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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Project SAR

What is SAR? It stand for Small Army Rise. My plan is to have a bunch of experiments on small armies, to see what makes them grow, get smaller, or active. Here’s what I have seen in small armies so far.

Activeness Research

  • It helps to post multiple times a week to keep people active. They feel the need to comment ASAP.
  • Keep doing events to keep people engaged. Otherwise they will get bored and leave.
  • Don’t call people noobs. It’ll only make them get aggravated and they will quit. Trust me, I know.

Recruiting Research

  • It’s almost impossible to recruit on CP itself. Xat is the best place to do it, if you PC people.
  • When you recruit people on your own chat, give them a good first impression. Don’t cuss, and make sure it’s NOT full of pervs.

More to be added later.


18 Responses

  1. Trying to be Dee much? I agree on what your saying but you making them rise? dream on, you have no experience in any armies at all lmfao

  2. Intresting 😛

  3. @eyes I was a member of CPUN for almost 3 years, and I was in CP armies for longer.

  4. Lets recall something here, you have never lead a major army, and what does CPUN have to do with army experience? huh?

    • CPUN has to do with everything. He can do whatever he wishes. The odds of it failing and working are not in question right now. If anything, it will help he earn more experience.

  5. @Vex You should recall that this is about small armies, which I’m very familiar with.

  6. I hate peope like Eyes. You aren’t even a CPUN member.

  7. “It’s almost impossible to recruit on CP itself. Xat is the best place to do it, if you PC people.”

    If we continue to use Xat as our main or even sole place of recruiting, CP armies will get even smaller with fewer armies than today. By recruiting through Xat, we aren’t actually bringing in new people to the army world, we’re actually simply taking people from other armies. This, over time, will decrease the overall size of CP armies.

  8. Orgasm, I don’t see why CPUN is still alive now.


    I don’t like the CPUN staff, excluding Dee, Itachi & Benu btw Itachi is still on xat, around the UMA parts. I will be sure to say Hi for you. 🙄

    And I’m pretty sure I have more experience than you all 🙄

    • Dee is on leave. Itachi and Benu left years ago. I talk to Itachi every once and a while.

      Lol I’d say CPUN has about 3-5 guys with more experience than yourself.

  9. Itachi is still on xat.


  10. ATM, I respect you and all, but hardly any of these reporters know what there doing, your site should be easy to get admin, want me to show you? 🙄 and it’s not a threat so don’t go crying to Shab.

    • I too respect you. I also agree with you, but due to the current state of Club Penguin Warfare and the CPUN itself, we are having difficulties finding new and loyal people. Shab is a dumbass, I would never go to him. “In the end we’re all alone, and nobody’s coming to save you”

  11. Y’know there was a promise I made to Dee.. That I would do everything in my range, and power to bring Small Armies back to the Golden Age I have not abandoned that promise, we need serious reforms, we need a GA meeting, we need MORE active small armies, and we need to re-write the Constitution.

    First we should start with a General Meeting. Then pass ideas on reforms, like this post is attempting to do, and gather up small armies. That Golden Age is still there, we just aren’t representing it right.

    As for Eyes, do you honestly think you would get admin? I mean, you are VERY infamous in CP warfare. Just saying.

  12. Dr King John, It dosen’t take CPUN to make a Small Army Golden Age, it takes most of CP Warfare to do this. There never has been really a Small Army Golden Age, because most small armies are armies building and growing.

  13. King, I have actually gained my reputation back, as coming back into armies, as for the admin thing, I have some programme called Black Shades that Panthersbas gave to me in return of something, it more or less only works on domained sites. example eyes521.com

    but King you haven’t been around for some time and you don’t seem to realize that my reputation has gone up alot.

    And you we’re in NeoN (Skid group) and you bother Ghista for things that don’t even need to be dealed with.

    Null- You can’t stop Null King.

    I don’t see how you would say I am infamous, when you don’t even know me that well

    Silly boy think before you speak 🙄

  14. King and what the ACP say about you are unbelievable, you should ask them what insults they call you. 😆

    You’re one of the biggest noobs in CP army warfare, think before you speak, I do not have ANY problem with CPUN or the members, I just post my opinions. 🙂

  15. @Eyes I’m not directly making small armies rise. I’m only doing research on WHAT makes them rise.

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