Hola, CPUN.

My name is Fido, and I recently just joined the CPUN. I particulary joined because I really want to help get the CPUN back on it’s feet again. So just a quick introduction to myself, I’m an owner in the Nacho Army of CP and I’m ranked as the Euro Leader. So that’s kinda it 😛 Anyways, this post may seem similar to Peeko’s post but I just thought I should introduce myself :mrgreen:

Moving on to the main topic, which is just the latest news around CP warfare.

Large Armies:

-The Nacho and the ACP war has officially ended by the Nacho leader, Hurricanex1

-The Light Troops continue their neck to neck war with the ACP

-The Shadow Troops on the rise

-The Ice Warriors beat the Ninjas in practice battle


Medium Armies:

-The CP crew are back, and so are the Elites

-Tensions rising in the DCP vs LT war

-The Tacos merge into the Ninjas

-AR and the Shadow Troops start a raging war


Small Armies:

-Blaze Vikings on the rise?

-FGR rests in peace

-The Water Raider leader, Camperjohn64 in hopsital

-The Pringles return


Well thanks for reading and let’s get CPUN back on it’s feet!




8 Responses

  1. Good post. Also I remember you from FGR.

  2. Yup, I remember you too, nice to see you again 😀

  3. Welcome Fido!

    Good first post, just a note, perhaps add some color, I mean, unless your like me and use your iPad/iPod to make a lot of posts, still, draft your post and edit it the next available time.

    Good job,


  4. @Z3R0 – Nobody cares about colors anyways.

    But anyways, good to have you onboard Fido. Now if ATM doesn’t do the post he said he would in a few days I might as well post.

  5. FIDO <33333333

  6. Fido ❤

  7. @Char – I care, it looks better. 😛

    Yeah, well. I like trains.

  8. Elite romans are back http://eliteromansofcp.wordpress.com/

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