I’m Orcaman4, the leader of about three armies. My story is fairly simple. I began in CPW in early 2010 with the Nachos. During the Summer of 2010, I formed my own army called the Silver Soldiers (currently Silver Squad of CP). I don’t want to say why, because some angry Nachos will comment on here. However you would know why if you knew my army back in 2010. I ended up taking control of two armies in the past few months.

As many of you know, we are in a small army rise period. My goal is to keep this up, so that we will enter another “Golden Age”.


7 Responses

  1. Welcome Orca! Glad you could join.

  2. Thanks, Sky!

  3. Permission to continue UAU since Keith retired?

  4. Granted *wary*

  5. And UTR?

  6. Hey Orcaman, I rememeber when you formed your army 😛

    Right now I’m working on a project called the ‘Mammoth Movement’
    http://fido1625cp.wordpress.com/mammoth-movement/ It’ll explain everything you need to know, I hope you guys can join so we can enjoy the Mammoth wars once again!

  7. Thanks Fido! I’m considering joining the Nachos again. 😀 I mean, if possible.

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