Veterans Day

Today is a day to remember those who have fallen and those who have served in wars. Many will mark this day with ceremonies,parades, or just a moment of silence. If you have a relative in the military, call them and thank them for their service. I myself will call my Grandfather, he was a Rifleman during the Korean War(1950-1953) he was shot in the leg. And, I dont want to hear “I’m Australian” or “Im British” because currently 1,500 Australian troops are in Afghanistan, and 9,500 British Troops are in Afghanistan. I thought this song with be fitting for the day


5 Responses

  1. Im Half Russian, My family is mostly been or in the Russian Military. And im New Zealand, And New Zealand have tons of troops around the world keeping the peace, same with Australia and USA and Britan. So military is a huge part in my life, So yeah…

  2. Happy Veterans day. 🙂

  3. Happy Veterans day. 😀

  4. veterans day is called remembrance day in britain

  5. Same here in New Zealand. To remember the wars we fought.

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