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Proposed Bill for All CP Armies

    Im going to eat my own words here, since many of you are eager for it to be opened, ALL CPUN OPERATIONS CAN BE RESUMED. Now, for the important issue in which you see in the title, I was brainstorming a little and this idea popped up into my head. I was recently on the Sky Troops website and I happened to see a “Invasion of Brazil” post, that means they are planning(If they already didnt) to invade the Brazillian servers.

 I am STRONGLY against all North American,(I think you get the picture) CP Army operations in the Brazillian,Spanish, and Portugese servers. I think we should leave that part of CP alone, and all the armies who do particpate in CP Army operations in those servers are SERVER HUNGRY. I was doing some web surfing and I did find some Spanish & Brazillian CP Armies. This shocked me, and I was amazed that we have had limited to no contact with them.

 Anyway, to the meat and the gravy, I WANT A BILL THAT FORBIDS ALL NORTH AMERICAN CP ARMIES FROM INVADING,RAIDING, OR DOING ARMY RELATED EVENTS IN THE SERVERS STATED IN THE 2nd PARAGRAPH. We should  develop contact with these armies before we start any operations in the Non-English speaking part of CP. This  feels like Columbus coming in contact with the first Native Americans kind of(to me atleast). Well, I want this bill to be called the NO(No Operations) Zone Bill. If we could get this out to the major armies that would be great, I want this on CPAC. Please tell me if there already is a bill like this or similar to this so I dont look like a douche. Happy Holidays!



15 Responses

  1. An interesting point you bring up. I’m not sure how to respond.

  2. I’d appreciate if everyone give feedback and shoot this around to all the other armies. I want this to go big, and get on CPAC

  3. I’ve think the other servers should be left to the Brazillan armies. The servers should be left to other generations of armies. Also, We have very low contact to other language armies. Those armies hav to be connected together by a Site. CPAC/CPAA/CPAE/CPSMAC report about english armies, but there should be a site connecting ALL armies, no matter the language.

  4. And also, don’t say North American Armies, because that enables other english countries not in North America to attack those servers.
    You should say ALL ENGLISH armies.

  5. How about turn it into a Don’t Take Foreign Servers Bill.

  6. @Soccer793 Yeah.

    The current bill kingjared is proposing has another problem – This means foreign armies like Brazillian armies can invade english servers.

  7. We will figure something out once we get it out there

  8. Sure, why not? Can you give me a link to those armies? We should set up a CPUN Spanish Division.

  9. Maybe CPUN to be the centre of ALL CP armies, whatever the language is.

  10. I couldn’t agree more.

  11. Yes,
    You should make a banner-
    Jackcol9 TUK leader

  12. @Rex Maybe all the posts could be translated?

  13. @Orca it can. All we need to do is a english version of the post, then all the other languages version of the post. I know how to do it.

  14. @Rex Using a translate button or actually writing the posts in all languages?

  15. If someone was to establish contact with the other non-english armies and set up a universal CP Army site, I’m sure that language wouldn’t be a problem. Something as basic as google translate could be used to translate posts into multiple languages. Or a translation option for the website would be great.
    The bill that Jared suggested sounds good, but I agree with Soccer and Rex that a more general “No Foreign Invasions/Operations” bill would be fantastic.Over time, it might actually have to be revised due to foreign army exposure. Operations might become possible in the future with support from foreign armies.

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