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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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SOPA – A killer

Sky Edit: As a protest to SOPA and PIPA, I think we should temporarily shut down CPUN (1 week to 3 weeks, so we can 1) Protest PIPA and SOPA, and 2) Remodle the CPUN Site, now that we’ve got Aan and me, CPUN will have some of the best GFX in the books. This will more then likely start next weekend (Starting January 21st). Contributors – Admins: You better get started on your post during these times. Since we won’t have people to look at them every day. Then, to return, I’m thinking a Royal Rumble…

SOPA is a stupid bill made by retarded Republicans in USA to stop online piracy and protect copyrights. Read more…

As if you not have heard, it can kill CP Armies. Why? Disney is SUPPORTING THE BILL. Why is Disney is supporting it?


Yes, COPYRIGHTED. When we take battle pics, we are taking pictures of copyrighted things of Disney Club Penguin.

Wanna find out more? http://americancensorship.org/


15 Responses

  1. I can see why you would be worried (since you’re from NZ). I heard US police went to England and arrested a guy there even though they didn’t have that law in the UK. He’s in a US jail now…

  2. Actually, If its a USA site, it can be blocked from the world.

  3. Wasn’t CP made by Canadians?

  4. 1, Disney is American.
    2, WordPress.com allows us to protest by admins, going on your WordPress.com blog dashboard, go down to Settings>Protest SOPA and PIPA

  5. You shouldn’t shut down the site for a few weeks, because you just got out of that happening. Shutting it down for a day or two is probably better.

  6. Screw shutting it down, it’s not going o chance anything.

  7. I think 3 weeks is a bit extreme

  8. Yes, you probably are right… but if we want CPUN to look spiffy when we return, it might take a while… We’ll try to hurry, so perhaps we’ll shut it down until Sunday…. That gives us 4-5 days to work on lots of posts, and I can update all the graphics.

    CPUN is gonna be the best “dressed” website in Club Penguin Army websites.

  9. SOPA/PIPA are bills up for vote in the Senate and House in the U.S. right now. The reason they’re drawing so much attention is because a lot of the stuff that happens on the internet, is questionable under close inspection, and can sometimes be technically a violation of copyright laws. The internet is too big to regulate, in my opinion and is an excellent source of information, world communication, and connectivity. The two bills are not primarily republican, but were created with enforcement of copyright laws and anti-piracy in mind. Unfortunately for us, we can be potential violators of such laws.
    If you want to do something to voice your opposition to the bills, go to google and sign the petition against the policies.

    Also, I would love to help remodel the CPUN. Just let me know what I can do and I’ll be happy to help.

  10. Ok, is your wodpress email your main email? If not, just email me @ Wyoskyguy@Gmail.com

  11. @Rex CP Headquarters are in Canada, so I hear.

  12. I’m sure the header just changed on me.

  13. *facepalm*

  14. I had to sail from retirement island back to army island for this, so I hope your happy XD

    Okay, I am in Australia, and Rex will get this as well, as he is in New Zealand. I had no idea about SOPA or any of this bill until Wikipedia shut down for a day. All I knew then was some bill was being passed in America that was bad (thanks mum XD )
    I then came on ACP chat today, to see what people would think about my “minecraft armies” idea 🙂 . Then, I see SOPA sucks in people names, profile pics, EVERYTHING! I read up on it, but this post dawned the truth. If that bill was to be passed, CP armies, all the 7 years of history, all the fun, the friends. They would all be gone. From all the 4 years I have been doing this I have improved on

    1. Leadership Skills- As I have lead many armies, and gotten them up the top ten (small) my leaderships skills have improved so much.

    2. Grammer/Spelling/Reading- As I have made posts on everything about armies, from battle times, to top tens, to army evaluations, and read hundreds of posts I have improved greatly on my Grammer, Spelling and Reading.\

    3- Friendships- As I have lead, joined and fought over these 4 years I have gained many great friends.

    4. Fun- CP armies have been so much fun!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my elongated comment, and have a good day.


  15. Shutting down the site? You only got active recently. XD

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