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Lag killing CP Warfare?

I brought up a topic today, I think is a problem for many troops…

When I go on Club Penguin, it takes FOREVER to load, and its all the new games, features and so on. This first started when the Card-Jitsu was added into the Dojo, making it laggy, and un-suitable for battles armies had. Then there was new games made, stamp books, and all this stuff that needs loading, and it adds more time to load and adds more lag into the game. I’m thinking, all this crappy lag will stop the fun battles we had. All of this is run the megapower…


May should have not made it more dramatic… Anyways,  Disney is getting the CP Staff to design new games and stuff to make Disney get more money. And we are Disney’s enemy. Disney thinks CP Warfare scares off tiny kids so Disney won’t get a little green piece of paper with a Dollar sign and a number. Now all this lag, most CP Warfare members have to use New computers with advanced technology to get on CP. Many CP Warfare members don’t have the money to BUY computers that advanced, and they have to use slow old computers like Windows XP (Like me). This is all really leading up to death of CP Warfare… I have a feeling 2012, end of armies will happen…

Well, what do you think? Is this coming true for you?


11 Responses

  1. First of all, a lot of us bring bring Disney money, and second, even if there was a giant post telling all armies to close up and die, how many people would actually listen? It would probably another year then to close everything, and even by then, unless the kids were facing being arrested or something of that extreme matter, armies would still be alive. Some armies might die in 2012, but not all of them. The majority of them might stay alive.

  2. I just got a new computer and it’s laggy.

  3. @D3m0nsh4d0w
    I said nothing about armies to shutdown. xD
    Weird o_O

  4. Yeah, I feel your pain
    I still run Windows XP and CP is getting almost to the point that I cant use it

  5. Guys, please note that Disney has little or no influence on what happens in Club Penguin. Disney is not out to get us. I know for a fact that Disney did not deliberately change Club Penguin to attempt to destroy us. Disney did not even change Club Penguin to the point of us noticing. All they did was finance Club Penguin which, prior to the ‘takeover’, was on the brink of financial crisis. So, in a very real way, Disney’s actually helped us. Let me show you an example of a common misconception. People in our community often incorrectly presume that Disney created Card-Jitsu to ruin our favourite ‘war room’, the Dojo. Around two years ago, while reading posts on clubpenguin.com dating back to beta-testing, I found a comment that said something along the lines of ‘im glad that u found the upstairs niteclub bug. when is the ninja hq coming?’ Keep in mind that this comment was made around July 2005. An unnamed CP administrator (at the time all the posts were signed by ‘admin’ who presumably was Billybob or Rsnail) replied saying ‘Well, we’re very busy working on squashing bugs at te moment so the Ninjas won’t be coming anytime soon’. This shows that ninjas had been a long time coming.


  6. There is good and bad of Disney. Both same score.

  7. I agree with that guy. I will say this, CP is getting laggie for people. and I use Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
    My Laptop is a Windows 7, and my Desktop is a Vista.
    I had problems when I had vision using my Vista, but I was able to fix that by clearing my browaing history, running virus scans, and deleating un-needed programs.
    A major problem I have, is if the Walruses come back, will we be prepaired?
    I know that sounds noobish, but it could happen. Like PR, it might come back.
    To be honnest, People should look into shopping at Best Buy, and or Radioshack. They have Laptops with Windows 7, for only $218.00 to $224.00 and it is very affordable. I live with a Family that struggles, and we still get what we need to stay ahead.
    AI now that $200 might be too much for people, but I think CP Armies will die at the hands of the stress of leading large numbers, dealing with people who bicker & wine about not being a high rank, and ofcores, CP filters getting closer to closing the gap that allows us to recruit, and have fights.
    CP just wants more money, and its understandable. Their are people their who need the money. Being in web develupment cost bisnesses money, and they need alot of computer Web anniliest to do work. Their struggeling like everyone. They dont wanna let go people like how AT&T is or how Sigrums Wiskey is. My dad, who is a blind Computer annilest, lost his job along with 300 to 500 others at AT&T. My Uncle Pahl lost his job along with hundereds of others at Sigrums Wiskey, down in Lawrenceberg Indiana.
    His entire department is not their anymore, and same for other members of my family who worked their.
    Club Penguin is just like these bisnesses. Struggleing, and trying to stay aove water like other people are.
    I meen, If you wanna think of something to complain about, I think Club Penguin needs to be Blind user friendly. I am sick & tired of not being able to play CP. If they want to make money, they can make it accessable for all, and get the scripts for Jaws for Windows, and Window Eyes so blind people with Screenreaders can play the games.
    Heck, maybe even get the scripts for NVDA so I can use it.
    Their not the most blind friendly, and or the most Windows XP friendly. Same goes for Laptop users. Laptop users of any kind.
    They need to get off their butts, and actually make it useable for all. Another thing they could add, would be a
    way for Penguins to buy boats, and to sailing at the dock, and go meet friends at sea. And use that to go to other Servers by boat. Or maybe make an airport somewhere, and use that to get to other servers. I my self would love that.
    It could make hide & seek much more exciting on their. One other thing that would be nice to see, is a Bank so we can go deposit our coins, and get more as we play games. Think of it. You get the highets amount of coins, and you cant get anymore. It happened to me.
    So, We need banks! Make it so you can get over 99000000000000 or something…
    Tell me how many of you had problems with not getting anymore coins because you reached your limit?
    Also, what about the capeabillity of giving coins to friends?
    I at times wanted to give some coins to friends… What about you guys?
    Its a problem, cause, I knew a few friends who wanted to do so….
    But really, CP is not gonna kill Armies,.Its Armies, Hackers, Fishers, Scammers, and Bullies will be the downfall if people don’t straighten up…
    Do you see what I meen?
    Tell me what you think…

  8. CP does need money, so they are making new things, but the new things are either new boring games or some new feature. They should have more item to buy every month, awesome items, etc to get people to have membership. Thats also the reason why CP is making everything for membership, but having to risk to make body items for Non-Members so the non-members fell they are not naked. And then Disney is taking the money from CP.

  9. Armies that go on Club Penguin? Oh you make me laugh…

  10. Ahh Lincoln..I love your long post that I only read a few words of then give up.

  11. Hmm, I must disagree with this post in some points, but agree it is laggy for some people in times to times.

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