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LT-ACP war, losing it’s momentum.

Hello CPUN, we’ve seen the endless and countless fighting between the  “Rebellion” LT, and the “Empire” ACP.  Now many of us want ACP to lose, but lets be honest ACP is going to win..3 days ago the Nachos+ LT vs ACP war, became the LT vs ACP war. Nachos had dropped out of the war, know why? Let’s look at the Nachos-ACP war: In 07 Nachos and ACP went into heated war but we saw how that resulted- a BIG lose for the Nachos! They returned with NW I believe to attack ACP, I will get into that a little bit more farther into the post.



Why can’t LT win over ACP?


Answer is simple, they tried this again in another attempt to destroy ACP….They failed, many LT will argue that the momentum was slowed down sense then..But I simply look at the history of CP warfare, ANY LONE ARMY against ACP has FAILED! Lets go into more facts, did you know that NW-ACP war was a simple lose, waste of time for NW? Know why? NW was the 2nd major army, they took ALL of ACP’s servers, rose to the top on the Top Ten major armies.

And ACP only had ONE server left, but it counter-struck and hit NW right in the face. NW’s army started to decrease when the ACP- controlled media spread propaganda, NW became Venerable they had poor defences, and as soon as you knew it, NW’s capital : GONE!  NW’s training grounds: GONE! NW’s everyday servers: GONE! And the  NW empire fell to it’s legs, Vendetta left, and now NW is doing much better, still trying to grow but doing much better.


So Vendetta’s campaign against ACP was a failure, the Nachos campaign against ACP was a failure, the IW campaign against ACP was a failure.. Why the heck did we think a former enemy, ACP had defeated BEFORE and still has the momentum to do it…And another army ACP has defeated before..Why did we all think “Yes ACP will lose, yes there will be change” .the TRUTH is LT’s choice to go up against ACP when they KNOW they KNOW ACP has defeated them before…..Why would they attempt again?  The war is losing it’s purpose and becoming more selfish, and more of a failure, I have looked at the facts and put MY opinions in this for long enough, I wanna know you facts..Is the war between ACP and LT winnable for LT? Or a failure and a waste of time for everyone? The poll below will collect your opinions and votes…




And that’s all for right now, fighting for truth King John out.


9 Responses

  1. 1, it seems your a ACP. 2, ACP has lost before, and beaten.

  2. A quite a few armies suceeded against the ACP, such as the UMA.

  3. Nachos campaign against ACP was not a failure, I don’t even know why we dropped out, and I’m one of our leaders fgs

  4. Lol, LT captured Mammoth.

  5. Now CPUN is being used for propaganda?

  6. CP Armies if for fun, so I dont see why if LT fails, its a waste of time. Look at the fun, hard battles…

  7. 1. Your obviously a ACP.

    2. Just because other armies lost to ACP doesn’t mean LT will -_-“

  8. One word, no offence, but this is a biased post.

    As most people have mentioned, just because ACP is number one, other armies can dominate. Timing, tactics, size, and others are big things.

    Here’s a warning to everyone, Biased posts don’t get anyone anywhere.


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