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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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CPUN Congress

Z3R0 Edit(2): Sorry about my inactiveness this past week. I got “banned” from the computer until Friday (today), I’m still planning a Rumble for CPUN.
Z3R0 Edit: I am Sky, I was threatened to be hacked, and now I have to start over. Email me at my email to tell me what chat you usually at. I will try to get you added ASAP.
Pungy Edit: I will be re-opening the flags page. You may submit your flag on the flag page.

Hey guys, just trying to get another post in before our break, and protest.

Expert from a previous comment

I think the CPUN needs a congress or something similar. 1 representative to each army, and we discuss important things, similar to GA’s, but we can propose alliances with other members, and just chat about how our army is doing.

Now, as you can see… I like to take charge of things, but I do respect decisions… so if no one likes my Army Bill, then I won’t propose.

Another plus to the Congress, is that CPUN Members will be able to vote and veto (vote against) acts and laws. If we can 10 votes towards an act, then it becomes a law, if we continue getting votes, then it becomes a bill and added to our Constitution, Bills can be vetoed if more then 30 votes against it… But I better finish this in a post, so…

This is where I finish my previous comment… I’m just gonna warn you, this is gonna be a long post.

From where I stand, as an army leader, I like having representation for my army. I like knowing my voice will be heard, and having a congress, will help with that… I’m not going to provide Health care or jobs. But I think have a CPUN Congress will help with activeness, and give armies a voice. Sure, you currently have a voice, but don’t you think that it would be so much better if someone else could do something right then and there?

Another thing I like is having people to back me up, and the CPUN can back you up if yo desire it,  and if we see it worth our time (even if we don’t, don’t take it the wrong way).

Also, for CPUN authors and editors… I need you to contact me, so I’ll be on Xat.com/clubpenguinrangerscpr or you can email me (Wyoskyguy@gmail.com), stating your name and army your represententing (if you are).

For Aan, if you can, I could appreciate some help with GFX, so contact me, and we’ll set up some terms…

I think I just finished my post… Couple hours of work, covered a lot of topics, so tell me what you like, so yeah.

Orca and Shimmy (I saw your post, Shimmy… We can fit you in with Orca)

Happy Hunting!

Wyoskyguy, CPUN Head, if Dee allows :), CPR Leader


33 Responses

  1. I honestly like the old GFX better.

  2. Wow, Dee will be 18 in a couple of months.

  3. How depressing it is that the best generation that will ever be here has moved on. Let’s hope the next can meet their standards.

  4. I agree with Orca. Also, @rawkin, wtf are you doing here. 17 is a little old dontchaknow.

  5. Pungy, thats insulting a CPUN member you bitch.

  6. Ho Ho Ho, Rex, Pungy, Calm down.

  7. Um, I hope no one is upset with the graphics. I haven’t made anything for the site lately, and the current header is from Wyoskyguy as a temp.Don’t be hating. If you like the old style of graphics, keep in mind I made the orange and green CPUN banner on the right side of this page, and the blue CPUN member button.
    No need to get your panties in a wad.

  8. Thank you Aan.

    I’m glad to have someone backing me up, I will continue to back you up whenever you need it.

  9. No problem, bro. I got your back, haha. Are you on chat?

  10. Yeah, I am. Xat.com/ClubPenguinRangersCPR

    Let’s rock this.

  11. @Rex: I’m just saying, 17 is a bit old for playing a child’s game. Also, Rawkin was the guy who trolled us all and impersonated Vio and Venomouscorpius. No need to call me a bitch, particularly seeing as I’m male.

  12. Oh, shall I call you buastard?

  13. Alright guys. If I see another cuss word, I will start deleting them, then turn on no comments. Leave this to pc, we are here to support other CPUN Members.

  14. @Pungy I said Dee, not me. I’m 13 and intend to be here for at least a little while longer. I impersonated VA but not VS as I AM Venomouscorpius.

  15. Pungy’s failed dox.

  16. Guys, can we focus on what we’re supposed to be doing?

  17. Actually, should I post the RDA invasions on CPUN site Orca?

  18. We should stay neutral on this. According to the AHB, they aren’t considered an army.

  19. Dear CPUN,

    First of all, I’m Asd. I’ve have a lot of experience with armies and news sites, and I think have an idea to make life easier for all the Top 10 people and posters.

    The CPA Registration site will be up and running once I receive enough approvals. CPAR (Club Penguin Army Registration) is a site where all armies in CP will be recognized for Top 10’s and other posts, topics, or organizations.

    It will be able to help news sites target the perfect armies to use for the Top 10 instead of thrashing around through every army’s site for pictures, data, and information. Only armies that have been registered would be eligible for Top 10’s.

    CPA Registration will be able to shorten the endless list of armies and filter them through a site that will be accessible to everyone. Armies will be modernized, and [really] nooby armies (like rogue armies or ones that aren’t very connected. Small Armies will be recognized.) shall finally not be recognized by any news site unless they have registered.

    Registering would only require answering a few questions, as well as the monthly update on armies to keep the list fresh.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at xat.com/theacp. If you will support CPAR, please reply to this comment with your “approval” or “rejection.” Thank you!


    *This has been copied, pasted, and edited to adjust the news site it was commented on for each news site.

  20. @Asd This will include all CPUN armies, correct?

  21. Red Drillers Army is a nooby army, even the AHB/CPAC said. Don’t let it register. (WARY)

  22. ^

  23. @Orcaman4: They must first register to prove that they are still active, but any army, CPUN or not, will be able to register. Registration is free, and they only have to answer a few simple questions.

  24. Also @Orcaman4: A monthly update will be required by each army at the end of the month so that we can freshen our information, knock out the in-active armies, and keep armies alive. We’ll be able to track if armies are dying our or growing stronger. There will be an “Update” page where people can update our information just in case of a recent change in their army. The only thing I ask of CPUN is to put a small banner somewhere on the site and to [possibly, up to the discretion of whoever does the Top 10] put the following text at the end of each Top 10.

    “To be in [Put your News Site’s Name Here]’s Top 10, please register with CPAR: Club Penguin Army Registration.”

    Of course, a few words in that phrase would be linked to the CPAR site.

  25. Site?

  26. @Rex If they are noobs, ignore them. That’s how PR died.

  27. @Orcaman: I’m kind of waiting for more approvals or support to make it. Otherwise, I would’ve made the site for nothing, but yes, there will be a site. If possible, CPUN could put up the banner or a news feed, and say something about CPAR in Top 10 Posts.

  28. Who supports?

  29. Meh.

  30. @Orcaman: So far, I am assuming you do, both of the Blue’s from CPAC, and Tomato form CPAC. I also think Ladtom2 from CPAE supports it.

  31. We need a new background!

  32. @Orcaman: CPAR is now officially opened. Visit the site at cparegistration.wordpress.com Thank you!

  33. ^ That new site was not needed, we could have had a CPAR page^

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