT keeps destroying themselves Cyberbullying 9 year olds, and calling them worthless, and useless. They will be destroyed before the war can even begin! But yes, possibly a war, we need to protect and grow small armies, though.

    And by odds if there is a World War, and ACP loses, that’ll be more propaganda for the opposing armies, more candy for them to drain ACP’s momentum. But I am telling you now, ACP ain’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon.

    I still question Team Gold’s ability to win a world war.. IMO, between Global Defenders, DCP, and ACP. LT is destroying themselves, Team Gold has slown momentum.

  2. I don’t like it when penguins say, “Could it be a World War?” It’s not a world war until it is, and it must involve the “world” and months of fighting.

  3. I support Nachos but not LT.

  4. I just sided with ACP that LT are bunch of bullies.

  5. Well then, The small armies who hate LT will possibly join in the war due to LT’s act of cyberbullying. I mean seriously, LT are a armt thats supposed to be shut down. TG is the only army thats brainwashed, but why Nachos teaming up with LT, with GD and DW? what has CP warfare come to….

    And think about it, ACP is mostly the army that gets a recruit and learns about CP warfare.

  6. @Icey, I said COULD it be a World War, I never said It is a World War, what’s wrong with asking if It is? I don’t see that rule anywhere. Also, Icey please just leave me alone ^-^

  7. LT are just looking for publicity, Rob is on his man period anyways 🙄

  8. JS, try reading the top paraghraph to your grandparent and then ask who is at war with who.
    Me: LT are against ACP and DCP joined ACP against LT. Nachos sided with LT and so did DW and TG and GD appeared to be against ACP and DCP. Who is at war with who?
    Him:…. ummmm…. its everyone against the ducks
    Me: There’s no ducks
    I have a wierd family :/ but srsly, LT are just attention seekers but as long as the army Im in isnt the only one againt ACP and DCP, Im ok… sorta 😛

  9. “How LT lost any possibility of winning the war,”

  10. I would sure like to see this war! Wow!!

  11. @Fido: I never said you said it could be a ‘world war,’ I’m just thinking out loud. Nothing is wrong with asking but then being asked by a bajillion penguins and all of them claim it is and panic… yeah, not a pretty sight.
    Fido, for some reason you tend to think I’m out to get you; I’m not. I was just commenting on this lovely post, stating my opinion. If you can’t take the heat of a low level opinion I’m sorry.

    • Your actually still gonna continue this? ^-^

  12. ^
    Foresay, continue what?

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