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Hackers to strike ACP website.

Today I got the memo, unknown hackers will be striking ACP’s website, I will want to try and go stright to the interview.. So yes, remember this has been confirmed by numerous XAT and CP warfare hackers, and scammers.. This will be the biggest stuff YET. It’s coming folks it’s REALLY coming. I told you this back in October that thi was coming.  Let us see the interview below..



Me: Hello there..

Anonymous: Greetings.

Me: First question, are you a member of this “Secret” anonymous hacking group?

Anonymous: No. However they were aware of me taking over chats, but they were unaware they thought I was a con artist in obtaining passwords.  So they came to me to try and get me to join.


Me: How do you know they will be striking ACP as an official target?

Anonymous: Simple. They just asked me to join, I asked why, and they responded “to take down that annoying *censored* ACP”

Me: Why would they wish to do something like this?

Anonymous: I have no clue whatsoever. All I know is that they plan to strike it.

Me: Don’t you think it’s irrelevant for them to waste they’re time, on kids who play a virtual game?

Anonymous: Yes, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t amuse them.

Me: Do you believe these people are sad?

Anonymous: From their point of view, I doubt they are.

Me: I asked YOU if you believe if they were sad.

Anonymous: If pathetic-wise, then Yes.

Me: Thank you for your time.

Anonymous: Your welcome.



Now below I actually interview a member of this secret hacking group..


Me: Hello. Now my first question why is your group striking ACP website?

Unknown: Simple. They’re annoying -censored-. Some of them are 16. Wouldn’t suprise us if there’s  any 18  year olds. If that’s the case, then this organization is hosting an enviroment for pedophiles to hide.



Me:  How will this attack be carried out? Also ACP has MASSIVE security enorcement on they’re website, how will you  get past that?

Unknown: We’re a new generation of hackers. We will exploit their defences. What the plan is will be only between our groups. If you try to snoop, you will regret doing so.

Me: Well, do you fear an uprising in CP armies?

Unknown: We fear nothing as we’ll bring them down to their knees

Me: Now the response from the Large Army Community will be little. But the response from the Small Army community will be CRAZY. If other white hat hacking groups oppose you, what will you do?

Unknown: Nothing. We would like to have a small discussion with them. But if they wish to make war, then we will disappear. Not that we’re scared, it’s just that we really don’t care to be at war with other hackers. We support hackers, since we’re hackers.

Me: Thank you very much.

Unknown: Welcome.


People this is very scary, could 2012 really be the end….Of ACP? Could the Large Army community go into chaos? Would the collapse of the Large Army Community bring an end to CP warfare? Will the Small Armies survive these dangerous dark times? Only time will tell…


15 Responses

  1. It would be a delight for the Large/Medium Army community, and the Anti-Hacking Bill won’t stop ’em. If ACP is destroyed, there will be a fun generation of armies soon.

  2. I doubt anything serious will happen to small or medium armies if ACP actually is hacked.

  3. ACP will not be destroyed if hacked. They’ll simply create a new site. However, this hacking will create ample time for any army to invade any of their servers.

  4. Somehow I highly doubt much will become of this even if it happens. Being ACP, they will, no doubt, have a backup of the site which can be uploaded in a few secs and get the site up and running.

  5. I myself witnessed the discussion. They plan to destroy everything they have, including back-up sites. That group will Their intention was to destroy them, and no doubt they will.

  6. I lol’d 😆

  7. Oh noez!
    A couple of posers say they will hack ACP.

    RUN AWAYZ!!!!!!

  8. Pungy, It will take a while to get the army back up, and 2 ACP only has 90 active troops, they should have a active count.

  9. No, it’s only the large army community. This will be a time for small armies to grow. :mrgreen: YES!!!

  10. I’m so annoyed that ACP calls themselves the “official” army of CP anyways.

  11. Wow so fake.Anonymous has bigger aspects then CP armies…They aren’t targeted 5 – 10 year olds! They have successfully hacked Visa and other major companies on the web.Now unless they are after something ACP and every other army should have nothing to worry about.Don’t beleive this crap and Anon doesn’t recruit there is a special way to get in Anon…Trust me I can go on for hours about this!This interview is fake!That supposedly “Anonymous” character is saying he was recruited!Give me a few good reasons why I should beleive this crap.

  12. Who knows where they will stike after ACP, it could be a small army. But I think their probably against ACP because ACP is like always number 1 in the top 10, so maybe some of the hackers are in like IW or something that want to be number 1.

  13. Very Intresting…

  14. Actually, no. This isn’t the actual Anonymous organization. The person only wanted to be anonymous, not an actual member.

  15. Lol if the acp are 16 to 18, then how old are those hackers? 😛

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