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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Reason’s Why I Should be CPUN Head

Hey Guys, if you saw my edit, then you know what I want for CPUN.

So, here, I am going to tell you of my past experience.

Back in the Color Wars, I lead the Black Team to victory multiple times. I was one of the first people to join after Oagal retired, and became 4ic very quickly. I quit the ACP, and joined the IW… I also quickly ranked up to 4ic, and retired. I then went inactive for awhile, and returned. I discovered that Club Penguin was having Ninjas, and as soon as possible, I got my black belt. I then discovered NAM (Ninja Army of Mammoth), and joined. I stayed in the NAM until ’08, where I quit, and then returned in ’09. I made the army called the Freedom Fighters. We got 15 at events, and then, everyone just left. I tried getting more and more people, but we just couldn’t get on at the same time. By which time, I saw Goldensonic5, the former leader of NAM. She told me how NAM had fallen apart, and we decided to make the Ninja Republic of CP. That lasted about 1 week, before I met Gostt on Mammoth. Gostt lead the Shadow Troops of Mammoth, and we became friends. We decided to “merge”, and created the Ninja Troops of CP. From here, we moved from army to army, some lasting a month, others lasting less then a week. When we finally found success with the CPEM (Club Penguin Elite Marines). By this time, I had Flare, Gostt, and I in the arsenal of leaders. We were nearly unstoppable, We made it all the way to 5th in SMAC’s top ten medium, when the troops just gave up. Flare got grounded, but after he got ungrounded, he was never the same. When Joseph, a fellow member of CPEM, showed Gostt and I a website that was the Club Penguin Rangers. I joined the CPR for one of the general ranks, and rose through the ranks incredibly fast. As it was, Fish was terribly inactive, and Red was having a heck of the time leading CPR alone. Gostt and I already knew we were gonna lead the CPR, and we were trained for the job. Gostt and I, were are the ultimate duo of leaders. While I am more of the face of the CPR, Gostt is what did the most work. He scheduled most events, and when I couldn’t make the events I scheduled, he lead them without hesitation. And, as most of you know, CPR made it all the way to #1 SMAC top ten small, and nearly made it to medium… I think. That was last year, 3rd generation. I call it now, the year of Club Penguin Private Servers.

Onward and Upward.

What do I plan to do with the CPUN?
I plan on making it stronger, hosting more events, etc.
I also plan on making a new bill for CP Armies, this bill forces all armies, both new and old, to fill out an official form to invade, raid, fight, etc. I know, some may think, “Sky… your going over the boundaries.” Well, this not only would prevent armies from un-officially invading servers from other armies, but we would have a general census of the Club Penguin Army world, how many armies, etc.

So, I don’t know who else would want to go for CPUN Head, (ATM, You’re already head… so really, you don’t count.)

So, please, comment, enjoy.
– Wyoskyguy


24 Responses

  1. Nice post. I wonder who else might want to be head.

  2. Thanks ATM. I know I probably could do my bill without being head… But oh well.

  3. tl;dr

  4. Your army history has no relevance to you running for head. While I understand that this was showing your experience, it certainly could have been abbreviated.

  5. That was abbreviated… But sorry, not everyone knows who I am, or what I’ve done.

  6. Nor do they need to.

  7. I wanna be Head too 😥

    I am also experienced, perhaps even more than Sky when it comes to managing websites. I’ve been the Head of SMAC for some time now (along with Splasher, of course). I’ve made SMAC to be on of the top news sites around, and I can do this for CPUN too.


  8. No, Dee is Head.

  9. I obviously should be head to due to my superior intellect. But that would be too much work. I see no reason why Sky can’t be head: except him being inactive a bit. But the question is: does he have the ability to do so?

    • @Char, yes, I understand why you would be worried that I’m inactive. Dee wasn’t inactive, but he wasn’t on chat everyday, did that stop him from leading CPUN from whatever he’s got around… No, and he did a wonderful job. I think I do have the ability to be CPUN Head.
      @Orca, Well… I guess it’s not quite fair, since I’ve been asking around, and mostly everyone I know will be willing to support me for being CPUN Head, but I’ll be sure to put you somewhere important… if your up to it.

  10. @Mafia
    Dee maybe head, but he, in case you haven’t noticed, has been taking some personal time, and I respect that. I think he should stop worrying about us, and get on with his life.

  11. I’ll be head, I mean, if anyone will support me.

  12. Will it require lots of experience?

  13. Maybe… Depends on what it will be.
    Probably a head reporter slot, we got 2… And I think I know who else wants it.
    Moving onward…

    I think the CPUN needs a congress or something similar. 1 representative to each army, and we discuss important things, similar to GA’s, but we can propose alliances with other members, and just chat about how our army is doing.

    Now, as you can see… I like to take charge of things, but I do respect decisions… so if no one likes my Army Bill, then I won’t propose.

    Another plus to the Congress, is that CPUN Members will be able to vote and veto (vote against) acts and laws. If we can 10 votes towards an act, then it becomes a law, if we continue getting votes, then it becomes a bill and added to our Constitution, Bills can be vetoed if more then 30 votes against it… But I better finish this in a post, so…

    Happy hunting.

  14. I would like to promoted to any higher rank ASAP. I want Head Reporter though.

  15. Will you link the new CPWSC and the CPUNDC?

  16. I’m also not an author or anything even though I’m CPUN staff.

  17. How good is 2-3 years?

  18. I’m ready for it.

  19. I still think I can go for head if I got any suporters.

  20. I will post on our situation within the next 24 hours. Big changes are coming.

  21. @Rex, trololol… Offering demands for when someone becomes Head?
    @Orca, they have to be supporters in CPUN… as in CPUN authors, editors, admins, contributors.
    @ATM, we should have the poll this weekend, since CPUN will be shut down except for the authors, editors, and admins.
    People call me an inspirational leader… I may not have been doing the work for CPR, but I certainly was the face associated with the CPR when I was leader.

    As you can see, CPUN has a new header and background, they are temporary and will be replaced this weekend.

  22. Ur mum

  23. Hmm..

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