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LT’s cyber bullying-has it gone too far?

Greetings CPUN citizens and viewers.

I know I will get critized for this post, maybe fired but I am doing it for the good of Small Armies.

You know that army LT? Light Troops? A army gernerally favored within this community of Small Armies. Well in a recent post LT, they celebrated there hefty victory of Breeze, but then went on attacking a 11-12 year old boy, Spiderguy22. Me and Spi have been friends for 2 years now, and what I know is NO person deserves this kind of Treatment. ESPICIALLY FROM AN ARMY CLAIMING to be for Children. CLAIMING to be Child Friendly (Which was stamped and shipped off to the Lie House, in there other post when they showed a penguin, doing something really inappropriate to another penguin) WHICH CLAIMS to be ran by kids. In the next paragraph, I will break all this down for you, show you the post I am qouting, and why you should open you’re eyes, and eyes.

LT: A safe enviorment for kids?

I will do my best to keep this post fair and balanced.  Earlier today I went to LT chat to know about this incident, I saw a former  LT troop retiring from LT,  I’l share a photo of that.



Now when you look at the Photo you say “Eh well, he’s just quitting” Instead of wishing him farewell, he got another suprise (Btw he is between 11-13. and is getting treated like this) WARNING, picture contains mild language.


Really? He is that word because he retired?  Is that fair? To make it balanced, as you read into the post you will see a Poll. You decide if it’s fair. Now about LT chat, when I went there seeking information about Spi/spiderguy22 being bullied in a horrible post, which you will see later, here was there reaction:


Note: I called them pitiful after they treated their current, former now, member like they did. See the pics above ^^^

After they banned me, they threatened me and called me a really REALLY inapp name, when I wasn’t even private chatting there TROOPS! I have strict and firm proof on that.


As you see, I was/am banned forever.  I can’t even enter the LT chatting pool, and if I could if I pc’ed one of their troops, it wouldn’t go through because again, I’m banned. So then later on I was on my chat, gathering evidence, and collecting information about LT, for this very report. No one else knew but me, but then LT mod and Graphics Designer breeze (seen in an earlier picture telling me to shut up, and calling me an idiot) Pc’ed me.  See for yourself.



That is how they treat Kids, and human beings.

Heart crushing isn’t it?  Imagine how many kids look up to Ioioluk, Roberto, Breeze, and yet ignore the evidence.

We are going to shift gears, but lets see this poll, and see how you-the Small Army community think

Ah, now the main purpose for this post was to stick up for the little guy- SPiderguy22. He was negitivily and unfairly assaulted in this post, click the following link to view.. Warning, this post contains negitivite language.


I won’t even qoute the post, it’s so sick. And those pictures were from 2 years ago, when Spi was 10, immature, and had no other way to defend himself. He is now 12, mature, but is STILL a human, no human should EVER be treated like the agression in the post.

King John here, defending the Little Guy, the rights, and slamming down unjustice of ALL CP armies. Until next time, bye.

Edit: One last thing   http://nachoarmy.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/rob.png


10 Responses

  1. I agree. No army has been able to standup, but UMA may do so. Its very sad.

  2. Cyberbullying was one of the topics that my school discussed FOR ALMOST A WEEK. LT aren’t an army, they are a trolling group who pushes me to suicide, and thats what LT wants. THINK OF HOW BULLYING WAS IN YOUR SCHOOL, Just think of it.

    • I agree

  3. It’s these people who shouldn’t even be on CPW.

  4. I strongly believe if that LT keeps it up that an alliance should form to ignore them, and honor them as a trolling group (like PR.) Ignoring them as in putting their comments their spam on every site automatically, not involving them in anything, and completely shutting them out.

  5. Yea Mch, an army of bots isn’t exactly an army at all and should not be treated as so.

  6. I was referring to LT. -_-

  7. We learnt about cyberbulling for 2 months in school. It’s stuck in my brain and everytime I swear at Puggie, its not as bad as before I did (XD#)

  8. King John Edit: It’s not even funny if they do it to the wrong person, NO human deserves that treatment. NO.

    To be quite honest, L.T. seems like the lowest army to date. They had no business in posting that stuff. It’d be funny if they did that to the wrong person.

    Be hilarious if a Walrus or some other hacking group member crosses their path and expose their information. Granted, not saying this should happen, but this is a fair warning so they don’t make a slip up.

    Seems more like a group of immature idiots than an army.

  9. Kingjohn is a big fag lol

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